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Where To Travel In The Month Of April?

The serious bleakness of winter frost gives way to the colours of spring. The world becomes your oyster as April marks a vacation season with different hues across the globe. Want to discover where to travel in April? Here is the list of the top destinations to visit for a fabulous holiday whether you are flying solo or with loved ones.

Where to Travel in April?

1. Russia, Eurasia

Where to travel in April - Russia

April is a perfect month to witness the great attractions of Russia. Flowers bloom in the gardens and the snow melts to give you the pleasure of boating the lakes. The transition period between winters to summers sees an average high temperature of 11.3°C. Explore the Hermitage Museum in St.Petersburg, take a cable car ride to the altitudes of Mount Elbrus, visit the Valley of Geysers and visit the Baikal Lake among others. Look forward to the Golden Mask Theater Festival in Moscow for drama, dance and puppet theatre.

Top Attractions: The Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Winter Palace, St. Basil’s Cathedral,  Peterhof, State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Lake Baikal

2. Maldives, Asia

The wonderful island nation is warm and sunny in April. The tropical temperatures are perfect for sunbathers and divers with crystal clear waters. Sun shines brightly and the warm sea breeze makes the Maldives a travellers favourite. Temperatures are a comfortable 31°C in the day with a cloudless sky and calm tides. Rainfall is scanty and the archipelago is a go-to destination for feasting the water. Coral reefs, cyan blue water, snorkelling spots, canoeing experiences and more make the month a peak time to holiday. Ramadan festival in April brings with it delicious cuisines and a celebratory atmosphere to the resorts.

Top Attractions: Paradise Island, Male, Artificial Beach, Addu Atoll, Sun Island, Kudadoo Island

3.    Ukraine, Europe

where to travel in april - Ukraine

Ukraine welcomes the warm season in April with pleasant average day temperatures of  15°C. Enjoy the onset of lovely weather and the summer season. With sunlit beaches of the Black Sea and the astounding Carpathian Mountain views, April is a good time to travel. Visit Kyiv in Ukraine for its World Heritage Sites and a treasure trove of historical gems.

Top Attractions: St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Sunflower Fields, Former Presidential Palace, Lviv’s Historic Center

4.    Georgia, Europe

April is a great time to visit Georgia with pleasant weather leaving the rainy weeks behind. Average temperatures range from a high of 15.5°C to a minimum of 5.2°C. Landscapes start blossoming with wildflowers and the mountains are accessible again. Go up the Caucasus Mountains, explore quaint towns filled with beautiful churches and sip on incredible wine. Enjoy the subtropical climate and the west coastal areas of the Black Sea. Also, be a part of the Rhythm of Springs Festival in Tbilisi.

Top Attractions: Georgia Aquarium, Rock City Gardens, Forsyth Park, Centennial Olympic Park, Lookout Mountain

  5.   The Netherlands, Europe

where to travel in april - The Netherlands

April marks the blooming of Tulips as the Netherlands hosts the famous Tulip Festival mostly during April. The average highs of 12°C make the country intermeshed with canals a favourite destination. Enjoy the brilliant burst of culture, tulip gardens, windmills and art museums. Have your fair share of chocolate and bread or hire a bicycle and peddle away discovering cities like Rotterdam and Hague.

Top Attractions: Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Jordaan and Amsterdam’s Canals

6.    Scotland, United Kingdom

Make your dream come true and visit as spring blooms in April in Scotland. Cherries, daffodils and rhododendrons welcome you with their brilliance of colour in the otherwise grey land. Visit Scotland known for its glens, tartans and whiskey. Explore historical cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh with maximum temperatures up to 17°C during the day. Experience the ‘Outlander tours’, visit the breathtaking Isle of Skye, Edinburgh Castle and the Culloden Moor. 

Top Attractions: Edinburgh Castle, Loch Lomond, Isle of Skye, Royal Mile, Loch Ness

7.   New Zealand, Oceania

where to travel in April - New Zealand

Enjoy autumn in New Zealand in April, the best time to travel here. See the colours of rusted yellows and oranges in the trees. The average temperature is 18°C to 20°C as the land turns fiery orange with the smell of pine and crunching leaves beneath your feet. Arrowtown hosts the Autumn Festival, for a host of art events and parades. Hike to Mount Maunganui, visit Diamond Lake or head to the great cities of Auckland and Gisborne. Go bungee jumping to Kawarau Bridge and take a fascinating wine tour experiences.

Top Attractions: Abel Tasman National Park, Lake Tekapo, Franz Josef Glacier, Sky Tower

8.  Japan, Asia

April in Japan is the cherry blossom season with amazing vistas of whites and pinks. The average temperature is a pleasant range between 5°C  to 13°C. Visit the serene lakes, wood houses of Kinkaku-ji and sightsee gold-coloured temples. Cities wear a fairy tale look as you indulge in the Hanami culture of viewing cherry blossoms. Tokyo’s Disneyland is entertaining with Easter goodies, egg hunting games and parades. Try the Sakura sweets and cherry blossom desserts for sure.

Top Attractions: Nijubashi Bridge, Imperial Palace, Osaka Castle, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

9Singapore, South Asia

Where to travel in April - Singapore

Singapura, the breathtaking country is a great April holiday destination. Look forward to breezy and warm days with a temperature of a comfortable 30°C. Take a day to explore Universal Studios and Marine Park. Go on thrilling rides in the aqua park, visit Sentosa Island or the fascinating Bird Park. Singapore is famous for Marina Bay Sands with astonishing rooftop scenery.

Top Attractions: Marina Bay Sands, Botanic Gardens, Singapore Zoo, Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa

10. Greece, Balkans

Greece in the spring season is a swoon-worthy destination to visit. With sparkling white and blue cobalt mainlands, azure seas and incredible islands this is a brilliant holiday waiting to happen. April has temperatures at 20°C average with almost nil precipitation. Visit Athens for iconic sights of the Parthenon and Acropolis. Plan a leisure stay at Mykonos, stroll Knossos of Crete or revel in the nightlife at Thessaloniki. April brings with it the Holy Week and Greek Easter festival.

Top Attractions: Acropolis Museum, Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu Island, Meteora Monasteries

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