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Best African Safari Lodges In Kenya That Are Among The Top 10

On the eastern coast of Africa lies a country, popular among travellers for its diverse wildlife and panoramic landscapes. The country in discussion is the land of the big five or Kenya. The country’s major income is generated from wildlife tourism. While keeping the carbon print and preservation of habitats in check. This is made possible by the numerous safari lodges that are spread across the country. These properties practice safe and environmentally friendly methods to ensure the spread of the least amount of carbon footprint. That might harm the surrounding habitat. Below we have made a list of the best African safari lodges in Kenya that are among the top 10.

Top 10 Best Safari Lodges In Kenya

1. Angama Mara

Best African Safari Lodges In Kenya That Are Among The Top 10

The trip to discover the best African safari lodges in Kenya starts with the lodge known as ‘Angama Mara’. The word ‘Angama’ in the local Swahili language means “hanging in mid-air”. And the name suits the lodging facility as it is on the edge of the Great rift valley that overlooks the entire land of Maasai Mara. The sundeck on the property overlooks the entire horizon of the land, which makes for a stunning view.

Location: Suswa Mara Triangle, Kenya

Unique Selling Points: Overlooks the Maasai Mara

Contact: +254 730 630630

2. Campi Ya Kanzi

Campi Ya Kanzi

The next property is known as Campi Ya Kanzi and is an award-winning boutique eco-lodge on the Chuyu hills of southern Kenya. Which are also known as the “Green hills of Africa”. The property came into being in 1975 and since then has been the leading safari lodge in the region. Campi Ya Kanzi for almost 20 years was the only African safari lodge on the Maasai Mara reserve overlooking 2,830 km² of serene wilderness.

Location: Mtito Andei, Kenya

Unique Selling Points: Supports the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

Contact: +254 45 5622516

3. Elephant Bedroom Camp

Elephant Bedroom Camp

Another popular lodge set in Kenya is the elephant bedroom camp which overlooks the Samburu National Reserve. The lodge is set in the heart of the reserve and as a result, you are often met with visitors passing the reserve. In the form of the great African Elephant, which is the largest land mammal living on earth. You may also find antelopes, gazelles and monkeys visiting the outskirts of the lodge quite often.

Location: Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

Unique Selling Points: Watch the majestic African elephants of the reserve

Contact: +254 704 418651

4. Elsa’s Kopje

Elsa's Kopje

Elsa’s Kopje is one of the best safari lodges in Kenya that is popular among local and international travellers. The lodge is set in the heart of Mughwango hill. That overlooks the site where George Adamson, who was also known as ‘Baba Ya Simba’. Which literally translates to “father of lions”. Used to raise and release lions who were freed from the clutches of evil Somali poachers. The lodge offers a mesmerizing view of the horizon during sunrise and sunsets.

Location: National park, Elsa’s kopje, Meru, Kenya

Unique Selling Points: Gives spectacular views of the white rhinos in the Meru National park.

Contact: +254 713 474 171 / +254 731 700 084

5. Kiboko Luxury Camp

Kiboko Luxury Camp

Kiboko Luxury Camp may just be the prettiest and the best safari lodges in Kenya. This is due to its location on the shores of Lake Naivasha which offers a very serene and natural scenery of the camp and the lake. The tents on the shores of the lake start glistening in the waters as the evening approaches. The tents start glowing because of the electricity that lights up the tents. Making a visit to the lodge a must.

Location: Moi South Lake Rd, Naivasha, Kenya

Unique Selling Points: Is on the shores of Lake Naivasha

Contact: +254 703 048000

6. Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge

Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge

The Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge is also one of the popular safari lodges in Kenya. The lodge is known to don some really modern and contemporary amenities in its rooms/tents. In addition, the lodge shares its boundary with the Tsavo West National Park. Which offers early morning access to some of the most distinct and unique wildlife that can be found in Tsavo West National Park. And making the lodge popular with several travellers looking for luxury.

Location: Tsavo National Park, Kenya

Unique Selling Points: Mt. Kilimanjaro decorates the backdrop of the lodge

Contact: +254 20 8030800

7. Lake Nakuru Lodge

Lake Nakuru Lodge

Often known as the jewel of Lake Nakuru and the best safari lodges in Kenya. Is the Lake Nakuru Lodge, that offers a holistic view of the horizon over Lake Nakuru that glows bright pink during sunrise and sunset. This happens because of the birds know as the pink flamingo’s that come to the lake. As the lake serves as the bird’s feeding ground.

Location: Nakuru National park, Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Unique Selling Points: It is known as the pink heart of Kenya.

Contact: +254 720 404480

8. Lewa Safari Camp

Lewa Safari Camp

Similar but different from the rest of the best safari lodges in Kenya is the Lewa Safari Camp. The thing that makes this camp popular is that all year round it always welcomes well-known writers, conservationists, celebrities and photographers. So if you want to experience the wilderness of Africa and maybe meet a few well-known giants of the art world. Rush along to the Lewa Safari Camp.

Location: Lewasafari camp, Kenya

Unique Selling Points: The camp offers unrestricted and privileged access to 650 km² of private protected wilderness.

Contact: +254 730 127000

9. Loisaba Tented Camp

Loisaba Tented Camp

Of all the above lodges Loisaba Tented camp is one lodge that leads the race in eco-tourism. Their effective methods of reducing their carbon footprint to less than 5% annually have become the talk of the town. Their conscious effort of reducing pollution and helping preserve the sanctity of the area has earned them this title. But, that does not mean that there is any compromise in hygiene and luxury.

Location: JR4M+R8V, Laikipia, Kenya

Unique Selling Points: Every spot in the camp offers a wonderful panoramic view of the landscape until the horizon.

Contact: +254 713 474 171 / +254 731 700 084

10. Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

The camp is the last lodge on the list of best safari lodges in Kenya. The reason that we have kept this at the end, is that it is one of the most unique lodges in Kenya. Firstly, the snowy peaks of Mt. Kenya adorn the backdrop of the lodge. Secondly, it shares its boundaries with the Ol Pejeta Conservancy which is home to the last 2 Northern White Rhinos on the planet. And lastly, the camp is a haven for your young ones for it offers several activities that would keep the young one’s busy during the duration of your stay. And give you and your soulmate some personal ‘me time’.

Location: Ewaso Nyiro River Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya

Unique Selling Points: The camp runs a junior ranger program to keep the young ones engaged.

Contact: +27 21 418 0468

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