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7 Fun Things To Do In Georgia In Winter

Georgia, the cradle of winemaking, is a gorgeous country blessed with breathtaking views of the Caucasus mountains. The winters in Georgia are just as fun when it becomes the go-to destination for ski lovers and winter holidayers. Make the best of your stay here with these places to visit and things to do in Georgia in the winter season.

7 Things to do in Georgia Country During Winter

1. Tbilisi – Must-Explore the Capital

Fun Things To Do In Georgia In Winter - Tbilisi

Tbilisi is a dome of mineral-rich hot spring bath. Pamper your skin and health with a soothing spring bath. Ideally, get your own private bath with a masseuse to scrub your back. Indulge in the comfort of it all. The bath is one of Georgia’s major attractions in winter. On less cold days, walk around to view a good selection of museums hidden throughout the city. Get steeped into history, culture, art and you will be surprised as to the knowledge you can gain in these museums.

Timings: Day  tour

2. Vardzia- Wander in the snow

Vardzia cave town

Vardzia is known for its shrines, churches and beautiful frescoes and is a cave town in south Georgia. Home of many monks, the underground cave is built in the 12th century. It has 13 levels, 6000 rooms, a thrown room, a reception chamber, a bakery, chapels and a huge church. Go through a secret tunnel starting near the Mtkvari River, the only way into the cave. The cave city has about 25 wine cellars containing 185 wine jars. There is a famous bubble gum tree here. You can make a wish and stick your chewing gum to the tree. Isn’t that interesting?

Timings: Day tour

3. Gudauri- Your Weekend Ski Trip

gudauri ski

Gudauri is one of the best places to visit in Georgia in winter, particularly December and January. Spend a wonderful weekend at this fascinating skiing resort. Being close to Tbilisi, weekends bring in lots of locals so you won’t be short of company. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Caucasus Mountain range and ski down a 35-mile long slope. Your trip to Georgia in winter is incomplete without this one.

Timings: 10.00 am to 6 pm

4. Mount Kazbegi – Picture Perfect Sights

mount kazbegi

Enjoy a wonderful day with your family with your favorite beverage and soak in the breathtaking views of Mount Kazbegi. You can go on a small hike too towards Gergeti Trinity Church, situated right at the foot of the mountain. A not-to-miss thing to do in Georgia in winter is heli-skiing. Be the only one on the slopes the whole day. There are packages for both beginners and professionals.

Timings: 10 am to 6 pm for Skiing

5. Svaneti – Explore Snowsports & Georgian Traditions

svaneti georgia

One of the top Georgia attractions in winter, Svaneti has two ski resorts – the Tetnuldi and the Hatsvali. You can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Ski instructors are friendly and helpful. After the snow sports, hang out at the Mestia town center, visit the museums and appreciate the ethnography of Svaneti. Also, find time to relish traditional cuisine and explore the true Georgian rural life at Village Latali.

Timings: 10 am – 6 pm

6. Davit Gareja Monastery – The tomb of St David Garejeli

davit gareja monastery

On a less cold winter day, visit the monastery and see the tomb of the first monk that lived there. You have to just follow the path that goes on top of the mountain to have a wonderful view of both Georgia and Azerbaijan. You get to see many troglodyte churches along the way. Head here, if you are not afraid of cold winds and you will get to explore monasteries, caves and Martian landscapes look-alikes in their snowest forms.

Timings: All-day tour

7. Kakheti – “Hope is a Waking Dream”


Visiting Kakheti is another one of Georgia’s top things to do in winter. There are many historical sites here and of course, wine. Rent a car and visit towns, villages, monasteries. The recommended visits are Alaverdi St Georgia Cathedral, Ikalto Monastery Complex, Batonis- Tsikhe Fortress, Ujarma FortressBodbe Monastery of St. Nino to name a few. Kakheti wine regions is an important thing to see in Georgia. Almost three-quarters of the country’s wines are grown here. 

Timings: Day tour ( 9 Hours )

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