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10 Must-See & Mind Blowing Tourist Attractions in Nigeria

Nigeria, a popular country in West Africa, is a tourists paradise. The long stretches of exotic beaches, natural reserves, lush mountains, and pure sceneries are mesmerising. The excitement never stops as the country engulfs you with amazing outdoors and wildlife. We put together the top 10 must-see outdoor tourist attractions in Nigeria that will leave you in wonder.

Must-See Tourist Attractions in Nigeria, West Africa

1. Awhum Waterfall and Cave – Nature’s Blissful Abode

Awhum promises total bliss where you will fall in love with nature. From Awhum Monastery to pristine lakes and waterfall, this is one of the most amazing tourist attractions in Nigeria. Notice the beautiful scenes of the cascading waterfall that form a splendid stream below. The waterfall is a result of a massive outcrop of granite rock and falls to a height of 30 m. It is said that the water has curative powers and dispenses evil forces if sprinkled. Tourists visit Awhum also as a religious site. 

Location: Awhum town, Enugu Estate, Nigeria

2. Gashaka-Gumti National Park – Diverse Wildlife

This wild and spectacular corner of Africa is among the top attractions in Nigeria. The park is West Africa’s important primate habitat and supports lions, elephants, buffaloes and hippos. Visit the Gashaka Primate Project that is managed by a UK-based conservation group to protect the wildlife and watershed within the park. You can explore the diversity with a guide, go on a chimp-tracking safari or hike to the mountains via Fulani villages. This truly is a magical attraction, a 6700 square km area of rolling hills, montane forest and savannas.

Location: Gashaka, Nigeria

3. Lekki Conservation Centre – Kid-friendly Outdoors

This is a scenic 78-hectare preserve, a must-see tourist attraction in Nigeria. The nature reserve is popular for the longest suspended canopy walkway in Africa. Spend your day amid vast wildlife and untouched natural vegetation. Learn about animal welfare and book an extraordinary tour. This hidden gem was established in 1990 and is among Africa’s most modern nature parks. Be surrounded by a boulevard of coconut trees and huge tracts of wetlands and raised walkways. The conservative centre is a place to relax near Lekki Lagoon and escape from the buzz of Lagos city.

Location: Lekki Peninsula, Lagos State, Nigeria

4. Oguta Lake – The Mystery of Two Rivers that Never Meet

This mysterious lake is a must-see tourist attraction in Nigeria. The lean finger-like lake is the largest natural lake in southeastern Nigeria. Take a boat ride to notice that one half of the lake is a brownish colour while the other half appears almost green. It is a spectacle to see how two angry rivers in a corner of Imo never come together. The lake is the second-largest in Nigeria and offers a lot of outdoor fun for adventure seekers. Stay in one of the lake resorts and enjoy golfing, boating, water sports, biking and other services. This is a great way to tour Oguta, the beautiful island town and home to the famous Oguta Lake.

Location: Imo State, Nigeria

5. Makoko Floating Village – The World’s Largest Floating Village

The popular tourist attraction in Nigeria is home to the Makoko community. They live in stilt houses on the water as floating city dwellers. Take a walk through the local market in the rustic fishing village. Wade through the village aboard a canoe boat and educate yourself on the history of the place. It is amazing to discover the life of the community that decided to settle on the water. Witness the Baale House where the head of the community stays. Indulge in fresh fish cuisine and be amid at least 85,000 people that make up the community. It is a good idea to book a tour that has a duration of about three hours to explore the unique attraction.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

6. Obudu Mountain Resort – Nature’s Kisses to the Clouds

Obudu Cattle Ranch, another name for the attraction, offers a mix of tranquillity and adventure. This place is rich with natural vegetation and awesome views. Obudu is increasingly becoming popular as a tourist attraction in Nigeria. You can get there either on a drive or a cable car ride to reach 1576 metres above sea level. The Obudu Mountain Resort was developed on the Obudu Plateau in Cross River State. Witness rare species of birds and take a canopy walk on a 100 m long swinging bridge over the forest. Be a part of the International Mountain Race, an adventurous activity in late November.

Location: Obanliku Local Government Area, Sankwala, Nigeria

7. Tarkwa Bay Beach – Fun in the Sun and Sand

The serene island is located near the Lagos harbour. Tarkwa Bay is a splendid sheltered beach that is a must-visit attraction with your loved ones. Feel the bosom of her peace as you get away from the noisy bustle of Lagos city. The peaceful bay is clean and well-kept. Indulge in some fun water sports activities such as jet skiing and water skiing. Splash in the waters of the bay and soak in some sunshine. Board a high-speed boat or ferry to the bay from several places in Lagos. This is one of the best tourist attractions in Nigeria to lay around and chill for a nice time. The locals are friendly and make their living waiting for tourists.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

8. OOPL Wildlife Park – Haven For the Preservation of Wildlife

The OOPL Wildlife Park is part of the presidential library. This is home to over 140 exotic animals. Lions, striped and spotted hyenas, pythons, a Marabou Stork and an aviary with several species of fowl are the main attractions. You could be a part of the Animal Adoption Programme and support the park financially. The efforts are to preserve and care for animals that are on the brink of extinction. The park aims to educate tourists, conserve and protect wildlife. It also supports research and other preservation programs. Take a look at the Museum and Library Complex that houses exhibits on the life and times of Olusegun Obasanjo.

Location: Oke Mosan, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria 

9. Ikogosi Warm Springs – Nature’s Beautiful Gift to Nigeria

The Ikogosi Warm Springs are famous for their warm and cold springs that form a confluence at a point. It does not mix but retains all its thermal properties. This is one of a kind tourist attraction in Nigeria. The Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort is an eco-friendly destination and a perfect place for nature lovers. There are several confluences such as the Cold and Colder Spring or the Warm and Warmer Spring. There is also a point where warm and cold meet where two trees intertwine. A palm tree and a mahogany tree have grown from the same origin and their bond portrays harmony in nature. Legend has it that the warm and cold spring symbolises the nature of the wives of a great hunter named Awopereige.

Location: Ikogosi, Nigeria

10. Millennium Park – Untouched Nature and Pleasant Vibes

Visit the capital city of Abuja and spend a memorable time in Millennium Park. This beautiful tourist attraction in Nigeria is the largest public park in the capital. Walk around the Italian-styled garden layout with greenhouses for tropical birds and colourful butterflies. There is a section of the park dedicated to scientific research and knowledge of the natural environment. The beauty of the park gets amplified by a narrow river that runs through the centre. Spend time in nature’s bliss with the sounds of birds. The walkway is lined with fountains and lights that make the garden layout spectacular. Feel one with nature in the magical outdoors of Nigeria.

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

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