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How To Go On An Italy Tour Without Leaving Home?

Benvenuto all` Italia! Welcome to Italy right in the comforts of your couch with a cup of espresso and biscotti. Prepare to adapt to the changing times amidst the lockdown and beat pandemic blues. Here is how to go on Italy tour without leaving home.

Here’s How To Travel to Italy Without Leaving Home

Bring the Authentic Taste Of Italy to Your Home

Set the mood of your pallette right with easy-to-make Italian cuisine at home. Begin your tour to Italy without leaving home with these suggested Italian dishes in your kitchen.

  • Pici Cacio e Pepe 
Go on Italy Tour Without Leaving Home-Prepare Easy Italian Cuisine at home

Let’s make the famous Padella’s pasta dish at home and recreate the perfect pasta. This hand-rolled simple recipe is a classic dish from Rome. With lots of ‘cheese and pepper,’ swap the dish into a bowl to enjoy white bread with olive oil and a pinch of fine sea salt. You could add an egg to the recipe that is optional.

  • Pizza Napoletana

Savor this fabulous Italian dish that can all come together with simple ingredients. Basically relish flatbread topped with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and extra virgin olive oil. Baked in the oven at 900 degrees and in no time you have a delicious pizza to relish. Enjoy it along with some Italian red wine as you binge-watch your favorite movies.

  • Panzanella ( Tuscany)

Let’s get healthy with a serving of delicious bread with tomato salad, cucumbers, fresh basil, and seasoned with olive oil and vinegar. Bring Italy’s ‘Cucina Povera’ into your homes which is a classic peasant dish with its origins in the green fields of Tuscany. Greet your family with a glass of Campari Spritz as you enjoy your meal.

What to Read?

Books – Let the Words Tell You an Italian Story from the Heart

Books to Read

Take a pick from the list of a few top novels that enlighten you about the fascinating destination Italy.

  • Midnight in Sicily by Peter Robb

Read about the art, literature, and gastronomy of the Mezzogiorno and explore the coastlines of Sicily. The book enthralls you with experiences of Sicilian life including the network of violence and corruption. The travelogue section of Naples and Sicily is enjoyable.

  • Italian Journey 1786-88 by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The book takes you to the journey of Goethe traveling in Italy along with different artists. Goethe’s diaries encompass the art, architecture, and richness of renaissance art. Enjoy the ‘Grand Tour’ as the author rediscovers himself. It is a great travel chronicle of a genius going through a spiritual crisis in his passage through Italy from 1786 to 1788.

  • An Italian Education by Tim Parks

A humorous book that captures real-life things about Italy. It is a story about the Englishman who moved to Italy a few decades ago with experiences to share about a life spent well in a foreign country. The book is about how kids grow up in Italy through the author’s ironic view. This non-fiction book features many Italian cultural mysteries.

What to Listen to?

Relive the Italian Opera Scene in Your Living Room

Italy and opera go hand in hand, so let’s listen to some classical sounds of music while indoors. Relive the Italian opera scene right in your living room.

Italian Opera
  • Ma il cielo e sempre piu blu by Rino Gaetano

Join in the joyous mood as the classic tune has now become an anthem of the balcony singers. Lyrics are available in English, so go ahead and enjoy ~ ‘But the sky is always blue’ as you join the others from your balcony too. If you like the genre pop, then this youtube version is a must-listen. Rino was an Italian singer and songwriter par excellence.

  • Via Con Me by Paolo Conte

Dance to the beat of the famous number in your living room with the family. ‘Come away with me’ is about romance and an internationally popular Italian song. Audrey Hepburn is a gorgeous star cast in the series as you can swing to the beat and watch lovely Rome in the music video.

  • Renato Carosone`s Original – Tu vuo fa l`americano

Enjoy the combination of jazz and swing, the song that was featured in the 1960 Melville Shavelson film called ‘It Started in Naples’. The lyrics are a satire of Americanization in the early years of World War II. It is a hit single of Carosone`s career that you definitely need to groove to.

What to Watch?

Capture the Majesty of Italian Cinema on Your Screen

Let not COVID-19 pandemic bog your spirits down. Take an authentic tour to Italy without leaving home with these binge-worthy movies.

  • Call Me by Your Name
Italian Movies

 A beautiful love story currently streaming on Netflix. Enjoy the romance between a 17-year-old student Elio Perlman and an older research assistant, the handsome doctoral student Oliver. The movie is based on the novel published in 2007 of the same name. The movie is set in the 17th-century villa in Lombardy, Italy and tells a tale of desire and romance during an Italian summer.

  • It Started in Naples

Watch it streaming on Amazon Prime is a 1960 American romantic comedy movie. The film features top stars such as Sophia Loren and Clark Gable with the movie set in Naples. The movie was nominated for its art direction and is filmed in the beautiful location of Rome, Naples, and Capri. 

  • Cinema Paradiso

Set in the time of World War II the story is about the beautiful relationship between a mischievous Sicilian Salvatore and a grumpy projectionist. Young Salvatore escapes from the war-torn Sicilian village and pursues his love of films. He also falls in love with a beautiful girl Agnese Nano and has to choose between his love for filmmaking and the passion for the young girl.

Virtual Tours Experience Italy’s Top Attractions

Let`s archive for you the best of travel adventures to quench your wanderlust and imagination. Let’s go on Italy tour without leaving home amid COVID 19 with these fabulous virtual tours to the top attractions of Italy.

The Ruins of Pompeii

Go on Italy Tour Without Leaving Home-Italy Virtual Tour - The Ruins of Pompeii

The ancient Roman city buried under the ash is a UNESCO heritage site that details the lifestyle and remains of the early inhabitants of Rome. There is much more to be discovered and explored here.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Go on Italy Tour Without Leaving Home- Italy Virtual Tour - The Leaning Tower of Pisa

One of the oldest freestanding bell-tower needs no introduction. It is the only tower with a 4-degree lean. The lean is due to its unstable foundation. It is one of the top attractions to visit in Italy.

St. Mark’s Basilica

Go on Italy Tour Without Leaving Home-Italy Virtual Tour - St. Mark's Basilica

One of the finest paradigms of ancient Italian-Byzantine architecture, this church cathedral is a gem of Northern Italy. Its Gothic ornamental works and gold mosaics are a must-explore.

The Colosseum

Go on Italy Tour Without Leaving Home - Italy Virtual Tour - Colesseum

This ancient Roman amphitheater is the largest ever built in the history of Rome at the time. Famous for hosting various events, this amphitheater could hold up to 80,000 spectators.

Travel Like the Italian!

Hello: Ciao (informal); Salve (formal)

Buon giorno — Good morning

Goodbye: Ciao (informal); Arrivederci (formal)

Good evening: Buonasera

Goodnight: Buonanotte (use this when you’re going to bed)

Please: Per favore; per piacere

Thank you: Grazie

Thanks so much: Grazie Mille

You’re welcome: Prego; Di niente

Beautiful: Bello (masculine); Bella (feminine)

Buona notte — Good night

Scusa — Excuse me (informal)

Mi dispiace  — I’m sorry

Arrivederci — Until we see each other again

Riguardati — Take care

Sì — Yes

Per favore — Please

Non parlo italiano. — I don’t speak Italian.

Parla inglese? —Do you speak English?

Ripeta, per favore. — Please repeat.

Parli piano/lentamente, per favore. —Please speak slowly.

Parla inglese? —Do you speak English?

Come ti chiami? — What’s your name?

Mi chiamo, ___. —My name is ____.

Come va? — How are you?

Dove? — Where?

Dov’è il museo? — Where is the museum?

Il teatro —Theater

Il supermercato — Supermarket

La stazione — Train station

L’aeroporto — Airport

L’ospedale — Hospital

La stazione di polizia — Police station

Il parco — Park

Quanto mi fa pagare? — How much do you want for this?

Quanti? — How many?

Posso ordinare _____? — Can I order the [menu item]?

Da bere? — Drinks?

È delizioso. — It’s delicious.

Aiuto! — Help!

Chiamate un’ambulanza! —Call an ambulance!

Sono stato assalito. —I’ve been mugged.

Ho perso il mio passaporto. — I lost my passport.

Mi sono perso. — I’m lost.

Farmacia — Pharmacy

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