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Kenya Ecotourism : 6 Amazing Things To Do For Spectacular Experiences

Visit Kenya to embrace the beauty of eco-tourism in its various authentic and lifetime Kenya tourism experiences. These are once in a lifetime travel moments that you collect while on your Kenya holiday. From walking safaris, camping, Big Five game drives, village bike tours to yoga sunset wholesome experiences. Kenya ecotourism is a thriving movement where the landscape is protected. There are several eco-resorts and camps you can enjoy around the country to sense the vibrancy of fantastic wildlife, soaring plains and natural wonders. We list for you the top 6 things to do on your visit. Holiday to actively benefit from Kenya’s ecotourism and the environment around you. We tell you how?

Kenya Ecotourism: Things You Must Do

1. Book an Overnight Luxurious Tented Lodge at Laikipia

Laikipia Kenya Ecotourism

The northeast of the Great Rift Valley is home to many wildlife conservancies. Laikipia is considered one of the best locations for a safari where you can book unique safari camping holidays. Sleep under the stars or in luxurious lodges amid numerous species that call the region their home. Head out on a safari to witness the Grevy’s zebra, shy leopards, white rhinos and the famous noble lion. Laikipia gives you amazing views of Mount Kenya and offers plenty of luxury lodges to choose from. Get dropped in the bushes by a helicopter,  go on walking safaris, camel safaris, riding safaris, rewarding game viewing and more with the aid of your guide.

Where? Tassia Safari Lodge, Sosian Ranch, Sirikoi, Ol Malo Lodge, Solio and more at Laikipia County 

2. Watch the Great Wildebeest Migration in the Maasai Mara

the Great Wildebeest Migration

The Maasai Mara is the most famous Kenya tourism hotspot and protected land. This is where you will find the majestic Big Five and other wildlife. From July to November visit the Mara to witness 1.3 million wildebeest and zebras cross the Serengeti for the greener pastures of the Maasai Mara. The magnificent display of nature’s greatest spectacle is a bucket list activity when you visit Kenya. Book a guided tour of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve and take game safaris to view the big cats. Leopard Gorge, Fig Tree Ridge and the Mara River are great places to view migratory birds, plenty of elephants, Maasai giraffes and the wildebeest migration.

Where? Mara Triangle, Ngiro-are Road, Maasai, Kenya

3. Take a Trip to the Crater Lakes of the Great Rift Valley

the Crater Lakes of the Great Rift Valley

Enjoy a full-day private tour of the Crater Lake Game Sanctuary located outside Naivasha. Just 56 miles away from the city is the peaceful sanctuary that was formed by a dormant volcano. Rejoice in the beauty of the blue-green waters of Crater Lake, pink flamingos and wild games. Explore from among a dozen trails and get opportunities to spot giraffes, zebras, indigenous birds, giant mammals and more. There is a network of trails that makes it ideal to explore the area on foot. A professional guide will help you understand the conservation efforts as you witness the wildlife. Lake Naivasha and Elsamere are beautiful and serene and among the best attractions on the tour.

Where? Crater Lake Tented Camp And Game Sanctuary Lake Naivasha National Park, Kenya

4. Go on a Horseback Ride along the Chyulu Hills

horseback ride along the Chyulu Hills

The ‘green hills of Africa’ is snuggled between Tsavo East and Amboseli National Park in southeastern Kenya. Kenya tourism activities here pay around 4000 Maasai families and the community as they work in the conservancy management of the area. None of this is obvious behind the plethora of things to do and signature experiences. Hike to explore the geology of the volcanic Chyulu Hills, which are among the world’s youngest volcanic hills. Go on a geological hike from Ol Donyo to explore the lava tubes caves or a walk to the top of Ol Donyo Wuas for mesmerising scenery. Discover the Maasai culture, and take a village tour to learn how to build a fence around the manyatta, do beadwork and more.

 Where? Kenya Wildlife Service, Country Park., Makueni County, South Eastern Kenya

5. Go Souvenir Shopping at the Nairobi National Park Elephant Orphanage Giraffe Centre

souvienier shopping at the Nairobi National Park

Take a full-day tour to enjoy close encounters with wildlife while on your visit to Kenya’s capital city. Go in small guided groups to Nairobi National Park, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Giraffe Centre. Be sure to pick a souvenir or two at the LoveBirds Community Gift. Shop to take back your memorabilia. Get around the capital in comfort and enjoy a personalised experience. The guided tour of the urban wildlife preserve at the Nairobi National Park will help you understand the efforts behind Kenya eco-tourism. The well-regarded conservation centres will help you learn about the habits and behaviours of the endangered giraffes and orphaned elephants. The well-trained staff members will educate you on the activities while on the tour where you can catch a game drive at the Nairobi National Park.

Where?  Nairobi National Park  EDUCATION CENTRE, Karen KWS SAFARI WALK, Animal Orphanage Road, Nairobi, Kenya

6. Take a Tribal Photography Tour of Kenya’s Far North

tribal photography tour

Visit Kenya to see Lake Turkana, the Ndoto Mountains and the Chalbi Desert in Kenya’s northern frontier, a stunning experience. Home to some of the most spectacular tribal people, spend time visiting the Dassanech people. Their incredible homestays of the Gabra camel nomads in the far-flung corners of the Chalbi Desert is mesmerizing. Indulge in the lifestyle of Kenya’s lesser-known but vibrant ethnic people. Take unique photographs with different tribal people in Kenya. Tour the beautiful Njemps and meet the Pokot people near Lake Baringo. Witness the incredible mountainous scenery of the Ndoto Mountains or visit the Rendille people communities. All in all a lifetime Kenya ecotourism experience.

Where? Kenya’s Far North

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Travel Tips on a Kenya Ecotourism Adventure

Travel tips on Kenya Ecotourism adventure
  • Do not disturb the animals while on your tour.
  • Discourage upsetting ecosystems by removing plants, rocks, seashells and more from where they belong.
  • Become involved in providing incentives for the local communities to create a sustainable tourism market.
  • Eco-tourism aims at minimizing human-animal conflict and you can contribute to the efforts by taking part in the tours.
  • Explore how communities live in the beautiful land of Africa and push beyond the usual safari circuit when you visit Kenya next.
  • Be an eco-traveller and encounter cultural diversity. 
  • Purchase local artisan handicrafts, patronize locally-owned restaurants and select environmentally-friendly tours to help sustain employment.
  • Search for eco-vacations that collaborate with a conservation agency and bring the efforts of the local community to light.

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