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Labadi Beach, Ghana: What to Do, Things To See & When To Visit

Ghana is blessed with myriad surprising beauties. With the Atlantic Ocean bordering its southern region, Ghana offers a variety of natural attractions. However, the capital city of Accra and its beautiful delights like Labadi Beach always remain the most visited places in Ghana. Here, we give you a detailed insight into the beauty of Labadi Beach. Read on to learn what this amazing place has in reserve for you. Scroll down and learn the specialty of Labadi Beach and also why it is loved by tourists of all ages and kinds.

About The Beach

About Labadi Beach

Labadi Beach, also known as La Pleasure Beach is located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. It is one of the most loved and heavily frequented beaches in the country. Visiting it is like witnessing the liveliness and boisterous atmosphere of Ghana. It is a shining sandy beach with local restaurants, cafes and hotels all around. Hence, staying by the beach is quite a convenient option for tourists here. Labadi Beach is also one of the few places in Ghana where you can enjoy the most awesome vistas of dawn and dusk.

When the sun is about to go down, the sea shimmers and the sky exudes all the happening hues of nature. This is when you feel truly hypnotized and get to capture some great shots on your camera. On weekends and weekday evenings, one can find artists performing on local songs and dancing. Cultural drumming here is also something that would surely interest you.

Things to Do at Labadi Beach

Things to do at Labadi Beach
  • Laze in the cool sands of the beach and enjoy the roaring waves hitting the shore.
  • Horse Ride your way across the shore and have a different experience.
  • Spend your mornings and afternoons playing fun games with kids and friends.
  • Chill out in the cafes and bars along the beach and set your mood right as you absorb their spiritedness and energy.
  • Calm your soul and mind looking at the sun setting or rising far away on the horizon.
  • Enjoy a variety of performances by local artists and partake in night-time parties.
  • Attend DJ shows and live concerts and groove to the beats of dynamic and zestful music.
  • Savour the best of the street food in Ghana and munch on a variety of snacks.
  • Swim in the sea waters or lounge in the beach chairs casually.
  • Shop beautiful souvenirs in the small markets or at stalls and take home loads of memories to cherish.
  • Go out in the capital city and explore other marvels of Accra.

Best Time To Visit Labadi Beach

Best time to visit

Being located on the Gulf of Guinea, places across Ghana experience a humid and hot tropical climate and Labadi Beach in Accra is no exception. If you are looking forward to enjoying the best of weather while exploring the gorgeous surroundings of Labadi Beach, then the best time to visit it is from October until the end of March. This is the period when you would be confronting a convenient and pleasant weather characterized by cool winds, less humid and minimal rainfall. That’s why one would be witnessing a vibrant environment full of enthusiasm and colours all around the beach during these  months. This is also the time when restaurants are offering great services, hotels come up with seasonal deals and a lot more happens.

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Tips To Visit Labadi Beach

Tips to visit Labadi Beach Ghana
  • Visit Labadi Beach on weekends or festive days if you want to enjoy its liveliness to the fullest.
  • Avoid planning a tour of the beach on Fridays and Saturdays if you are strictly visiting it to have some peaceful time as on these days you would find a huge tourist crowd.
  • Check out the stalls for the tastiest continental food at Labadi Beach.
  • Do not miss out on the sunset at Labadi Beach if you are into nature photography.
  • You can also pitch in your tent and have a great time camping at the far end of the beach.
  • Keep a check on your belongings at extremely crowded spots.
  • Travel light while exploring around the beach and make sure to keep all the important items locked inside your hotel room.
  • Do not encourage the beggars here and avoid talking to scammers who are probably tricking you into buying things.
  • Always bargain while shopping on the streets here.

Other Reasons to Plan a Tour of Labadi Beach

Accra memorial park

Apart from exploring the gorgeous delights of the beach, you can visit Accra city and witness its beautiful places. You can explore the cultural heritage and fine arts of Ghana at its National Museum. You can take a breath of fresh air in the city’s colourful gardens and parks.

Accra also has a number of castles and forts, such as Cape Coast Castle, Ussher Fort and Elmina Castle, where you can literally walk into the country’s bygone era. Other important places to visit in Accra include Jamestown Lighthouse, Bojo Beach, Achimota Forest and Black Star Square. 

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