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9 Smart & Easy Tips On How To Travel Sustainably : A Guide

If you’re wondering how to travel sustainably, our easy-to-follow guide has all the answers. As conscious travellers, it’s important to understand the concept of sustainable travel. So,in this guide, we’ve listed 9 simple yet sustainable travel tips to help you adopt sustainable travel. But before that, let’s understand why sustainable travel is important.

How To Travel Sustainably – 9 Smart & Easy Tips

Why is sustainable travel important?

9 Smart & Easy Tips On How To Travel Sustainably : A Guide

Sustainable travel helps preserve natural habitats and age-old traditions, and cultural environments while keeping mother Earth clean, and green.  Sustainable tourism also helps prevent pollution, depletion of cultural heritage, and destruction of ecosystems. No wonder sustainable travel 2022 is a valuable goal. We need to give something back to nature and communities by following sustainable travel tips. 

Here are some tips to help you get started on the path of sustainable tourism

Opt For Eco-Conscious Accommodation

Opt for eco-conscious accommodation, how to travel sustainably

One of the most eco-friendly ways to travel the world begins by choosing the right accommodation. A new era of luxury eco-friendly resorts is taking over the travel domain. These low-carbon, eco-friendly, and community-supported accommodations offer the perfect blend of sustainability and indulgence. Book a hotel that’s certified for energy efficiency, waste management, community spirit, etc. EarthCheck, Green Key, Green Growth 2050 and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) are some of the most popular certifications to look for. So, choose to stay in a green hotel on your next holiday! Your choice can make all the difference.

Pack Reusable Items And Travel Light

Pack reusable items and travel light

An easy tip on how to travel sustainably is to pack light. You can do this by packing only what’s necessary. Another tip is to bring reusable items such as water bottles, coffee mugs, steel or bamboo straws, food containers and bamboo cutlery so you can avoid using single-use plastic. Moreover, you can also shop plastic-free by taking a reusable shopping bag, such as a canvas bag. Another good idea is to take waste-free toiletries such as shampoo bars, deodorant paste, herbal toothpaste, etc., to reduce waste. So, be a part of the sustainable travel 2022 goal by selecting a packing list of sustainable products like these.

Treat Wildlife With Respect

Treat wildlife with respect

If you want to see wildlife while on holiday, it’s best to seek an ethical wildlife adventure. Sustainable wildlife travel means choosing a reputable sanctuary where you can only observe the animals, allowing them to act out their natural behaviour. Choose your wilderness experience wisely and stay away from tours and attractions that cause suffering to animals. Also, promote wildlife conservation efforts, support local non-profit organisations like Sustainable Travel International, and contribute to the welfare of local animals by buying souvenirs or by helping to fund conservation projects. These are just a few sustainable travel examples for wildlife travel that you can engage in.

Preserve the Culture of the Destination

Preserve the culture of the destination, how to travel sustainably

Travelling offers fantastic opportunities to learn about different cultures and celebrate traditions. However, we must understand that we need to preserve these cultures. The most eco-friendly way to travel the world is to be mindful of the various heritage sites and not cause harm to the artefacts. Be aware of the local language, dress code, and religious etiquette. Make sure to be well-informed about the cultural norms of the destination. So, learn from the locals what’s appropriate and be a part of the green revolution.

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Choose Your Mode of Transport Smartly

Choose your mode of transport smartly

One of the most eco-friendly ways to travel the world is to try and book a non-stop flight. Emissions from air travel contribute to 20% of the carbon footprint worldwide. On average, non-stop flights reduce carbon emissions by 100 kg per person compared to connecting flights. When holidaying near destinations, try to save on transport by enjoying the local scenery and avoiding excessive tourism. Don’t go for a run-of-the-mill style of vacation, instead, give yourself time to explore. Go for a long holiday and take things slow. Spend a day walking, sampling local delicacies, cycling around town, or spending quiet time in a quirky coffee shop. Also, if you do rent a car, try opting for an electric, hybrid, or smaller model as a sustainable travel example to use.

Visit National Parks and Sanctuaries

Visit National Parks and Sanctuaries, how to travel sustainably

Another great way to support sustainable travel in 2022 is by visiting sanctuaries, national parks, and other protected areas. Many countries live off tourism revenues, such as entrance fees, permits for operators, etc. These funds help finance conservation activities and protect the natural habitats that play an important role in preserving biodiversity on our planet. In many African countries, tourism depends on wildlife. However, these protected areas for endangered species have been struggling to survive, especially since the pandemic. So, if you’re planning an eco-friendly trip, look for protected areas and include them in your itinerary. This way, we can act responsibly towards local communities, learn how tourism benefits nature, and play a big role in the conservation movement.

Conserve Water & Energy

Conserve water and energy, how to travel sustainably

Yet another easy tip on how to travel sustainability, is conserving water and energy. So, how do we do that? Firstly, during the holiday, switch off lights, TV, other electronic devices, AC etc. when not in use. Secondly, take a shower instead of using a bathtub and keep it as short as possible. Another tip is to wash your clothes by hand and hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign to avoid unnecessary housekeeping wastage such as the washing of sheets and towels. New hotels and resorts are taking water conservation a step further by relying on water recycling for irrigation, using native plants for gardening, and collecting rainwater. It’s good to be aware of the contributions you can make. These are some of the simple tips for eco-friendly ways to reduce water and energy waste on a vacation.

Support Local Communities 

Support local communities

The best way to ensure host communities reap the benefits of tourism is by supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. This is among the top tips on how to travel sustainably and contribute to eco-tourism. Some other sustainable travel examples to help the communities are staying in locally-owned homestays and guesthouses. You can dine in local restaurants and enjoy traditional dishes with local ingredients. At the local market, you can buy spices grown by a local farmer or jewellery made by a local artisan. Book excursions led by local guides or learn a new skill from a local expert by signing up for a weaving workshop or surfing lesson. 

Spread the Sustainable Travel Experience 

Spread the sustainable travel experience

Last but not least be a Green Traveller and spread the word and advocate sustainable travel. You can use social media to encourage others to make small changes and choose how to travel sustainably. Sharing your experiences with friends and family is a great way to inspire others to choose sustainable travel. As conscious travellers, we must be aware of how our actions affect the environment and know what sustainable tourism is, it’s our duty to educate others about it and raise awareness. So, let’s begin today!

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