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How To Reach Pretoria, While On A South Africa Holiday?

South Africa has become a haven for travellers looking for an experience closer to nature. But there is one part of the country that seems to have kept itself hidden from the prying eyes of international travellers. That part of South Africa is none other than Pretoria, which is both the capital and the executive centre of South Africa. The city of Pretoria is one of the 3 capitals that one can find while on a South Africa holiday and is often known as the ‘Garden city of South Africa’. Pretoria is home to the Jacaranda trees that light up in hues of light purple at the dawn of Spring every year. Turning the streets and the city of Pretoria into a marvel to behold. Below is an interesting read on how to reach Pretoria, while on a South African Holiday.

How To Reach Pretoria, When Vibing In South Africa

Travel To Pretoria Via Road

How to reach Pretoria via road

Road travel is a highly recommended mode of transportation when one is in South Africa. And is the best option for one looking for how to reach Pretoria, while on a South African vacation. There are different cities in South Africa from where one can book a 4×4, a driver and even multiple motels that would fall on the way to Pretoria. Every South African city offers various packages to travel to Pretoria via road as part of the South Africa tourism initiative helping locals earn a living.

The distance from these cities to Pretoria will define the cost one may incur on the travel. So to put things in perspective. Below is a detailed breakdown of the rough estimate one might incur on a road trip from any of the above-mentioned destinations to the city of Pretoria. The estimate is a rough calculation and may differ on the type of the car, the fuel variant and the fuel and vehicle class. We have taken a basic SUV class for the perspective and the one with the most pocket-friendly rent.

CityMin. Rent per day (USD)Distance from Pretoria (Km)Estimated days for travelFuel cost as per total KmsTotal estimated of travel in USD
Cape Town9614685172560
Port Elizabeth8411173.5140435

Travel To Pretoria Via Air

How to reach Pretoria via air

Another time-efficient way of reaching Pretoria is through the air that cuts down the cost and time of travel. And is the most cost-effective means of travel from one spot to another. However, there are no flights that operate to the city of Pretoria within South Africa. Due to the intricate networks of buses that operate between the routes from the below mentioned popular cities to Pretoria.

  • Cape Town → Pretoria = $ 26
  • Johannesburg → Pretoria = $ 7
  • Durban → Pretoria = $ 15
  • Port Elizabeth → Pretoria = $ 31

Travel To Pretoria Via Sea

How to reach Pretoria via road

The only way of reaching Pretoria via sea is if you are travelling from outside South Africa. For which you would need to reach any one of South Africa’s ports. And from there take a bus or rent a car to the city of Pretoria.

Reasons For Visiting Pretoria

Reasons for visiting Pretoria
  • The city is a haven for travellers in love with history.
  • Market at ‘The Sheds’ in the inner city will prove why South Africa is the place for gourmet adventures.
  • The city has one of the biggest collections of iconic architecture spread across the city.
  • Witness the colossal spread of the Wonderboom tree, which in Afrikaans means ‘tree of wonder’.
  • Catch a game at the iconic Loftus Versfeld stadium, which is home to several sporting events being broadcasted around the country.
  • Visit the remains of our earliest ancestor which is about 2.1 million years old at Mrs Ples.
  • Take a safari at the Rietvlei Nature Reserve, which is one of the largest reserves in the world that lies inside city limits.
  • Experience peace and serenity at the Pretoria Botanical Garden, a spot away from the hustle of the city.

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