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Lagos Tourism: The Hidden African Kingdom In A Nutshell

Africa is home to many beautiful cities and Lagos, the financial centre of Nigeria, is one of them. It is the second-largest city on the continent and is home to a wide range of world-class attractions, ranging from natural reserves to manmade marvels and historic sites to sandy beaches. These form a significant part of Lagos tourism. People come to visit Lagos to admire the African culture, to revel in great seawaters and sandy shores, and to explore its hidden trails. Also, take a dose of its exuberant nightlife. Read on the following-given piece and have a glimpse into Lagos tourism, in a nutshell.

Lagos Tourism: The Hidden African Kingdom In A Nutshell

Why Visit Lagos?

visit Lagos Nigeria
  • Lagos is a party hub and the kind of nightlife celebrations it has is truly spectacular.
  • Lagos carnivals are colourful and famous across the continent. You get a detailed insight into the cultural traditions of Nigeria. Partake in singing, dancing, drinking, eating and more.
  • Beaches are the major attractions. You have great shores to laze by and beautiful sea waters to indulge in.
  • Savour lip-smacking African delicacies as well as the unique cuisine of Lagos that make street food a privilege for tourists.
  • Explore a wide range of tourist attractions, ranging from museums to historic sites.
  • Lagos has wonderful markets and malls where one can buy great souvenirs and also go for high-end shopping.
  • Explore the African culture at Lagos and learn about their traditional values and lifestyle.
  • Lagos could be called the City of Trends for it is one place where popular culture thrives.
  • The Art scene in Lagos is equally spectacular as the city is home to numerous art centers and galleries where people come across masterpieces.

Top Places To Visit In Lagos

1. Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Center Lagos Nigeria

Located in the Lagos state, Lekki Conservation Center is an amazing place full of greenery in an area of about 78 hectares. It is a perfect place in Lagos to get drenched in the colours of nature. Walk through its beautiful trails or climb its dense canopy wall, which is more than 400 meter long. It was established with the motive of conserving biodiversity of the state. However, over a period of time, it has become a significant tourist destination. As the longest canopy walk bridge in Africa is located here, it makes for a great weekend getaway. The conservation center also serves a family park as it provides nature trails, picnicking spots and more.

2. Tarkwa Bay Beach

Tarkwa Bay Beach Nigeria

A serene soothing place that would pacify your mind and body! Tarkwa Bay Beach, being an island beach, is generally accessed by a ferry or a high-speed boat. It is one of the most popular places in Lagos and offers a number of watersports adventurers. Take a break in its peaceful lap and spend your weekend chilling with your friends, family or partner. It is an idyllic place away from the chaos of cities. The kind of atmosphere you are going to enjoy here is surely magical. So, visit it, have some fun and make your holidays noteworthy.

3. National Museum

National Museum Lagos

The Nigerian National Museum is located in Lagos and was built in the year 1957 to preserve the great history and culture of Nigeria through its ancient collection. The artefacts placed inside the museum are centuries-old and hold utmost significance. Whether it is bronze pot from the 9th century or the beautiful ivory Benin mask, everything here is going to steal away your heart. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Lagos and should be visited by everyone who is into history and cultural exploration. The car in which Nigerian general, Murtala Mohammed, was assassinated is also kept here.

4. Nike Centre for Art and Culture

Nike Art Center

This five-storey building in Lekki hosts a great art gallery that includes beautiful artworks by legendary Nigerian artists. Nike Centre for Art and Culture was founded by Nike Davis Okundaye. Expect here a rich collection of from the hands of sculptors, painters and other artists. The center is filled with surprises and the kind of artistic diversity it has is definitely exceptional. It also conducts workshops on various things that help craftsmen hone their skills. That’s why exploring it should be on the top of every art-lover’s bucket list. You can also buy some beautiful souvenirs for your loved ones!

5. Freedom Park

Freedom Park Lagos

Freedom Park is leisure and memorial park located on Lagos Island. The park was formerly broad street prison to her Majesty. It was constructed to preserve the cultural heritage and history of Nigerians purposely. The monument in the park reveals Lagos colonial heritage and also the history of her Majesty. However, the park also serves as national memorials, cultural sites, recreation Centres, historical landmarks and arts. So, do take its tour while in Lagos, Nigeria.

6. National Theatre

A Lagos tourism cultural landmark and architectural masterpiece, the National Theatre is among the best places in Lagos. It offers an avenue for the tourist to learn more about the history and arts while also having fun in its cool and lush environment. This place was constructed back in 1976 by General Yakubu Gowon’s military regime and later completed by General Olusegun Obasanjo. National Theatre is a unique house of ancient art, and also it is progressing by inviting the new modern artist. You would love how this place fascinates both exterior and interior designs.

7. Nightlife in Lagos


Lagos has an amazing nightlife to explore and once you are out in the streets, you would witness the entire city shimmering with colourful lights and a vibrant atmosphere. Lagos is a party hub and it truly lives up to it. With its great pubs, bars and clubs, the city dances the entire night. So, awaken the hippie spirit in you and explore the beautiful nightlife of Lagos. It is surely going to leave you in awe considering the kind of vibrant crowd its hosts. Nightlife in Lagos is definitely an experience worth having!

Best Time to Visit Lagos

Best time to visit Lagos

Everyone desires to have a great climate while exploring around Lagos to make excursions convenient and comfortable. As Lagos has a tropical savanna climate, it experiences hot dry summers and mild winters. However, the average temperature remains in the range of 30 and 32 in a year.

Even during the summers when the sun shines directly over the city, you wouldn’t find it difficult to go out in the open and explore places. But if you are looking forward to witnessing the best of Lagos tourism in the best of weather, then you must plan your trip between the months of October to February.

Yes, these months make up the best time to visit Lagos as this is the period when you would find a comfortable climate with optimum temperature and humid conditions.

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    Very descriptive blog, I loved that bit. Will there be a part 2?

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      Thanks for writing to us, Twyla. We are in the process of gathering more interesting travel stories on Lagos. So, do stay tuned in for more. #staysafe

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