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10 Reasons Why Cairo Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

If there is anything in this world that provides everlasting experiences, it is travelling. Cairo, one of the top reasons to visit Egypt, is one destination that is bound to astonish you. It has everything within its boundaries that can allure every globetrotter. Cairo is believed to be one of the most ancient places on the planet. It is a city of great cultural and architectural significance. If we had to ask why to visit Egypt, then our answer would be ‘to visit Cairo’.

Below listed are the major reasons why Cairo should be on your travel bucket list.

10 Reasons Why Visit Cairo, Egypt

1. History, History and History

Cairo History

Cairo tourism presents a marvellous amalgamation of history and architecture. It is home to the Great Sphinx and the breathtaking Giza Pyramid Complex. It harbours centuries-old ruins that narrate the stories of the bygone era. Wouldn’t all of this interest you? If yes, then you cannot afford to miss the grandeur of Cairo. From the Mosque of Sultan Hasan to the Citadel of Saladin, which tells why Egypt is a good place to visit, everything here is a dream come true for a  history buff.

2. The Cradle Of Ancient Civilization

Cairo has a history stretching back thousands of years and that’s why you can learn a lot about the human evolution within its boundaries. It is one of the few places across the globe where one manages to trace the timeline of human history and cultural progress. If you are sincerely into studying cultural development from the ancient ages, then add Cairo tourist spots to your travel bucket list.

3. An Amazing Destination For Souvenir Shopping

Visit Cairo for traditional Souvenir shopping

Well, this is one reason every antique enthusiast and shopaholic would find interesting. The vibrant markets of Cairo do not fail to amaze even the most sullen souls. With the kind of indigenous handicrafts, ancient artefacts on display, it is a unique sight of gold hues. Khan el-Khalili is one amongst the prominent markets in the city. It has everything for every kind of tourist.

4. A Paradise For Foodies

cairo food

We completely understand that food is an emotion for those who have an amazing set of taste buds. You must visit Cairo to savour the best of tangy and piquant dishes in Egypt. While exploring Cairo tourist attractions, you can taste the mouth-watering cuisine of Egypt for a fulfilling trip. Cairo also caters to people with a sweet tooth in its full glory. You can try Koshary, Om Ali, Shawarma, Hawawshi, Falafel with Hummus, etc.

5. A Never-ending Carnival For Architecture Enthusiasts

If Cairo is deemed fascinating amongst tourists, then the credit goes to its exotic architectural wonders too.  From sky-high pyramids to ancient mosques and majestic citadels to tall statues, there are hundreds of spots in the city where you can find yourself lost in the magnificence of incredible buildings. All of these wonderful pieces of art have an amazing anecdote to share. How about being all ears and eventually, capturing the splendour of Cairo?

6. A Trip To Cairo Is Always Affordable

A Trip To Cairo Is Always Affordable

Cairo is meant to be unravelled because of its affordability too. As the food and accommodation can be managed at cheaper rates here, the city witnesses tourists in millions every year. The site exploration does not cost hefty either. That’s why the city’s popularity is increasing day by day. You need not save money for long to visit Cairo as the expenses in the city are not going to burn a hole in your pocket.

7. The Dazzling Rive Nile And Its Enchanting Surroundings

As Cairo is settled by the River Nile, the longest river in the world, it provides its tourists with a wide variety of fun-filled activities. You can take a ride on the dazzling waters of this ancient river and enjoy the colourful sky at the time of dawn and dusk. Cherish the moment of watching the radiant horizon as the sun vanishes into the sky. It is heavenly!

8. Cairo Is a Very Friendly City

Cairo Is A Very Friendly City

It is hard to find generous people in the world, especially in a tourist place that is extensively commercialised. However, the case is not the same as in Cairo. The city hosts a completely different set of natives. Here, you will come across a polite and generous crowd. You can mingle with them easily. Apart from being friendly, they are very helpful too.

9. Home To Beauteous Mosques, Churches And Temples

Have you ever heard of any place where importance to mosques, churches and temples is given equally? Well, if not, then come to Cairo to witness it with your own eyes. It is this historic place is where you get to acknowledge the presence of religious harmony. It is where you understand the significance of brotherhood.

10. Experience Arab Culture In Its Authentic Form

Being the largest city in the Arab world, Cairo has a lot to showcase. It is one of the few places in the country where you can explore genuine Arabic culture. Language, literature, music, art and architecture – you can learn about everything within its boundaries. So, don’t you think the idea of exploring Cairo’s cultural authenticity is very appealing?

So, these were the major reasons why Cairo should be on your bucket list. If you also explore the surroundings of the city, then you will come to know that this exquisite city is a small world within itself.

Here is a chance for you to come explore the splendours of Cairo on your own.

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