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Top 10 Cool Hangouts In Accra That Support Ghana Tourism

Ghana is an excellent location for travellers looking to explore the wild side of Africa with a hint of fun. We all would agree Africans know how to party and when you add music and drums in this mix the environment around elevates to a whole new level. Accra the capital city of Ghana is one of the many locations that over the years has become popular with travellers looking to experience the African vibe. We recently had the opportunity to explore the city of Accra. And exploring the city for some cool hangouts in Accra that helped to promote Accra Ghana Tourism. Below is a list of interesting spots we believe you will enjoy when in Ghana. And find out for your own self whether or not these are the best hangouts in Ghana.

List Of Cool Hangouts In Accra

10. Bojo Beach

Top 10 Cool Hangouts In Accra That Support Ghana Tourism

The first destination on our list has to be this quaint and lively spot in Accra known as Bojo beach. The reason we use quaint and lively together is that in the early mornings if one were to come to the beach. One would only hear the rhythmic splash of the waves on the beach. But as the day progresses and evening approaches. The scene on this peaceful beach starts to turn into an African celebration with sounds of drums vibrating in the atmosphere. The beach has a very popular beach resort and is known for its restaurants and cafes with wi-fi facilities. Allowing you to share your experience with your friends and family about the best hangouts in Ghana.

9. Goethe Institut

Goethe Institut, Ghana

Next on the list of cool hangouts in Accra brings us to Goethe Institut. The spot is a German cultural centre that has been in Ghana for over 40 years. The centre welcomes its visitors with dance and music festivals and even art exhibitions. Making it a haven for art lovers and for people looking for a beautiful symphony of mind and body. The centre also serves food and beverages for visitors looking to binge on some popular local and international delicacies. Making the Goethe Institut centre one of the best hangouts in Accra.

8. La Chaumiere

La Chaumiere, Ghana

The next cool hangout in Accra is the La Chaumiere restaurant which can be found on Liberation Road opposite the Shangri La Hotel, airport residential area, Accra. The restaurant is a contemporary take on French fusion cooking made from the finest ingredients. The restaurant boasts of bewitching ambience coupled with world-class service and excellent food. All these components come together to make La Chaumiere one of the coolest hangouts in Accra.

7. Legon Botanical Gardens

Legon Botanical Gardens, Ghana

The next spot on our list of cool hangout’s in Accra brings us to the Legon Botanical Gardens. The garden is the perfect outdoor recreational facility for kids and adults of all ages. The park is home to a high rope course, that sees visitors harnessing themselves on the safety line. And try to cover a lap of the obstacle course made using ropes and planks of wood a few meters above the ground. The course stands to test one’s agility, fitness and stamina levels. Keeping oneself in motion without the help of a stable surface seems to be an impossible task. The rope course has been designed with experts and help from ERCA (European Ropes Course Association). The location is certainly one of the best hangouts in Accra for fun and a good physical activity.

6. Coco Lounge

Coco Lounge, Ghana

The next most happening and cool hangout’s in Accra is the Coco Lounge. The restaurant lies on the liberation link road, Accra. The lounge has a constant stream of loyal customers, that keep coming to the restaurant. The chick ambience and the contemporary design helps make Coco Lounge the place to be, no matter what time of the day you arrive at the lounge. The restaurant is like a mini-hotel that operates almost 24×7 to provide you with the best meals possible. Making it rank on the list of best hangouts in Accra.

5. Labadi Beach

Labadi Beach, Ghana

One of the coolest hangouts in Accra is the popular and well-known beach called Labadi beach. The beach is home to a beach resort which is one of the best in the region. We recommend an overnight stay at the beach resort, as the early morning walks on the beach and the breakfast at the balcony of the resort overlooking the ocean is breathtakingly beautiful. The resort also offers several activities to keep the guest busy and entertained. The beach comes alive in the evening and on the weekends as several local street performers gather at the beach. And bring it alive through dance and music performances. This beach by far is the best hangout in Accra for experiencing local dance and music styles.

4. Cafe Kwae

Cafe Kwae, Ghana

 The next stop on our search for cool hangouts in Accra brought us to this unique and interesting place known as Cafe Kwae. The cafe lies at One Airport Square, Airport City in Accra. That offers a wide range of options to choose from. Ranging from the likes of sandwiches, salads, tea, coffee and many other quick delicacies. The cafe lies in the heart of the most happening places in Accra and is an excellent spot to meet up with friends. So make sure to visit Cafe Kwae which may just be one of the best hangouts in Accra.

3. Sai Wine And Champagne Bar

Sai Wine And Champagne Bar, Ghana

One of the top three cool hangouts in Accra is certainly the Sai Bar. It is a bar that exclusively deals and serves only wines. The options may include red wine, white wine, rose wine, sparkling wines, champagnes and fortified wines. The location and the ambience are perfect for couples or a group of friends looking to chill and enjoy world-class wines on their get together. The wine bar also serves food that pairs very well with any wine selection that one may make from the menu card. This location is worth being in the top 3 best hangouts in Accra.

2. Firefly Lounge

Firefly Lounge, Ghana

The second spot on our list of cool hangouts in Accra is the Firefly Lounge. As the name suggests, it is a classic English style lounge that serves everything one needs to enjoy a nice time with your loved ones. The lounge is at the 11th Lane Embassy opposite the former American Embassy. The lounge’s very unique location in a posh locality enhances the oomph and the ambience of the establishment. This is one of those spots in Accra where if you are the first one to enter you would probably be the last one to leave the establishment because it is that good. So, we highly recommend a visit to the Firefly Lounge as one of the best hangouts in Accra.

1. AM:PM

AM:PM, Ghana

On the list of cool hangouts in Accra, the top spot goes to the AM:PM restaurant. The restaurant is an American style diner with a very unique concept. Like the name, the restaurant is split into two parts, with one section being known as AM and the latter as PM. The AM section of the diner serves American style breakfasts like waffles, pancakes, fried egg and bacon and many more. On the other hand, the PM section of the restaurant comes alive once the clock hits 12’ noon. The PM section of the restaurant starts whipping up delicacies like American style burgers, American sandwiches, buffalo wings, cocktails and many more. Thus, making the establishment the best hangout in Accra.

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