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Beach Resorts in Ghana That Rank Amongst The Top 10 In The Country

Ghana is one country on the continent of Africa that is flowing with gifts from nature. And several mesmerizing and quaint natural spots exist on the 539 km long coastline of Ghana. In the form of many and beautiful private and public beaches. Beaches of Ghana offer a very unique and tranquil experience. Especially the one’s which are under the care of the resorts on these beaches. As many of them have kept the access a private affair between them and their guests. Making these beach resorts in Ghana rank amongst the best in the country. Here is an interesting list of beach resorts in Ghana that rank amongst the top 10 in the country.

Best Beach Resorts In Ghana

1. Aqua Safari Resort

Beach Resorts in Ghana That Rank Amongst The Top 10 In The Country

The first resort to make the break is the Aqua Safari Resort. The most interesting and unique feature about the resort is its massive entrance which welcomes travellers in all its glory. The unique African tent styled entrance of the resort leaves travellers speechless. The resort is a happening place and is popular with families that travel to the resort from far and wide. The resort has several activities for the young one’s and the adults ensuring an activity-filled weekend.

Location: Agorkpo St, Ada Foah, Ghana

Unique Selling Point: The resort has its own Spa.


Contact: +233 26 424 1549

2. Busua Beach Resort

Busua Beach Resort

On the coastline of Ghana lies a beach known as Busua beach which is one of the least visited beaches in the country. The beach boasts of water activities like jet skiing managed by the Bususa Beach Resort staff and a few other private jet skiing shacks. The best part of the beach is the cleanliness and the number of lifeguards that roam the beach. The resort is another plus point with a dedicated kids area. And an outdoor pool for kids and adults alike.

Location: Bususa Beach, Ghana

Unique Selling Point: Clean beach and the chance to take a jet ski ride with a beautiful sun setting in the backdrop.


Contact: +233 20 638 8029

3. Bojo Beach Resort

Bojo Beach Resort

This beach lies on a stretch of land that separates the beach from the mainland by a lagoon. The beach is merely a half an hour drive from the centre of Accra. Which is the capital of Ghana and a very popular city of the country. The beach provides a picturesque experience and is one of the cleaner beaches found in Ghana. The Bojo beach resort lies on the edge of this very stretch of land. And provides a spectacular view of the evening sun setting on the horizon. Making the beach and the resort both worth the visit.

Location: Bortianor, Ghana

Unique Selling Point: The beach has the ocean running in front and a lagoon in its backdrop.


Contact: +233 30 291 2946

4. Oasis Beach Resort

Oasis Beach Resort

On the coast of Ghana near Cape Coast is a resort that has several cultures blending together in unison. The resort boasts of a performance stage, where local artists are free to perform their drumming, acrobatic and dancing skills. The resort is a centre for fun times for all the locals and tourists in that area. And is a laid back spot for solo or laid back travellers.

Location: Emintsimadze Drive, 42 Victoria Park, Cape Coast, Ghana

Unique Selling Point: It was built by a German-Turkish couple.


Contact: +233 24 244 9558

5. Escape 3 Points Resort

Escape 3 Points Resort

This particular resort lies in a haven of natural beauty and lush greenery. Escape 3 Points is one of the only resorts in Ghana that has been completely made from organic building materials like wood, earth, bamboo, thatch, raffia and other eco-friendly materials. The entire resort is home to a massive organic garden that has trees like mango, orange, lime, coconut, banana and several other fruit-bearing plants found in the region.

Location: PWXC+WXQ, Prusi Akatakyi, Ghana

Unique Selling Point: The lodge offers private cabins in the centre of lush greenery.


Contact: +233 26 721 8700

6. Coconut Grove Resort

Coconut Grove Resort

The resort is one of the most popular and well-known resorts in the list of the best resorts in Ghana. The main reason for the popularity is their small initiatives and attempts of performing and requesting their guest to help conserve water. They achieve this by offering buckets in every room. And requesting their guest’s to at least use the bucket once for bathing purposes in a day or during their stay. The resort is also home to a mini sanctuary. And an 18-hole golf course which makes it popular with many royalties and celebrities that have visited the resort.

Location: 5th Mozambique Link, Accra, Ghana

Unique Selling Point: Leading the race in water conservation.


Contact: +233 24 433 3001

7. White Sands Beach Resort and Spa

White Sands Beach Resort and Spa

As the name suggests the resort lies in close proximity to the local beach known as the White Sands beach. The resort boasts of a blend of exclusivity and luxury. That portrays in their services and beliefs. The resort offers a mere 10 room lodging facility of suites and cabins. Thus, with these limited lodging options, the resort is almost filled to capacity all year round. This is because of its close proximity to the beach and a bird sanctuary. And the availability of a beach clubhouse, restaurants & bars, a tennis court and even a helipad within its complex.

Location: Gomoa Fetteh Central Region Ghana, Ghana

Unique Selling Point: The resort lies between the ocean and a bird sanctuary.


Contact: +233 26 305 0500

8. Meet Me There Resort

Meet Me There Resort

It is a one of a kind lodge in all of Ghana. And focuses on uplifting the living standards of the local people with whatever profit they make from the resort. The resort not just manages the ‘Dream big Ghana’ campaign. But, also contributes to improving and conserving the local habitat through their eco-friendly means. They take pride in uplifting the lives of the local people while staying close and true to their surrounding nature.

Location: Dzita, Volta Region, Keta POBOX KW4, Ghana

Unique Selling Point: It is a non-profit resort that supports the ‘Dream big Ghana’ campaign.


Contact: +233 54 183 8387

9. Ankobra Resort

Ankobra Resort

It is a family-run boutique resort spread over a 45-hectare complex that is a completely private affair. The owners have been serving guest’s in the resort for over a decade. And take pride in their local Ghanaian culture and cuisine that they put on display for their guest. The complex is home to a rich variety of local floral and fauna that adorn the resort. There are several outdoor activities to choose from during your stay. Or if you prefer the calm and tranquillity of the resort, you can spend your days exploring the resort’s library.

Location: Old Axim Road 1, Axim, Ghana

Unique Selling Point: The beach access is restricted to the guest’s only.


Contact: +233 31 209 2321

10. Lou Moon Boutique Resort

Lou Moon Boutique Resort

The last resort on our list of beach resorts in Ghana that rank amongst the top 10 is the Lou Moon Boutique resort. The main reason why this resort is the best one that we have been to. Is it’s unique and natural location in a bay or a cove set right on the coast. The distinct location of the resort makes it a hit amongst travellers. Furthermore, because it is a private resort with limited lodging. The resort never looks crowded even on days when it is booked to capacity.

Location: Lou Moon Resort Agyan via, Axim, Ghana

Unique Selling Point: The resort lies on a cove.


Contact: +233 26 424 1549

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