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Uganda Or Rwanda Gorilla Trekking – Which One Is the Best?

Gorilla trekking in Africa is the latest travelling trend to take the world by storm. This unique travelling experience is one that leaves travellers in awe of the primates they encounter during these treks. At present, only two African nations are leading the race to be the best gorilla trekking destination in the world. These nations are namely Rwanda and Uganda. Each nation has its own pros and cons that we have discussed in brief, to ensure our esteemed readers are able to make a well-informed decision. So have a read about the “Uganda or Rwanda gorilla trekking – which is the best?”

Uganda And Rwanda Best Gorilla Trekking Destination Comparison

Top 10 Points Of Uganda Or Rwanda Gorilla Trekking - Which One Is the Best?

Pro’s Of Uganda and Rwanda Gorilla Trekking


  • Open terrain with a good view of the surrounding volcanoes.
  • The country is clean and organized.
  • Travel distances are shorter.
  • Shorter treks as gorilla spotting happens within the first 30 minutes because Rwanda is home to a 1,000 mountain gorillas.
  • Trekking terrain is a lot easier, with higher altitudes maintaining the challenge of the trek.
  • This African nation is becoming a popular conference and events destination, further fueling mountain gorilla tours.
  • 10% of the cost from the gorilla trekking permit fees goes to the development of the local community.


  • Uganda is home to an excellent chimp-trekking program in Kibale.
  • The African nation offers a wide range of lodging opportunities ranging from budget to luxury.
  • The gorilla trekking cost in Uganda is roughly $ 600 per person.
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Uganda gorilla trekking

Cons Of Uganda and Rwanda Gorilla Trekking


  • The gorilla trekking cost in Rwanda is roughly $ 1,500 per person.


  • The vegetation around the park is very thick which earns the park its name the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
  • The slopes in and around the park are a lot steeper.
  • Lack of proper trekking trails.
  • Gorilla tracking can take anything from 30 minutes to eight-nine hours.
  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is prone to unseasonal rains, making the trek slippery and hard to navigate.

The Final Verdict

Uganda and Rwanda gorilla trekking comparison

Final Uganda and Rwanda gorilla trekking comparison deciding factor come down to the number of these gorilla trekking permits. The issue of permits takes place under strict regulations and is under the jurisdiction of the park officials. The thumb rule that both nations follow for these best gorilla trekking tours is that every gorilla family be visited only by eight visitors each day in a single group. No other group will be allowed to visit the same gorilla family on a given day. In Rwanda and Uganda, on the day of the trek, the park authority decides which group will visit which, gorilla family. This is decided on the basis of the group’s current location and the fitness of the group members.
In the final breakdown of the Uganda and Rwanda gorilla trekking comparison for a trek with luxury accommodations, a polished gorilla trekking experience and some warm and loving people, Rwanda comes out on the top. But, for a more cost-effective approach with broader prospects for different outdoor adventure activities, Uganda is the preferred gorilla trekking destination.

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