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How About A List Of The Most Famous Tourist Attractions In Ibadan?

The name Ibadan originates from the word “Eba Odan” which translates to ‘by the edge of the meadow’. And like the meaning of its name Ibadan, it is a little marvel by the edge of a meadow known as Nigeria. The city has grown into a modern-day urban centre and is also Nigeria’s largest city by geographical area. The city leads the region in political, economic and military stability. Travelling to Ibadan? Discover the top tourist attractions in Ibadan for a fetching holiday.

Top Tourist Attractions In Ibadan, Nigeria

1. IITA Forest Reserve

10 Hidden Tourist Attractions In Ibadan

The forest reserve is a vast piece of land in Ibadan under the control of the National Resource Management (NRM) Department. The department responsible for the preservation effort and the sub-department of NRM is IITA (International Institute of Tropical Agriculture). The decision is in an attempt to preserve the natural habitat and numerous flora and fauna of the region that has enhanced the natural beauty of the reserve.

Entry Fee: Free

Contact: +234 – 700800

Best Time to Visit: December through February

2. Ibadan Zoo, Zoological Garden

Zoological Garden, Ibadan

It is one of a kind zoo that is within the boundaries of a University and is also a nature park. The place boasts of several mammals, amphibians and reptiles that live in their natural habitat. Alongside, it also serves as a zoo for domestic and international tourists visiting the place. The park is one of its kind and teaches the youth the importance of preserving our natural environment. 

Entry Fee: $ 10 per person

Contact: +234 – 805 445 9319

Best Time to Visit: December through February

3. Agodi Gardens

Agodi Gardens, Ibadan

The garden has to be the most popular garden worth a visit in all of Ibadan. The location of the garden in the heart of the city witnesses a lot of footfall from local and international tourists. The park is a perfect spot for several activities like picnics, garden parties, weddings and even a boat ride. Besides, a public park, the gardens are also home to a small zoo and a waterpark making it a perfect family getaway.

Entry Fee: $5 per person

Contact: +234 – 705 141 7973, 708 899 3313

Best Time to Visit: December through February

4. Mapo Hall

Mapo Hall, Ibadan

It is a massive colonial-style city hall that adorns the top of Mapo hill. The construction of the hall took over 4 years and was finally open for operations in 1929. The hall was made to serve the administrative needs of the colonial era. The hall is popular for its seven halls which represent the seven hills of Ibadan on which the city stands.

Entry Fee: Free

Contact: +234 – 805 445 9319

Best Time to Visit: December through February

5. National Museum of Unity

National Museum Of Unity, Ibadan

The National Museum of Unity is a structure of great importance. The building is home to some of the most important archaeological and historical relics and artefacts. That speaks highly of the rich culture of the Nigerian people. The museum is further split into four sections namely the Yoruba Gallery, the Unity Gallery, the Masquerade Gallery and the Pottery Gallery. 

Entry Fee: $ 3 per person

Contact: +234 – 808 583 4761

Best Time to Visit: December through February

6. Bodija Market

Bodija Market, Ibadan

This open market is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Ibadan region. The market was initially a fighting arena later converted into a market. The other feature is that the market is close to the highway. And because of this, the farmers are easily able to get their produce to the market. The market is 30 years old and is a perfect destination to try the local produce of Nigeria and to buy souvenirs.

Best Time to Visit: December through February

7. Bower Memorial Tower

Bower Memorial Tower, Ibadan

It is a historic monument that sits atop Oke-Are, the highest hill and one of the top tourist attractions in Ibadan. The building was made to honour Captain Robert Lister Bower in 1936. He was the first British resident of the region. The British government gave the Captain complete control over the ancient city which he took under his wing from 1893 – 1897. The tower stands 60 feet tall and 11 feet wide. And the top of the tower overlooks the entire city of Ibadan.

Entry Fee: $ 10 per person

Best Time to Visit: December through February

8. Irefin Palace

Irefin Palace, Ibadan

The palace is a beautiful work of colonial architecture and if brought back to its former glory, it may just transform into one of the best palaces ever made. The palace when initially built had over 185 rooms. But, due to no periodic maintenance, it has lost a few rooms in the process. Yet, the palace still houses some families who have lived in the palace since its inauguration.

Entry Fee: $ 10 per person

Contact: +234 – 803 808 1078

Best Time to Visit: December through February

9. Ibadan Golf Course

Ibadan Golf Course, Ibadan

Although not a major destination, the Ibadan Golf course is one of the hidden tourist attractions in Ibadan. The golf course is one of the most well-groomed places for golfing enthusiasts in Africa. The course consists of six 3 par holes, eight of 4 par holes and five of 5 par holes.

Entry Fee: $ 10 – 15 per person

Contact: +234 – 02 751 2577

Best Time to Visit: December through February

10. Cocoa House

Cocoa House, Ibadan

In the city of Ibadan, lies another wonder known for its multi-storied tales. The Cocoa House is a slightly different location than the other destinations mentioned in the list. But, the building is home to some of the financially stable institutions of Idaban. Besides, the structure houses a beautiful fountain and a cocoa tree after which the building gets its name. Also, the building also has a museum and a Hall of fame.

Best Time to Visit: December through February

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