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10 Astounding Lagos Tourist Attractions That Are A Must Visit | Sightseeing in Lagos

Lagos is a mesmerizing destination on the coast of West Africa. The city of Lagos is a place with a major population that makes it a lively city. However, the city is a popular destination with several travellers holidaying in Nigeria. The coastal stretch is practically the party destination of the city. Yet, there are several beautiful and iconic Lagos tourist attractions that are spread from the city to the coast. So, read on to discover the top Lagos tourist attractions and sightseeing spots in Lagos for a fun holiday.

Lagos Tourist Attractions

1. The Nike centre for Art and Culture

10 Astoundingly Beautiful Lagos Tourist Attractions That Are A Must Visit

One of the popular tourist centers in Lagos is the Nike Centre For Art and Culture. The centre houses a diverse collection of art made by several different artists. That was put on display for visitors at the Nike Art gallery. The art forms depict the vivid diversity of the cultures present in Lagos, Nigeria to help the travellers get an insight into what the Swahili culture is all about.

Best Time to Visit: June to August

Nearby Points of Interest: Elegushi Royal Beach

Pro tip: The Art gallery has no entry fee and also has its cafe.

2. National Arts Theatre

National Arts Theatre, Lagos

One of the popular Lagos tourist attractions is the National Arts Theatre. The theatre is a grand structure made in 1977 to celebrate the diverse ethnic culture of Nigeria. The structure serves as a platform for all the artists and performers across Nigeria. The theatre helps the artists showcase the uniqueness of their culture through diverse forms of music and dance. Often these forms become part of a play or skit.

Best time to Visit: June to August

Nearby Points of Interest: The theatre complex is home to several restaurants, bars and cafes.

Pro tip: Organize a picnic after catching a play in the lawns of the theatre.

3. New Afrika Shrine

New Afrika Shrine, Lagos

The establishment is a memorial built to honour Fela Kuti by his eldest son, Femi Kuti in 2000. Fela Kuti was a popular Nigerian musician, who often did performances at the said venue which became popular as The Afrika Shrine. The venue became a popular spot with people voicing out their opinion against the corruption of government. Moreover, it was in 1977 when the initial shrine saw oppression by the government. And 20 years later, a new structure that was three times bigger than the previous one came into being.

Best Time to Visit: October

Nearby Points of Interest: NAS Kitchen

Pro tip: Do try the local delicacies made available by local restaurants outside the establishment.

4. National Museum

National Museum, Lagos

In the heart of Lagos, Nigeria lies the museum that houses the reminiscence of Nigerian art and culture. It was under the supervision of late British archaeologist Kenneth Murray in 1957 that the museum took shape. The museum handles collecting, preserving and promoting the regions rich culture and heritage to the world. It is here that some of the most popular masterpieces by Nigerian artists are put on display and sold.

Best time to Visit: June to August

Nearby Points of Interest: Lekki Market

Pro tip: Skip the line and buy tickets online.

5. Freedom Park

Freedom Park, Lagos

The motive of the park is to preserve the history and culture of the Nigerians during the colonial age. Several monuments have withstood the brunt of times and speak of the rich Nigerian history. The most important monument has to be the Majesty’s Broad Street Prison which is one of the most influential locations when it comes to Africa surviving colonial age.

Best Time to Visit: June to August

Nearby Points of Interest: Bonny Island, Mile One Market

Pro tip: Try out the souvenir shops in and around the park.

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6. Tinubu Square

Tinubu Square, Lagos

The square covers over a 2000 sq meter piece of land gifted to the British government. The land was a gift from a local woman activist and businesswoman known as Madam Tinubu. But, the building made during the British colonial rule was removed to make way for the square. The service water fountain installed at the square was a donation by the Lebanese community to Nigeria. The donation was to commemorate the independence from British rule in 1960.

Best Time to Visit: June to August

Nearby Points of Interest: Idumota Market, Apapa Amusement Park

Pro tip: One can plan a picnic at this destination for a family experience.

7. Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens

Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens, Lagos

The park was a gift from Mrs Veronica Adepoju and her two daughters to the city of Lagos. It is a piece of land that was a refuse dump, which was made into a garden. And has become one of the most well known recreational parks in the region. The park/garden is a popular spot among locals for events like pre-wedding photoshoots, weddings, excursions, picnics and many more.

Best Time to Visit: June to August

Nearby Points of Interest: Bonny island, Kurra falls

Pro tip: The garden offers some picturesque locations for photographers.

8. Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos

The centre is one of a kind park made to protect the pristine natural areas within the region. The aim of the centre is to educate visitors about the importance of maintaining the biodiversity of a region. Which would guarantee a long-lasting harmony between man and nature. The centre covers over 78 hectares of land. And boasts of the longest canopy walkway in Africa. The region divides between a swamp and a savannah region. Several walking trails connect the centre that covers the land.

Best Time to Visit: June to August

Nearby Points of Interest: Freedom Park, LUFASI Nature Park

Pro tip: Skip the line by buying tickets online.

9. La Campagne Tropicana Beach

La Campagne Tropicana Beach, Lagos

It is one of the most popular beaches with the least crowd in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. The beach is famous for its golden sandy shore and the cool waves of water that soak it. La Campagne Tropicana is one of the least populous beaches in Lagos, owing to its privatization. Yet, the beach is worth the travel to relax and revive.

Best time to Visit: June to August

Nearby Points of Interest: Several beach resorts

Pro tip: Make your booking on a weekday for a weekend stay over.

10. Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarkwa Bay Beach, Lagos

The Tarkwa Bay beach is an offsite beach from the city of Lagos which is only accessible via a boat or a water taxi. The beach is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. That makes it a quiet and peaceful destination for locals or travellers looking for some peace and calm. The only minor hustle on the island is from the locals trying to sell goods for a living.

Best time to Visit: June to August

Nearby Points of Interest: Olumo Rock, Badagry Slave Museum

Pro tip: Make sure to leave Fiki Marina in the morning as early as possible.

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