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10 Reasons Why Moscow Should Be On Your Travel Bucket-List

Moscow is the cosmopolitan capital of Russia. It is a city famous for rich architecture, culture, history, wild nightlife, and whatnot. So, explore Moscow now! In this story, you would find the answers to why you should visit Moscow. The place is a perfect destination for all kinds of travelers abundant with top attractions, varied local cuisines, happening life and so much more.

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Moscow, Russia

1. Must-Visit for Art and Architecture Lovers!

visit Moscow for Art and Architecture.

Love art and architecture? The list of top places to visit in Moscow is endless. Take a visit to the St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square and The Moscow Cathedral and be in awe with these Moscow’s top attractions. The monuments are made with an artistic approach of creators, in addition to interesting figures while the varied use of colors gives a classy appearance.

2. A Place to Visit for Kids!

visit Moscow to have fun with the kids

Moscow tourist spots and activities are in abundance for the kids as much as for the adults. The Museum of cosmonautics, Moscow zoo, Moskvarium are some of Moscow’s top places to visit with kids. Stroll around and explore the fun and knowledge altogether. This is a city that really has it all.

3. Explore the local life!

In the list of Moscow must-see, exploring local life has its own prominence. Walk around the city at any moment, you’ll witness new things every time. The local street foods, parks, statues and even the water fountains planted here have a story to tell. Not to mention, the environment is quite friendly and hospitable in Moscow.

4. Frolic on the Snow!

Fun in the snow.

The place is a winter wonderland. Moscow is the one place that is at its charming best during winter. The city gets perfectly covered with a white blanket of snow. Petrovsky Park and Terketskiy Lesopark are the best places to visit in Moscow during winters. These are also the top of Moscow’s tourist destinations amongst snow-lovers. Click perfect snow shots in the mesmerizing and picturesque views. Make your friends wonder about the level of amusement you had.

5. An Opportunity to Shop at the GUM Outlet

Moscow is a shopper’s paradise. Visit the GUM market and you would know. It is one of the top places to see in Moscow for all the shopping enthusiasts. Famous for its structure, design, and history, it is abundant with many luxurious stores such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, shops selling gourmet food items, wine, chocolate, much more. Buy the perfect souvenir and satisfy your thirst for shopping.

6. Spot for Melomaniacs!

music show

Moscow nights is one of the best experiences in Moscow! Definitely, the top Moscow tourist place for all the music-lovers. The place is based on the masterpieces of Russian folklore representing cultural diversity, popular instruments and a lot more. It is an ensemble of world-renowned, award-winning musicians performing for the audience. If you are an artist or a musician, then this a must-visit for you!

7. Try Moscow’s Quintessential Grub!

LavkaLavka, Themali and a lot are one of the best places to visit in Moscow for the food enthusiasts.  These places enrich your taste buds with fresh and authentic cuisines. Come along with your family to taste the mouth-watering starters, main course, and desserts that are truly amazing!

8. Special Drinks from the Origin!

Don’t just visit Moscow, experience it. This is the place where several spirits originated. Not to mention, the nightlife in Moscow is unparalleled. There are many places to visit in Moscow at night like Beer O’clock Bar, Bar Neon Monkey and a lot more. Vodka is the most popular drink in Russia. However, beer (pivo) is the famous alcohol beverage of its capital Moscow.

9. Galvanize your nerves in Moscow!

adventure activities

Adventure activities are must-do things in Moscow and you are never short of these here. The place is perfect for holidaying with friends or family. You can perform underwater adventures, climb a rock wall, do skating and experience a lot of fun and thrilling activities. Get the adrenaline rush by visiting these amazing and energetic places to go to Moscow.

10. Relieve your senses in Moscow

After exploring such fabulous tourist spots in Moscow, Russia, time to have some relaxation. Enjoy your stay in the resorts and get yourself a spa massage. What is so special about the spa here? You get to release all your stress and fatigue in a luxurious environment. You are served with the best services and treated with many organic products like flower oil and much more.

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