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How To Spend the Best Of Nigeria Holidays? A Detailed Insight.

A West African beauty bordering the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria is a breathtaking destination to spend holidays. From having a great bucolic experiences to enjoying rich wildlife, Nigeria offers a world of class attractions. Come here and surprise your soul. Soothe your body in the warm waters of the sea. Unlock the diversity in local culture. Nigeria is a colorful canvas of beautiful paints. Plan a trip and explore these vibrant hues. Here, we list down the best places to visit in Nigeria, best time to visit and other related tips to make your Nigeria holidays the best of your vacations.

Best Places to Visit in Nigeria

1. Abuja


Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and is a perfect place to start off your journey. The city is popular for its vibrant culture and exemplary architecture. You have the unique Zuma Rock to witness, the modern marvel of Abuja National Mosque to visit, expansive parks to relax at and a lot more to explore. Abuja presents a beautiful buffet of Nigeria attractions. The city also has museums and arts and crafts centres to add on your bucket-list.

2. Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre

How about a walk across the largest canopy walkway in Africa? In for it? Well, head towards the 190-acre conservation center near Lagos. Lekki Conservation Center is located on Lekki Peninsula and protects its wetlands. Explore beautiful canopy trails, walk under shades of coconut trees, capture the beauty of mangrove terrain and witness rich fauna. The reserve serves as a perfect getaway deep into nature. Come here and get a chance to smell a natural paradise. The conservation center is all about promoting sustainability and preserving Nigeria’s ecosystems.

3. Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarkwa Bay Beach

Located near the Lagos Harbour, Tarkwa Bay Beach could be your calling for this sandy beach is all about absorbing the peaceful and colourful ambience of Nigeria. Break free from the chaotic streets of Nigerian cities and towns and soothe your mind, body and soul. As it is an island beach, it is only accessible by boats or ferries. Families, couples, nature photographers and tourists of other kinds adore it equally. You can swim in the waters, take candid photos and laze idly.

4. Yankari Game Reserve

Yankari Game Reserve

Yankari Game Reserve isn’t a regular wildlife park where you have regular greenery and fauna to witness. The park is also blessed with beautiful natural warm water springs. From water bucks to African bush elephants, you have a variety to enjoy. Dip your toes in the waters or simply drive past majestic landscapes where you get a chance to see wells, caves and gorges. Yankari Game Reserve is one of the largest parks in Nigeria and was established in the year 1991. Today, it is a favourite eco-tourism spot in Nigeria and is loved by thousands of world travllers.

5. Lagos


Another city in Nigeria that is full of energy, Lagos is quite a choice of every traveller visiting Nigeria. You have excited people to mingle with and colourful nightlife to enjoy. The city also has significant entertainment centres where you can visit with your friends, family or kids and have some great weekend time. As Lagos has the tallest skyline in the country, the kind of cityscape you are going to frame here is truly spectacular. Victoria Island in Lagos is the ideal spot to photograph the city’s skyline. Other important places in Lagos City include Freedom Park, Lekki Market, National Museum and Nike Art Gallery.

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Some Offbeat Things to Do in Nigeria

Offbeat Things to Do in Nigeria
  • Take a trip to the cascading Gurara Waterfalls and enjoy in its serene surroundings.
  • Visit the cultural town of Idanre and have some great time exploring its richness.
  • Check out the beautiful artifacts and turn through the pages of history at Benin City National Museum.
  • Visit the unusual Olumo Rock and indulge in some trekking here.
  • Plan a weekend at the seaside town of Badagry and explore its sparkling sands and shimmering waters.
  • Pitch your tents and camp at the beautiful stretch of Ogbunike Cave.
  • Explore a breathtaking collection of churches at Prayer Mountain Hanwa.

Best Time to Go For Nigeria Holidays

Nigeria Holidays best time

Nigeria has a varied topography and because of which, the country experiences different weather at different places during the same time period. However, the best time to visit Nigeria is during its dry season, which lasts from November to January. This is the time when the climatic conditions across the country are favourable and hence, you can explore around and visit places comfortably.

But this is also the period when the influx of tourists is maximum. So, if you are visiting Nigeria during these months, be prepared to encounter a huge tourist crowd, especially at popular tourist attractions.

If you desire to have a peaceful time while exploring the country and its cities, then visit Nigeria during the off season, especially in the months of February, March, September and October.

Tips for an Awesome Nigeria Holidays

Nigeria Holidays tips
  • If you are running tight on time and are looking to save hours while exploring around, then avoid commuting by the public transport here.
  • Do not rely completely on cards as there are hundreds of places in Nigeria where you would require only cash for transactions. So, make sure to carry enough cash while exploring places.
  • Make sure to not step into any no-go areas in Nigeria as it would lead you in trouble. Hence, always keep a local guide with you while exploring unknown places.
  • Visit Lagos if you are looking forward to enjoy the best of nightlife in Nigeria.
  • Make sure to take the required travel vaccines before your journey.

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