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12 Safest and Best Destinations To Visit In 2021 (Open To Travel)

Our travel plans were put on hold when our go-to destinations closed their doors. However, the time has come to step out again. The world is ready to host tourism again. It is safer and happier with all the necessary regulations in place for its guests’ safety and comfort. We reveal the best and safest tourist destinations that you can now visit in 2021. So, put your mask on and get ready to pursue your travel dreams again. Read on for more.

Safest Tourist Destinations 2021 (Open to Travel)

1. Russia

The land of thinkers and artists, also the world’s largest country

Safest Destinations To Visit In 2021 (Open To Tourism) - Russia

Russia has its innumerable wonders open again as they look more charming than ever. The architecture of Moscow and St. Petersburg is here to enthral you. The wilderness on the outskirts is all set to steal your heart away. Plan a visit to watch what this transcontinental nation has in store for you. Look for art and culture at the State Hermitage Museum or roam around and wonder at the landmarks of the Moscow Kremlin and the Red Square. Gaze upon the unique St. Basil’s Cathedral or explore seafront royal palaces and parks. In Russia, the world is your oyster.

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2. Israel

“The land of history and home of the holy”

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea, Israel boasts of great modern marvels, interesting historic monuments and mesmerizing natural charm. Visitors have the present-day wonders of Tel Aviv and the intriguing trails of Jerusalem. Roman ruins across the country take you back in time and the sandy shores soothe your soul. Dip your toes in the blue sea waters and relish waterfalls cascading down in full glory at nature reserves. Israel offers a mix of everything making your vacation worth remembering.

3. Ukraine

“The breadbasket of Europe”

Safest Destinations To Visit In 2021 (Open To Tourism) - Ukraine

Certain European delights are now open to globetrotters. And Ukraine is one such delight. Resting in Eastern Europe, the country has its basket filled with the most beautiful wonders. Set off to its idyllic world and explore orthodox churches, monasteries, mountains, historic centres, mouthwatering delicacies, and a lot more. Ukraine is second to none when it comes to exploring a perfect amalgamation of history and architecture. Beautiful mountains with waterfalls, rich wildlife and hiking trails make excursions breathtaking.

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4. Uzbekistan

“Home to Silk Road’s most iconic sites”

Mausoleums, museums, Islamic architecture, and the ancient Silk Road contribute wonderfully to this central Asian country. Mosaics over great monuments showcase the rich history of art and culture. The country also has numerous outdoor adventures to indulge in. From lakes to mountains, streams to waterfalls, and gardens to grasslands, Uzbekistan nurtures hundreds of hidden places. So, sail off on an expedition in its lands and encounter awesomeness and fascination.

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5. Tashkent

The cosmopolitan center and capital of Uzbekistan

Plan a vacation to the charming city of Tashkent where an incredible array of attractions lie within. Learn about the 14th-century events at Amir Timur Museum and explore the mind-blowing designs and intricate patterns of different mosques. The Islamic architecture here is peerless and hence, it should be every art lover’s calling. You can also climb up the Tashkent Tower to witness the great panoramas of the city.

6. Georgia

“The cradle of ancient winemaking and jewel of the Caucasus”

Safest Destinations To Visit In 2021 (Open To Tourism) - Georgia

Georgia is another European beauty that is ready to host travel again. How about a glass of red wine high in the mountains as you enjoy looking at lush peaks and feel the cool breeze of the Caucasus on your skin? If it is a big yes, then Georgia has to be your go-to destination in Eastern Europe. The country has some of the most fabulous places in the world, ranging from the ruins of Narikala Fortress to the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi and the verdant grasslands of nature reserves to rich wildlife.

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7. Maldives

The land of Sun and unparalleled beauty

The Maldives is one of the first tourist destinations in 2021 to open and be declared safe. This ultimate vacation destination that offers tropical pleasure, is scenery dropped from heaven. With its pure scenic shores, azure waters, easygoing islands, coral reefs, and sea villas, it is a romantic dream. Offering plenty of options to savour, ranging from water sports adventures to cafes, the Maldives has got every beach lover’s soul. Indulge in island hopping, snorkelling, diving, fishing and more while staying at a private resort island. The country also has a fair share of history to explore.

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8. Seychelles

“The romantic abode of azure waters”

Safest Destinations To Visit In 2021 (Open To Tourism) - Seychelles

The archipelago of Seychelles makes for a perfect tropical haven and it is here tourists come across an unexplored world filled with corals, white sandy beaches, scenic nature, blue waters, and more. No wonder the place has gained immense popularity and is one of the most-loved beach destinations in the world. Discover hidden shores, snorkel down the sea waters to watch beautiful sea creatures. Indulge in beachside fun-filled activities with your family and loved ones. Seychelles has high-end resorts as well as budget accommodation to feed your fancies!

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9. Kenya

“The land of safari and home of Mount Kenya”

The wild jewel of Eastern Africa, Kenya is all about rich flora and fauna and hence, is a perfect getaway for safari tours, forest camping, and trekking. Stay at a resort in the middle of a national park and enjoy all the basic luxuries of the modern world. Spot endangered species of plants and come across rare animals. Kenya has a buffet of national parks and green reserves and hence, all nature lovers must add this wonderful nation to the 2021 bucket list. Lake Nakuru, Maasai Mara National Park, and Nairobi National Park are some of the most popular attractions here.

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10. Zanzibar

“The land of clear beaches, history, and underwater sports”

Safest Destinations To Visit In 2021 (Open To Tourism) - Zanzibar

An autonomous Tanzanian region, Zanzibar is an archipelago flourishing with the best of islands and beach beauties. Visit it in 2021 for Zanzibar opens its charming world to tourism. Watch giant tortoises at Changu Island and come across history at the House of Wonders. Visit the historic Old Fort or People’s Palace Museum or St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Watch history whisper legends in every corner. Explore other islands of Zanzibar and treat yourself to a wide range of water activities. Indulge in boating, snorkelling, diving, and more.

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11. Mombasa

The melting pot of Indian, African, and Arabian cultures

The Kenyan city located along the Indian Ocean, Mombasa is every beach lover’s true paradise. Vibrant African culture, colourful nature, lively surroundings, blue turquoise waters, and touristy vibes are all that make Mombasa one of the sought-after destinations to visit in 2021. Savour its tropical delights at white sandy beaches and lush green parks on sunny days. Go on a safari just a few kilometres away from it. Visit its historic corners and learn a bit about the city’s past and its story of becoming a successful travel destination. The city also has sanctuaries to spot wonderful wildlife and infotainment complexes to allure families and kids.

12. Sao Tome

“Home to some of the oldest Portuguese coffee plantations”

Safest Destinations To Visit In 2021 (Open To Tourism) - Sao Tome

The capital of an island nation in the Gulf of Guinea off the dazzling shores of Africa, Sao Tome is all good to welcome tourists from around the globe. So, it’s time to revel in its beautiful streets and walk down its serene beaches. Explore the grand collection at Sao Sebastian Museum or listen to the melodies of nature as roaring waves wash off on the shores. Sao Tome has an incredible cityscape to capture. Visit the downtown and come across a colourful aura. Also, marvel at the wonderful architecture here.

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