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How To Visit USA Without Leaving Home?

Holidays can never be on hold when we can create real experiences at home. Even with the unprecedented pandemic, the traveler heart in you need not be in lockdown too. Let’s take you on an American experience as we show you how to visit the USA without leaving home amid the pandemic.

Here is How To Visit The USA Without Leaving Home?

What To Read?

Alaska: ‘Into the Wild’ by Jon Krakauer

Visit USA Without Leaving Home:  Alaska: 'Into the Wild' by Jon Krakauer

Read the story of Christopher McCandless who escaped from modern life to trek into the wilderness of North America. The book captures the journey to travel and explore beyond your boundaries and comfort zones while overcoming the odds. The protagonist roams around the US before disappearing into the unknown American wilderness. A sensitive and heart touching biography, worth a read.

Howard Hughes: His Life and Madness `by James Steele and Donald Barlett

The story is about the chaotic and disturbed life of one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs in the field of aviation who also suffers from OCD. The man is deeply passionate about Transatlantic Airways and also shares a keen interest in the movies. His love for long haul flying and innovations is an epic journey beautifully expressed in the novel. An interesting read about an influential American personality.

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

This is a fascinating 1957 novel by the popular American writer wherein he narrates his travels with his friends across the United States. The author is considered a literary iconoclast and a pioneer of the Beat Generation. Read about the protagonist’s life and his influences on the world of jazz and poetry in this fictionalized account. The journey takes him from New York to San Francisco and then to Mexico. A thrilling story inspired by the great American landscape. 

Food & Drinks: Relish American Delights

Deep – Dish Pizza – Chicago`s Favorite

Visit USA Without Leaving Home:  Alaska: Relish American Food

A delicious dish where all you need is a large volume of cheese and homemade sauce.  Pizzas in Chicago have a  thick risen crust that allows for a large filling of cheese and sauce, making it a delicious meal. You could pair the pizza with sugary soda and veggies on the side. Use a high edged pan for best results so it resembles a pie and not just a flatbread.

The Hamburger – Every American’s Favorite Snack

Grill ham patties for a few minutes and put together in a large bowl a delicious mix of onion, cheese,  soya sauce, parsley, basil, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Surprise your family with a well done juicy burger and munch your way to a better mood. Sip alongside coke or beer like a true American as you cheer the family’s mood.

Apple Pie – Say ‘Yes’ to this Sweet Treat

This easy-to-make delight is a simple combination of sugar, buttery pastry, beaten egg, and tart sliced apples. Enjoy this extraordinary sweet treat with your family. It could be served with whipped cream, ice cream, or cheddar cheese. Just a 15-minute bake in a preheated oven that you can serve with Martini or Long Island Iced tea.

Music: Let’s Add Spice to Your Playlist

Visit USA Without Leaving Home:  Alaska: Listen to American Classics

Falling Asleep At The Wheel – Holly Humberstone

This fabulous number is about failed love with a foot-tapping dance rhythm that provokes you to fall in love again. The singer-songwriter handles the sensitivity and pain of failed love with an impressive voice. Stream it through Spotify and listen to an amazing voice to spend an American afternoon in quarantine.

I love you by Surf Mesa

Enjoy this nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter music and feel loved in these trying times. Sing along to the lyrics of ‘I love you baby and if its quite alright…’ as you feel close to your family in the comforts of your home. Sway to the music and dance to the charming rework of Frankie Valli’s ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’.

Dancing Queen by Abba

Lets put on an old favorite to lift your mood with this American classic “Dancing Queen & That’s Me”. A 1976 superhit, stream it through youtube and jive to its fabulous beats. Have the time of your life and feel like the ‘dancing queen’ while enjoying the music as you look forward to a life post quarantine. Whether an Abba fan or not, the song will bring back memories of another day for sure.

Movies: Binge-Watch these American Favorites

Jumanji: The Next Level

Visit USA Without Leaving Home:  Alaska:  Movies that Capture the American Essence

Spend some quality time indoors with your kids as you watch the American fantasy-adventure comedy, a sequel to the 2017 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, the film interestingly weaves the audience into a plot that a group of teenagers is challenged in. The tenth highest-grossing film from Columbia Pictures will keep you engrossed.


Dowed with Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Production, this critics’ choice movie is about Abraham Lincoln and his efforts to abolish slavery after the American Civil War. A Stephen Speilberg directed movie, this 2012 historical drama is worth a watch. It’s great to see the famous American president strategically fight inside his own cabinet on the decision to liberate the slaves.

Easy Rider

A release in the year of the Woodstock Festival, the movie is a travelogue of two bikers who ride together from Los Angeles to New Orleans. The film is filled with American desert landscapes and towns set against the backdrop of amazing hippie adventures as they travel through the open country. This 1969 road drama film features Fonder and Hopper who travel through the American Southwest in search of their American dream.

Virtual Tours: Experience the USA Top Attractions

Kenai Fjords National Park – Alaska, USA

Visit USA Without Leaving Home:  Alaska: Virtual Experiences of the USA

Get ready to explore one of the most beautiful national parks on the Kenai Peninsula containing vast expanse of ice fields and glaciers.  Experience virtual breathtaking imagery and navigate yourself around the park through icebergs or watch glaciers melting right before your eyes. Isn’t that wonderful? We get the Harding Ice Field right on your fingertips.

Hawai`i Volcanoes – Hawaii, USA

Take a virtual tour and find yourself looking down upon one of the active volcanoes with awe-inspiring views of the stunning national wonders. The Kilauea and Mauna Loa active volcanoes are located on Hawaii Island. The guided tour lets you explore the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to view the exotic natural environment.

Dry Tortugas- Florida, USA

Transport yourself to crystal clear cerulean water in the Gulf of Mexico.  The area has stunning beaches, coral reefs, and seven islands where you can catch a glimpse of the stunning Loggerhead Reef and the remains of an 1875 ship, the Windjammer Wreck.  Dive deep into the ocean to explore aquatic adventures through this fascinating virtual tour. 

The Grand Canyon: Arizona

Let’s bring the outdoors inside your home so you can marvel at the digital looks of the Grand Canyon of Colorado. This virtual tour of the natural wonder of the world will keep you amazed as you explore the 1857 meters deep Arizona landmark. Take a Grand Canyon hiking trail and experience the new, interactive 360-degree imagery of breathtaking vistas and crystal watered Colorado River.

Travel Like The Americano: Popular American Slangs

Cross your fingers – For good luck

Fell on deaf ears – People wouldn’t listen to something

Get cold feet – Be nervous

Giving the cold shoulder – Ignore someone

Have a change of heart – Changed your mind

I’m all ears – You have my full attention

It cost an arm and a leg – It was expensive

Give it a shot – To try to do something

Have mixed feelings – Be unsure of how you feel

Have second thoughts – Have doubts

In hot water – Be in trouble

In the same boat – Be in the same situation

Piece of cake – Something very easy

Read between the lines – Find the hidden meaning

Second to none – The best

The icing on the cake – Something additional that turns good into great

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