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10 Awesome Things To Do In Azerbaijan in Winter

Winter is fun. It is exotic. The snuggly days and nights, the soft rays of the sun caress the morning vistas, this is merely a sneak-peak into the ravishing Azerbaijan winters. Explore the scenic beauty of the white lands, enthralling snow activities, glittering nightlife, and much more with Azerbaijan’s winter tourism. Encounter numerous things to do in Azerbaijan in winter. Fasten the seat belts and read on to discover.

Top Things To Do In Azerbaijan in Winter

1. Hike Through the Less-Travelled Paths

Things To Do In Azerbaijan in Winter - Hiking in Azerbaijan

Hiking in Azerbaijan’s winter is an activity full of surprises. Unknown paths take you to new adventures. Scout out and gear up to discover amazement covered in snow on Mount Shahdag.

Location: The Caucasus Mountains, Gelersen-Görersen Fortress, and much more.

2. Slide, Swoosh, and Ski!

Skiing in Azerbaijan

Adventure seekers, get ready for skiing! Slide down the snowy slopes and feel the cool breeze touching your cheeks. The safety gear and professional guides are provided at the skiing camps to assure unlimited fun without worry.

Location: Tufandag, Shahdag, and much more.

3. Partake in Ultimate rides

Things To Do In Azerbaijan in Winter - Snowmobiling in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan in winters is a door to the land of astounding affairs. Venture in the snow and take part in Snowmobiling and quad biking tours, the most thrilling, energetic, and renowned mountain activities all over the country. Ride with utmost safety, under the proper guidance of the professionals. 

Location: Shahdag Mountain

4. The Rope of Enthusiasm

Zip-lining is an exhilarating experience that makes your heart pound fast with excitement. Rush into the cool breeze and sight the mesmerizing views. Cherish the enthralling moments of your life with family and friends.

Location: Zip-lining tours in Khizi, Salyan, and many more places.

5. Fly like the Bird in the Sky

Embrace the winters in Azerbaijan, open the hands, and feel the cool breeze. Put on the temporary wings and fly like-a-bird. Glide your way up in the sky and admire the magnificent views of serene nature.

Location: Zaqatala, Caucasus Mountain and much more.

6. Snow Tubing Fun with the Kids

Sledding and Snow tubing are the best entertaining activities for kids in the winters of Azerbaijan. The instructors take care of every child’s safety and assure a fun time for everyone. Share laughter with your family and let them enjoy the time of their life.

Location: Shahdah Mountain, Ilisu village and much more.

7. The Taste of Dushbara

Dushbara: Traditional Azerbaijani Cuisine

‘Dushbara’, the mouth-watering traditional cuisine is made during winters. The local delicacy is a soup of meat-filled dough balls that enriches your taste buds. The spices and flavours justify the authenticity of the food item.

Location: The Dushbara Restaurant in Baku

8. Nature at its Best!

Doubtlessly, winters treat your eyes with the most ravishing views of all time. The blanket of snow sparkles with every sun rays falling on them. Stroll out, play snowball and witness the beauty of winter in Azerbaijan.

Location: Goygol National Park, Agh Gol National Park, and much more.

9.  Retreat and Relax!

Get ready for a memorable Azerbaijan staycation. Spend a relaxing day at a spa, swim like the mermaid in a hot-water pool, and experience comfort in the remarkable warm accommodations. Spend a soulful time with your family at luxury resorts.

Location: Top hotels in Baku.

10. Fun and Fabulous Nightlife

Things To Do In Azerbaijan in Winter - Nightlife in Azerbaijan

Visit Baku, the happening city of thrilling nightlife. Party hard, loosen up, enjoy the drinks, dance to the beats and sing through the night in the exciting warmth of these pubs and bars. Rejuvenate in the fun environment and make the most of it.

Location: Pivnaya Apteka, William Shakespeare, BeerBasha Restaurant

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