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How To Ensure Travel Safety During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Times may have been hard, but the moment has come to dust ourselves off and begin to create new travel memories. Go on to unlock fresh travel plans as the world gradually opens again. With some precaution and care, get ready to embrace the new normal, buckle up to unique experiences, explore new opportunities, and feel happy again. And so, here is how you can ensure travel safety during COVID-19 pandemic. Read on and get ready to fly again.

It’s Time To Come Out And Travel

How To Ensure Travel Safety During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Let’s travel to unwind and bring happiness back in our fold. It is time to let go of fear, go on a journey of self-discovery and wellness. Watch your loved ones light up as you visit to reunite with family and unlock the fears of travelling. Travel and support businesses that are struggling to survive. Consider a staycation or a favourite campsite and contribute to local tourism. Bring the smile back in people at restaurants, behind ticket counters, at tourist hotspots who are fighting to exist.

Travel as the world opens up again as you adapt to the new normal. Be there to make the difference.

Plan Safety Before Travel During COVID-19 Pandemic: Here’s How? 

Plan ahead by taking necessary measures before commencing travel. Tick off from the list below to make travelling easier and stress-free during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • If you are fully vaccinated, carry your certificate along with other important travel documents. Remember to wait until after two weeks of your second dose to travel.
  • Carry a digital health passport that validates identity, COVID-19 test results and immunisation details.
  • Check for local, state and territorial government advisories for the pandemic and carry a list of restrictions to follow at your destination of travel.
  • If you are not fully vaccinated, take the PCR test 72 hours before travel. Bring along the Covid-19 negative test report as part of the travel documentation.
  • Be sure to pack necessary items such as face masks, disinfectant wipes, sanitizers (at least 60% alcohol based), liquid soaps, tissues, thermometer, medical kit. etc.
  • Invest in a good Travel Insurance that covers COVID-19 and other emergencies during the travel.
  • Hiring the services of a dedicated travel consultant with a genuine 24X7 emergency hotline is helpful. Download your travel company’s app to stay abreast with travel alerts and restrictions.

Safety Measures by the Airport and Airlines

As air travel resumes, your health and safety are a priority for the airline industry too. Here are the common safety protocols that airports and airlines have in place for your safety.

  • Most airlines provide flexible re-booking procedures online and passenger screenings at airports that are contact free.
  • Maintain social distancing at airports.
  • Make use of web check-in procedures for quick and safe boarding.
  • Airlines follow multi-layers safety measures from temperature screening, mandatory face masks, disinfectant in the aircraft, air filtration and seating arrangements for travellers’ safety.
  • There are rigorous cleaning procedures of 3-4 hours for every commercial aircraft followed.
  • Most airlines are equipped with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters and seat /touch points are sprayed with anti-microbial mist to keep passengers like you safe.
  • The airlines encourage passengers to follow good hand hygiene while on board and to avoid touching surfaces.
  • Use the airport or airline lavatory sparingly and ensure good hygiene habits. 

How Can You Contribute to Further Travel Safety During COVID-19 Pandemic?

There are public health considerations to follow while embarking on an international trip. WHO recommends a comprehensive approach, which includes a combination of measures to keep you safe. Here are the top hygiene tips to follow to minimise risk factors and stress.

  • Wash your hands frequently every 30 minutes. A thorough hand wash of at least 20 seconds is essential.
  • Maintain social distance of a minimum of 2 metres.
  • Follow boarding protocol airlines maintain to avoid crowding on the aircraft.
  • Avoid contact with anyone who shows symptoms of being sick.
  • Wear a face mask at all times and self-check for temperature screening.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible.
  • Cover with your elbow, coughs and sneezes.
  • Carry a medical kit that contains soap gel, sanitizer, extra masks, gloves, thermometer and emergency OTC medications.
  • Carry an immunity certificate and make sure your vaccinations have been taken as per the CDC and WHO guidelines.
  • Arrive at the airport early to avoid panic and unsafe rushing.
  • Try minimising contact with touchpoints, seats, handles, knobs, etc., and follow contact fewer procedures.
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Stay Safe Upon Arrival at the Destination: Here’s How?

If you are fully vaccinated, the CDC guidelines show you do not need testing for COVID-19 before or after your trip, unless your destination requires it. Keep a track of the travel restrictions and guidelines of the destination. Additionally, here are a few tips to keep in mind upon arrival at your destination of travel.

  • Plan to get tested at least three or five days after arrival to check for any possibilities of COVID-19.
  • If you have not been vaccinated, testing is essential to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.
  • Reduce non-essential outdoor activities for at least seven days even if you test negative.
  • If you don’t test upon arrival, reduce non-essential outdoor activities up to 10 days.
  • Check for any symptoms and stay indoors if you do not feel well to keep family and others safe.
  • If you test positive, quarantine for 14-21 days and follow medical protocols.

Recommended: Select Safest Destinations to Travel During COVID-19 Pandemic

Explore countries that are comparatively safeer to travel, even during the ongoing pandemic. We help you with some of the top countries that are declared safe to travel.

  • Choose Switzerland, a perfect romantic getaway to spend quality time. Zurich, Davos, Lucerne, St. Moritz, Lake Geneva and more are among the spectacular spots you can visit.
  • Georgia could be the least affected country by the Covid. Explore Tbilisi, the capital, to soak in the beauty of architecture, history, culture and diverse cuisine.
  • Corfu Island in Greece beckons with museums, beaches and historic sites. This budget-friendly destination offers unique experiences and safe travel. Don’t miss going on the olive oil tasting tour.
  • Alentejo, Lagos, Algarve in Portugal are nearly Covid-19 free.Enjoy traditional architecture, golden cliffs and pick your desired Lapis Lazuli.
  • Travel to the Maldives, a haven destination in a world stricken by a pandemic. Escape to the choicest holiday destination to revel in the island in the Indian Ocean.

Browse for safe holidays here.

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