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Dubai Mall – 10 Reasons To Not Miss Out On The City Within The City

Right next door to the behemoth that is the Burj Khalifa lies another, The Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall, the second-largest mall in the world in terms of total land area, hosts a wide variety of attractions and activities. It is a place to stroll, shop, eat and engage to your heart’s desire and has much to offer in the way of amusement and entertainment activities for all tastes, age ranges and budgets alike.

Top Ten Dubai Mall Attractions

Dubai Dino

Dubai Mall - 10 Reasons To Not Miss Out On The City Within The City

The Dubai Mall is the only one in the world where the prehistoric meets a burgeoning future and that too quite literally. We’re, of course, talking about the new colossal Late Jurassic Exhibit with a 24.4 m long Diplodocus longus dinosaur skeleton on display in the atrium that houses The Souk, free for all to see. Aptly named Dubai Dino, this 155 million-year-old, one-of-a-kind mall exhibit is a must-see for all who visit.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

If you aren’t interested in dead and long forgotten animals, the mall still has you covered with the Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, again one of the largest in the world. The aquarium is home to thousands of marine animals, including but not limited to sharks and rays. Visitors will also be able to enjoy a stroll down the tunnel which provides for an immersive experience like no other, with a 270-degree view of the aquarium’s marine life. Dubai Mall Aquarium tickets range anywhere from 169 (Mon-Thurs) to 179 (Fri-Sun) AED. This attraction tops the list of the best things to do in Dubai Mall for families.

Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink

Whether it be to do with water or ice, fun things to do in Dubai Mall never cease and by ice, we are of course referring to the Olympic-size Dubai Ice Rink. The rink regularly ranks as one of the best places in Dubai Mall for kids. Here one can also avail ice skating lessons, and the tickets range from 110 to 125 AED, making it an experience that fits everyone’s budget.

KidZania Dubai

KidZania Dubai
Source: TimeOut Dubai

Speaking of great amusement activities for kids, KidZania offers a truly unique experience that combines learning and entertainment. Kids can choose from nearly 80 occupations to try their hand at ‘adulting’. KidZania gives them the freedom to earn, spend, commute and socialise, all within the confines of a massive interactive kid-sized city spread across two floors. An all-day pass costs 70 AED.

VR Park Dubai

VR Park in Dubai Mall

Truly immersive and interactive experiences are hard to come by, but that is precisely what VR Park Dubai brings to the table. Leveraging the power of the burgeoning future and advances in VR technology, VR Park features a wide variety of VR rides and games across multiple genres. Challenge your perception of reality for only 200 AED.

Reel Cinemas Dubai, By Emaar

Reel Cinemas Dubai
Source: FilmTrack

To indulge in an unparalleled movie viewing experience, one need not look any further than Reel Cinemas at the mall. With ultra-luxurious services like Reel Platinum, Reel Dine-in and Reel Boutique, this is not an ordinary cineplex in any way, shape or form. Gourmet food delivered straight to seats that are akin to first-class cabins aboard a flight and premium goodie bags are just a few of the many unique facilities one can hope to avail, here at the UAE’s largest indoor cinema complex

The Souk, Dubai Mall

The Souk, Dubai Mall

There are numerous souks in Dubai, but none like The Souk at the Dubai Mall. The Souk’s design employs a traditional Arabian theme and, as mentioned earlier, houses the huge Dubai Dino. With comfortable seating flanked by a plethora of jewellery stores on both sides, golden chandeliers and tasteful fountains, The Souk makes for a comfortable and opulent gold shopping experience.

Fashion Avenue

Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall

The mall, being home to the Dubai shopping festival, exists as one of the most attractive shopping destinations in the UAE. As such, it hosts not only The Souk but also Fashion Avenue, a 440,000 sq ft. space dedicated to providing the best of fashion from around the world. It hosts world-famous retailers such as France’s leading Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale’s, the brands’ first outlets to open in the Middle East.



With a day at the mall that has been chock-full of fun activities and shopping sprees under your belt, one could naturally do with some much-needed nourishment. One need not look elsewhere to satiate their hunger with the mall hosting over 200 restaurants. Head to Gia to splurge on exquisite Italian cuisine, or if you’re in the mood for a cosy chat with friends over mouth-watering dishes from around the world, then the restaurant Somewhere is the place to be.

The Address Hotel, Dubai Mall

Address Hotel, Dubai Mall

As your day at the mall comes to a close, feel free to retire to a comfortable and luxurious room at The Address, a 5-star premium hotel right next to the mall, within the same compound. The Address Hotel, Dubai Mall ensures you never have to leave the mall to meet your entertainment, shopping or relaxation needs.

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