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10 Most Thrilling Adventure Trips In the World

Adventure trips are the best way to feel the thrill and excitement we might sometimes miss in our life. So, without thinking much, take a break from your boring, casual days and loosen up a bit. Swivel away from the monotony and prepare for the best of world adventures as recommended by experts in this story. Pack your bags for the most thrilling adventure trips in the world.

10 Locations for the Most Thrilling Adventure Trips in the World

1. Burj Khalifa Pinnacle Base jump, Dubai

Burj Khalifa Pinnacle Base jump, Dubai.
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The massive tall skyscraper Burj Khalifa (830 metres) is the ninth-most-expensive building in the world and one of the top 10 adventure destinations. It is one place which will make you deem just how flabbergasting adventure travel in Dubai is. It offers one of the most thrilling adventure trips of about 20 seconds of free fall from the top of the building.

Price: USD 150 (approx).

2. White River Rafting, Rishikesh, India

Most thrilling adventure trips with White River Rafting, India.

Rishikesh is the River Rafting Capital of India. It is also the perfect place for adventure vacations for singles who are seeking spiritual wisdom combined with thrill. While rafting on the holy Ganga River, which offers the speed of grade I-V, you can adore the scintillating views of the majestic Himalayas. Accompanied by professional rafters, you’ll be guided for a stress-free rafting experience.

Price: USD 16 (approx).

3. Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb Adventure Holidays, Australia.

Here is an opportunity to test whether you are scared of heights or not. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge that offers the most panoramic views of the city. Enliven yourself at this site that offers fiercely glorious views of the World Heritage-listed ‘Blue Mountains’ and the ‘Pacific Ocean’. A trip at the time of sunset is a vision to behold.

Price: USD 268 (approx).

4. AJ Hackett Bungy, Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand has become the home of the most thrilling adventure trips in the world. Offering some of the best adventures in the world, the adventure sports here give you chills to the bones. Adventure lovers must visit this place at least once for the adrenaline rush and the scenery that tickles you as well as set you free. Must-try Bungee jumping and Surfing.

Price: USD 165 (approx).

5. Kite Surfing, Rebels Tarifa, Spain

Spain has the best holiday adventure for singles with adrenaline holidays and fun-filled sports. Kite surfing is a very famous adventure tourism destination. This place has an open beach for the public. It also gives you an everlasting experience of best world adventure which cannot be erased easily from an individual’s conscious mind.

Price: USD 170 (approx).

6. Zip Lining, Thailand

Zip Lining adventure trips, Thailand.

Experience an adventurous trip along with your family or partner in the canopies of Thailand’s rainforests with sports like Zip lining, Wildlife safari and more. Ride in your swing and glide on a cable suspended through up to 1500-year old Thai rainforest. You can rock climb, mountain bike and stay in authentic ‘Thai village homestays’. The country is just as perfect for wildlife holidays.

Price: USD 72 (approx).

7. River Kayaking, Costa Rica

It is a sport of paddling a kayak on a moving body of water. ‘White water kayaking’ can range from active, moving water, to demanding, extreme white water. Costa Rica is the best place for adventure holidays with kids. Moving into the new world of adventure will enthral your senses. Why should kids be left behind!

Price: USD 77 (approx).

8. Mount Hiking, Black Forest, Germany

Mount Hiking Adventure Trips, Black Forest, Germany.

The forested hills are the most beautiful zones that characterise the best adventure places in Germany for those who enjoy adventure tours at their own pace. It offers myriad outdoor activities and experiences. While hiking and mountain biking, explore the region at a leisurely pace or canoe and paddle through the Black Forest. Also, go for wakeboarding on the Rhine River for an altogether different high.

Price: USD 206 (approx).

9. Surfing, Portugal

Surfing Adventure Holidays, Portugal

The Portuguese coast is gifted with a bunch of world-class surfing spots. The place is famous for its mild weather conditions, making it suitable for tourists to travel at any time of the year. For those willing to surf all day long, Portugal is a great option. It is also one of the best honeymoon destinations for adventurous couples to spend a fun time and feel the thrill together.

Price: USD 27.50 (approx).

10. Chapada Diamantina National Park, Brazil

It is a unique and off the beaten path adventure holiday destination. It holds out caves, beautiful waterfalls, dense jungles and a lot more. If we talk about performing adventure sports, then this is the perfect place for trekking. Discover new things and unravel the ocean’s mysteries with the family. The place also offers some of the best adventure vacations for couples.

Price: USD 85 (approx).

Let’s unleash the adventurer within!

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