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Durban to Johannesburg: Our First Day Long Journey Full Of Adventure

The story starts with our arrival in Durban, which is the 3rd largest city in South Africa. The journey to Johannesburg is quicker and best if made on a flight. But, we decided against it and made it into a road trip full of beautiful landscapes and adventure. Hence, our journey from Durban to Johannesburg was well on the way on a sunny Monday morning. The below article is a summary of our journey from Durban to Johannesburg in two 4×4’s. The journey was only a 6 hr ride, but ours took longer because of the numerous escapades that we made along the way.

A Trip From Durban To Johannesburg

1. Durban – The Curry Capital Of South Africa

Our First Day Long Journey From Durban to Johannesburg Filled With Adventure

Our journey began from the city of Durban at a boutique hotel known as Endless Horizons. Although the city lies in South Africa, Durban has a very active Indian community. That calls the city home and thus the name ‘the curry capital of South Africa’. The city comes alive with a mix of people from different communities and a coast which is often known as the ‘Golden mile’. The beaches of Durban are popular for their world-class surfing spots, making the city beaches a hit with the local surfers.

2. Pietermaritzburg – The City of Flowers


The next stop was popular for its Azaleas and roses also known as the city of Pietermaritzburg. The city is also the site for one of the National Botanical Gardens of the country. Also, the railway station in the city of Pietermaritzburg is the destination known for the first uprising against racial discrimination led by the late Mahatma Gandhi. It all started when Mahatma Gandhi was taking a train from Pietermaritzburg and was evicted from the compartment for being a person of colour. It was in 1893 the first non-violent protest started and eventually led to a future changing revolution.

3. Winterton – The Oldest town in Sout Africa


Next on our trip was the small and quiet town of Winterton. The town serves as the entry point to the Champagne valley and as well as to the Cathedral area of central Drakensberg. The Drakensberg area is well known for its famous mountain peaks namely Cathedral peak and the Champagne castle. Winterton is home to churches like All Saints and the Holy Trinity that date back to the 16th century. And its tower stands at a height of 40 meters which makes the structure all the more impressive.

4. Drakensberg – The highest mountain range in Southern Africa


In the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa lies a mountain range which is also a UNESCO world heritage site, known as the Drakensberg. The word the Drakensberg is coined from the Afrikaans word meaning “Dragon Mountains”. This name is given especially to the eastern part of the highest mountainous formation in Southern Africa. The mountain range is also home to the highest peak in the region measuring 3,500 meters. However, the most unique fact about the mountain range is the 30,000+ bushman rock paintings that adorn the walls of the mountains.

5. Hazyview


Our next destination is a tiny farming town known as Hazyview. The town is popular for its large banana and macadamia nut industries. That contributes 20% to the annual GDP of the country of South Africa. The climate found in this region is more than ideal for the successful planting and harvesting of banana and macadamia nuts. However, the town of Hazyview is also the gateway to the most popular Kruger Park. WHich is known for its diverse habitat and the numerous flora and fauna.

6. Three Rondavels

Three Rondavels

Earlier known as the three sisters, these geological are now known as the ‘three wives’. The name rondavels is a reference to the unique beehive hut style shape that these mountains have taken over the years. Another folklore refers to these structures as the three troublesome wives of the Chief of the Mapjaneng tribe. That became popular for opposing the invading Swazis in a historic battle. The name of the 3 mountain tops is similar to the name of the wives of the chief, which are Magabolle, Mogoladikwe and Maseroto.

7. Bourke’s Luck Potholes

Bourke's Luck Potholes

The next leg of our journey brought us to a well know destination know as Bourke’s Luck Potholes. The region is home to the happy river that flows in and through the region. This flowing river has given rise to massive craters that resemble potholes on a rainy day. These hollow cylindrical holes are a result of water erosion that has taken place at this for millions of years. The hollow cylindrical holes that make the attraction are done by a phenomenon known as the ‘Giant’s Kettle’. This happens when swirls of water wear away at the rocks for a prolonged period.

8. God’s Window

God's Window

Our next stage of the journey during our travel from Durban to Johannesburg brought us to the destination known as ‘God’s Window’. The destination is a magical destination for nature lovers. And offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire Lowveld that is more than 900 meters down in the forest ravine. The majestic cliffs take a 700 meters long plunge into the valley. And is also home to several of South Africa’s private game reserves which makes the area one of South Africa’s main wildlife destinations.

9. Graskop


This stop of the journey was more of a gourmet adventure, rather than an expedition of the wild. So there is a very popular restaurant in the Graskop town of South Africa. And the restaurant is extremely popular for serving some of the best sweet and savoury pancakes in the entire region. Some of their signatures include banana and in caramel sauce pancakes, black cherries dipped in liqueur pancakes, milk custard tart pancakes and many more. The shop has been whipping up these mouthwatering delicacies for over 30 years.

10. Johannesburg


Our journey finally brought us to one of the most popular cities of South Africa, which is often known as South Africa’s “city of gold”. Johannesburg is the biggest financial and industrial metropolis of South Africa. The city is the most powerful commercial centre on the African continent. The city is responsible for generating close to 17% of South Africa’s annual GDP. And also employs 14% of the national workforce. The city is the acting financial capital of South Africa. And is home to almost all of the country’s corporate headquarters.

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