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How to Visit Egypt Without Leaving Home?

Explore the mysteries of the royal and beauteous land called Egypt, the gem of northeast Africa. Wander The Acropolis, experience the charm of the Egyptian Pyramids, visit The Red Monastery, and more. All from the comforts of your home because quarantine does not mean that travel stops. We take you on a virtual tour, a unique travel experience in Egypt. Get ready to visit Egypt without leaving home.

Visit Egypt Without Leaving Home: Here’s How?

What to Read?

Visit Egypt Without Leaving Home: Reads

Handbook of Egyptian Mythology by Geraldine Harris

The book presents stories to introduce the mythology of ancient Egypt. You can delve into the knowledge of gods and goddesses of Egypt, thematically. It also is a wonderful guide book of religion, cosmology, and myths of ancient Egypt. Read through the various concepts with a reference to deities and themes of mythology. 

Death On The Nile by Agatha Christie

This novel is among the best of Agatha Christie’s writings. The story revolves around mystery, love, jealousy, and betrayal. A story of a young heiress who feels cheated by her lover. A Hercule Poirot mystery series, the book has an amazing plot that will leave you in awe. Read a murder mystery that Hercule Poirot has to unravel in the exotic setting. 

Tourism and Travel in Ancient Egypt: Travel Like an Egyptian by Mohamed Yehia Zakaria Z. Ahmed

The author is an Egyptologist and Tourism expert. You will know about the various aspects of ancient Egypt such as scholarly calendar, festivals, architecture, medicine, and its influences on modern civilization. An intriguing book to tour Egypt with. The ground-breaking book answers questions on tourism in ancient times thousands of years ago!

Travel Egypt Nile Cruise by Janet Wood

The genuine travel guide book gives valuable insight into what you can expect from a Nile Cruise. It does not shy away from revealing the scams and hassles during the travel and how to deal with it. You get to know facts and figures, facilities, layouts, and recommendations without being over-promised about the excursion tour. The book is a must-read for anyone planning on taking an Egyptian Nile Cruise.

What to Cook and Relish?

Koshari – savor a mouthwatering mix of lentils

The delicious Egyptian dish is made of a mix of brown lentils, topped with macaroni. It is blended with spicy tomato sauce and fried onions. Served with rice, this makes a yummy lunch for the family. You could pair the exquisite dish with karkadia, hibiscus tea, or limoon, a fresh lime juice.

Shawarma – bite into munchie chicken in a conical roll

Munch into a large roll of pressed chicken made in a flame grill. The meat is cooked to a sumptuous taste as the grill rotates vertically. Mix sliced chicken on a griddle with onion, tomato, and parsley. Roll the delicious mix in a flatbread to crunch into. We can also make it with lamb meat. Pairs well with a glass of cool Egyptian Sobia.

Baba Ganoush – lick into the creamy paste 

A favorite with kids, baba ganoush is cream of roasted eggplant, olive oil, sesame paste, and lemon. Make the dish into a hummus-like texture eaten with pita bread. Serve it with cold mouz bil-laban, a delicious drink made by blending a banana with milk. This would surely cheer up the family from the boredom blues.

Mahshi – a Ramadan favorite dish

Easy to make, with baked vegetables, aromatic herbs, zucchini, peppers, aubergine, coriander, and more. Accompany the tasty dish with a cocktail sauce. A Ramadan favorite, it has yummy vegetables with rice mixture. Mahshi also has minced beef stuffed with finely chopped cilantro, chicken broth, lemon juice, cumin, and tomato. 

What to Listen to?

Dark Horse by Katy Perry

Visit Egypt Without Leaving Home: What to listen?

The song was set in Memphis, Egypt, and the music video portrays several pharaohs trying to impress Queen Katy Patra. Did someone remember Cleopatra? This was an international success and number one on the charts in the USA, Canada, and the Netherlands in 2014. The music album that features Juicy J has a great tune ‘a crazy long time ago’ to groove to.

Remember The Time by Michael Jackson

The song sung by the King of Pop attempts to entertain the pharaohs ‘bored queen’. Jackson dresses in gold in the music video and presents a remarkable dance routine. Listen to the entertaining music of Jackson’s album ‘Dangerous’. Fall in love with the music and the setting of the Egyptian palace in the music video. 

The Bangles – Walk Like An Egyptian

This million-selling single of 1987 was nominated for Best Group Video by MTV Video Music Awards. It features people walking like an Egyptian on the streets of New York. This iconic ancient Egyptian themed music is worth a listen. The rhythm and beat will surely make for delightful music. So, lift your spirits high and walk like an Egyptian.

Pharaoh Ramses II by Derek Fiechter

Streaming ad-free on Amazon Music, check out the album to set the mood of an Egyptian adventure at home. The song captures the setting of Ancient Egypt. Pharaoh Ramses II was a great warrior, builder, and king. Enjoy the unique melody as you fantasize about Egyptian landscapes. The instrumental track from the album World of Wonders will leave you mesmerized for more.

What to Watch?


Visit Egypt Without Leaving Home: Movies to watch

This epic 1963 movie is a historical drama film. Starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison, it chronicles the struggles of Cleopatra. The screenplay is adapted from the 1957 book ‘The Life and Times of Cleopatra’. It is the most expensive film ever made that nearly made 20th Century Fox bankrupt. Watch the movie nominated for Best Picture at the 36th Academy Awards.

The Mummy

 This adventure drama is about an Egyptian princess awakened from her crypt. The fantasy story tells a tale of destruction and terror that defies human imagination. The 110-minute action drama is a must-watch. It is about an adventurer and Egyptologist who inadvertently wakes up a mummy during an archaeological excavation. The movie is set in an ancient city of Hamunaptra.

Gods of Egypt

This adventure movie was released in 2016 and stars Brenton Thwaites and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. The action is about a mortal hero Bek who with the help of the god Horus fights Set. Set is the god of darkness who usurps the Egyptian throne and plunges the once prosperous empire into doom and conflict. Watch the 127-minute action fantasy with a bowl of popcorn and dive into the world of Egyptian drama.


The story is about a teleportation device found in Egypt. The interstellar device leads you to a planet with humans who resemble ancient Egyptian’s. The tyrannical Ra ruled the planet and had to be overthrown. The despotic Ra holds the key to transport the Earth’s travelers back to where they belong. Kurt Russell, James Spader star in the 1994 sci-fi adventure, a fun movie to watch with the entire family.

Famous Egypt’s Attractions to Visit with a Click

The Pyramids of Giza

Visit Egypt Without Leaving Home: Virtual Tours

The tour takes you to the ancient pyramids of Egypt, built during the Old and Middle Kingdom periods. The virtual tour is a 360 degrees experience also of the Red Sea, the Papyrus shop, and the River Nile. It shows you the Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church, as well.

The Red Monastery

Image Credits: Ancient Origins

Near the Upper Egyptian city of Souhag, the monastery is named after the saint called Pishay. The monastery is made of red bricks with the walls thicker at the base. Established in the 4th century AD, it lies 2 miles north of the White Monastery.

Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Barquq

Visit Egypt Without Leaving Home: Virtual Tours

Take a tour of the mosque in Cairo that features two minarets and three domes. Enjoy the virtual tour of the exquisite architecture and among the world’s largest heritage complex. It is located on the famous al-Muizz Street.

Ben Ezra Synagogue

Visit Egypt Without Leaving Home: Virtual Tours

Take a virtual tour of the ornately decorated Ben Ezra Synagogue, the spot where the prophet Jeremiah gathered the Jews. The beautiful synagogue in Old Cairo has an adjacent spring. It is the site where the pharaoh’s daughter found baby Moses. This is also the spring from where Mary took water to wash Jesus.

Popular Egyptian Phrases Useful in Your Next Travel

Salaam aleikum – Hello!

Shukran – Thank You!

Laa- No

Sabaah Khayr – Good Morning

Aafwan – You are Welcome

Massa al khayr – Good Evening

Alaafw- Excuse Me

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