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Most Spectacular Hidden Gems To See On Your Kenya Holidays

The Republic of Kenya in East Africa is one of the most diverse and abundant countries when it comes to beautiful landscapes, rich biodiversity and vast culture. Kenya holidays symbolise a massive cumulation of blessings from mother nature, which is visible in its diverse landscapes. There are certain hidden gems that one should discover during their Kenya holidays. Discover the best ones in the story below.

Best Hidden Gems To See On Your Kenya Holidays

1. The Great Rift Valley

Most Spectacular Hidden Gems To See On Your Kenya Holidays

The valley is one of the top Kenya points of interest. It is a natural formation taking shape as the tectonic plates of the region are splitting apart. This has given rise to a fertile and rich landscape that is home to several species of birds. These birds call the region their home, especially the huge flocks of pink flamingos that gather here. The valley is also home to several landscapes and escarpments that serve as the jewel in this East African crown known as Kenya.

Best time: July to September

Entry Fee: $ 65 – $ 100 (per tour package)

Pro tip: Make sure to get a tour guide with a 4×4 vehicle for a smoother ride through the valley.

2. Laikipia

Laikipia, Kenya

Laikipia is a plateau that stretches from the slopes of Mount Kenya to the rim of the Great Rift valley. The piece of land is home to several species of flora and fauna and makes for a natural haven of conservancies and ranches. The idea is to make a place where humans and nature can survive together in peace and harmony. The ranches are under the care of farmers and conservationists. It is one of the regions in Kenya which leaves every visitor gaping for more. So, do not miss this during your Kenya family holidays.

Best time: July to September

Entry Fee:  N/A

Pro tip: Do extensive research on the different Kenya tour packages available in the area.

3. Lake Turkana

Lake Turkana, Kenya

The lake is one of the largest alkaline lakes in the world and the largest in a desert. The inhospitable climate around the lake makes it a popular spot with the habitat of the region. Lake Turkana has three islands located at the centre of the lake of which the central island serves as a breeding ground for Nile crocodiles and hippos. The region is also a haven for bird watchers as it is home to more than 400 different species of birds.

Best time: July to September

Entry Fee: $ 15

Pro tip: Carry extra water when going on a tour around the lake.

4. Chyulu Hills

Chyulu Hills, Kenya

The hills are set in the heart of East Africa and show signs of volcanic origins and captivating sites of Mt. Kilimanjaro. One should not miss the Maasai Mara National Reserve during Kenya safari tours. Witness the extraordinary lion conservation set up by the Maasai people. The hills are also home to several ancient and new volcanic craters and cones that adorn the region. Also, try exploring the volcanic tubes in the Kisula Caves Complex.

Best time: July to September

Entry Fee: $ 20

Pro tip: Opt for a local Maasai guide, as they know the place inside out.

5. Loita Hills

Loita Hills, Kenya

The hills lie to the south of Nairobi and are one of the last remaining untouched destinations of Kenya. The hills very rarely receive visitors and as a result, are home to the most traditional Maasai cultures. The Loita hills is not a big game reserve or a park to view fauna, but rather to experience the traditions of the Maasai people. The location is perfect for an end-of-the-day experience, where you can take part in a small Maasai celebration.

Best time: July to September

Entry Fee: $ 15

Pro tip: Do visit Maasai Maara, which is close to the hills.

6. Saiwa Swamp National Park

Saiwa Swamp National Park, Kenya

It is by far the smallest national park in Kenya and home to a rare aquatic antelope known as the Sitatunga Antelope. The national park is home to some rare and exotic flora and fauna, including the De Brazza monkey. The park is also home to several riverine and acacia trees, that enhance the natural beauty of this place. It is hard to believe that the park still remains unmarred by a tourist crowd.

Best time: July to September

Entry Fee: $ 15

Pro tip: Make a call on +254 – 800 597 000 before deciding to add this place to your itinerary.

7. Lake Baringo

Lake Baringo, Kenya

In the middle of the serene lake lies a very famous island known as the Sarmatian Island. The island is the perfect place for a getaway into the mesmerising beauty of nature that the island offers. The lake and island are hidden from the normal tourist attractions of Kenya. And offer beautiful views of the landscapes especially during sunrise and sunset. The island is a perfect hidden gem of Kenya.

Best time: July to September

Entry Fee: $ 50 (for entering the national reserve)

Pro tip: If you are feeling adventurous, take a dip in the lake that is swarming with crocodiles after you sign an indemnity form.

8. Fairview Coffee Estate

Fairview Coffee Estate, Kenya

A hidden paradise that lies in the Kiambu region of Kenya, is the Fairview Coffee Estate. The estate offers a comprehensive tour of the entire estate which includes a farm tour, a factory tour and a tasting session led by a barista. You can also order and choose from the best blend of coffee. Sip the magic coffee whilst sitting in the lush gardens that overlook pristine waterfalls, blooming flowers and rare species of birds.

Best time: July to September

Entry Fee: $ 20 (per person)

Pro tip: Make sure to take some of the coffee as a souvenir for family and friends.

9. Kazuri Bead Factory

Kazuri Bead Factory, Kenya

The Swahili word ‘Kazuri’ means small and beautiful, which is the perfect way to describe these handmade beads. The factory and museum show the history and talk about the handover of the art form to the current generations. The beads are put together by over 400+ Maasai women that represent the wildlife and culture of Kenya. Every bead serves a purpose that makes every bead unique and special.

Best time: July to September

Entry Fee: Free of charge (but kindly buy a piece of artwork to support the local people)

Pro tip: The factory/museum is in the Karen Blixen Estate from the Academy Award-winning movie known as “Out Of Africa”.

10. Kitengela Glass Art

Kitengela Glass Art, Kenya

It is one of the locations which many would not think of finding in the heart of the wilderness. The glass art gallery is near the Nairobi National Park. As soon as you enter the park, you can see the many sculptures and artwork that adorn the path leading to the gallery. The path itself is made of a mosaic of glass art. And you can also witness the skilful artist transforming the colourful glass into masterpieces of art.

Best time: July to September

Entry Fee: $ 25 (per person)

Pro tip: You can book a sauna at the art gallery for USD 14. It is better to make a booking in advance.

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