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7 Incredible Things To Do In Gabala, Azerbaijan

Get ready to rejuvenate, unwind and discover the scenic beauty of Gabala (Gebele or Qabala), the ancient capital of Caucasian Albania. It is a picturesque city with fabulous mountainous landscapes and diverse fauna. Located in the North of Azerbaijan, summer is from June to August with warm weather and is the best time to travel here. The annual Gabala International Music Festival ( July- August) is a treat to experience music of classical, jazz and traditional mugham. Here are the many things to do in Gabala, Azerbaijan cherry-picked for you.

7 Top Things to do in Gabala, Azerbaijan

1. Gabaland Amusement Park – Azerbaijan’s Disneyland

things to do in Gabala - gabaland amusement park

Gabaland Park is a nice place for kids to have a great time, undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Gabala with kids. Amazing games for all ages and nice restaurants spread around the park will make you cherish unforgettable moments. The park is surrounded by beautiful mountains and natural beauty.

Timings: 24 hours

2. Tufandag Winter Summer Tourism Holiday Complex – Skiing Delights

tufandag winter resort

Be one with nature and enjoy the serenity of it all. The Tufandag Complex is 4 km from Gabala city. It offers different sporty activities such as skiing, cable car rides in summer, mountain climbing by ATV quad bikes and unending entertainment with fun. The place has some of the most active things to do in Gabala for you.

Timings: 9 am to 7 pm

3. Nohur Lake – An Encounter with Pristine Blue Heaven

nohur lake

The Nohur lake is so beautiful and full of abundant natural beauty. You could go paddle boating, horse riding or just sit and enjoy the view with tea. It is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy. A not-to-miss sight in the list of things to do in Gabala, Azerbaijan.

Timings: All-Day

4. Gabala City New Mosque – Wonders of history

gabala city new mosque

There are plenty of things to do in Gabala for everyone. The charming mosque is a new mosque in the city of Gabala and a major Gabala Azerbaijan attraction. The Gabala mosque was completely in shambles and in 2011 a new construction began of the main two stories structure with a 21.6-meter minaret. Visit it during the time of prayer to experience peace and poise.

Timings: NA

5. Damiraparan River – Calm Waters, Calmer Spirits

damiraparan river

A great stay, the Qafqaz Riverside Resort is located on the banks of the Damiraparan river. It is situated amidst stunning scenery and riverside view. It’s an attractive thing to do in Qabala. The Laza village,  with outstanding sceneries, is on the banks of the Damirapan river.

Timings: 24 Hours

6. Gabala Shooting Club – Target Shooting Anyone?

gabala shooting club

Haven’t you wondered what it would be to shoot at targets with a rifle, pistol or even bows? Here is your chance to aim, shoot and fire at clay pigeons. At the gate, you will see different guns and equipment. Not to worry, there are trained instructors to guide and the place is very secure. This for sure a fun adventure thing to do in Qabala.

Timings:10 am to 11 pm

7. Seven Beauties Waterfall – breathtaking views

seven beauties waterfall

The must-visit place is just 4 km away from the center of Gabala city, in the village of Vandam. Get ready to feel the excitement build up as you drive closer to the waterfall from seven different mountains. Spend a few hours by the scenic spot and enjoy nature in abundance.

Timings: Based on the Tour Operator/Your Own Convenience

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