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20+ Most Beautiful Spring Destinations In The World

The serious bleakness of winter frost gives way to the colours of spring. The world becomes your oyster as spring marks a vacation season with different hues across the globe. Why not spend springtime on a countryside escape, a European city spring tour or an indulgent island adventure? With so many spring places to visit, we have rounded up the 20+ best spring destinations in the world.  So, get ready to visit the world’s most beautiful places on your next holiday.

Top Spring Destinations In The World

Rock City Gardens


Spring in Europe welcomes the warm season with pleasant average day temperatures and the onset of lovely weather. One of the best places to visit in spring is the Rock City Gardens in Georgia. Stroll through the botanical and geological wonder and witness the first blooms of spring across the mountain vistas. Each step along the enchanting trail reveals the renewed goodness of spring weather. Rock City Gardens is one of the best spring places in the world with over 400 native species of plants and trees around the woodland garden pathway in full bloom.

Average Price: $24.95 (adults); $14.95 (children age 3-12)

Timings:8.30 am to 5.30 pm

Pro tip: Entry to Rock City Gardens requires prior reservations, so don’t forget to book your ticket online in advance.

Paradise Island

Paradise Island

Spring in Maldives is perfect for sunbathers and divers with crystal clear waters. Sun shines brightly and the warm sea breeze makes Maldives one of the top spring destinations.  Coral reefs, cyan blue water, snorkelling spots, canoeing experiences and more make the season a peak time to holiday. Rainfall is scanty and the archipelago is a go-to destination for feasting the water. Delicious cuisines and a celebratory atmosphere in the resorts makes Paradise Island a fabulous honeymoon place in the world.

Timings: Tour timing

Pro tip: Bring along your suntan lotion to avoid sunburns

Canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canals

Spring marks the blooming of Tulips in the Netherlands that hosts the famous Tulip Festival. The average highs of 12°C make the country intermeshed with canals a favourite destination. Enjoy the brilliant burst of colourful flowers and sites as you pick one of the various canal cruises on offer. Travel to the land of canals and float through the city in cheer in Amsterdam. This is the ultimate spring place in Netherlands as you cruise the canals with beautiful sights of the season. Pick the city as your next spring vacation destination.

Timings: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm (canal cruise)

Pro tip: Don’t forget to take stunning photographs of the vistas with a high powered lens.



Greece welcomes you to a sun-kissed land that offers the best spring vacations, delicious cuisine, Greek culture and spectacular islands. Santorini is one of the best spring destinations in Greece with a beautiful blue & white coloured aura. Look forward to a world of adventure on the Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea that is a masterpiece of extraordinary physical beauty and colour. The amazing Caldera formed many centuries ago by volcanic eruptions gives Santorini its spectacular sea views. Mykonos, Crete, Naxos, and Paros are among the other best spring places to visit in Greece. 

Timings: Day tour

Pro tip: The Greece islands are a hot selling spring vacation this year, so book your spring tour quickly.

Brockway Mountain

Brockway Mountain

Take a wild spring break in Brockway Mountain, Michigan and see panoramic views in a USA spring destination. The stretch of mountain road comes roaring back to life in the spring where you see migratory hawks. Running along the ridge of Brockway Mountain to Isle Royale National Park, enjoy a spring place in USA. The area boasts colourful wildflowers of over 700 species. Gaze at the beauty of Lake Superior views and visit the biggest town of Eagle Harbor along the road.

Timings: Day tour

Pro tip: The road is shut in the winter season and is at the northern tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens

Keukenhof Garden

This is a top spring place to visit in Netherlands with a brilliant burst of freshness and colour. The Netherlands Tulip Gardens is among the most beautiful places in the world in spring. Every year more than 7 million flower bulbs are planted in the autumn that blossom into 800 different tulips in spring. Walking between the tulips on a hiking trail will give you an unforgettable experience of the flower garden and various pavilions. There are flower shows to admire and also many statues made by renowned artists in the park.

Timings: 8.00 am to 7.30 pm

Average Price: $54.33 (Tulip Festival Card) 

Pro tip: There are various restaurants and terraces where you can relax and enjoy spectacular views over delicious cuisine.



Visit Singapore, one of the top family destinations in the world on a spring tour. Discover tranquil moments on your nature trail at Sentosa. This is also a cheap place to visit for spring break in Sentosa Island for free. Experience with your family the wonders of heritage trees, migratory birds and stunning butterflies. Some of the trees are from rare habitats like the coastal rainforest, rocky seashores, and wetlands. This is one of the most wonderful Sentosa island attractions and top places for a spring holiday. 

Timings: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Pro tip: Look for the rare and endangered Magpie Robin.

Reynisfjara Beach

Reynisfjara Beach

Reynisfjara Beach is astounding with its basalt columns and black sands. This is one of the best spring places in the world for its black beaches. Reynisfjara is the best beach place in spring with its famous basalt columns. It is one of the most easily accessible beaches in Iceland located on the south coast just 2.5 hours from Reykjavik. Taking a day trip and getting to the beach off Highway 1 is simpler on a GPS. Behold the sights of an incredible beach, a must in your Iceland spring tour.

Timings: Day tour

Pro tip: Not all roads will be open in spring and it depends on the weather.

Skopelos Island


One of the best spring destinations in Greece is Skopelos Island which is swoon-worthy. Skopelos is the greenest of all islands and is covered by beautiful pine trees and surrounded by crystalline blue waters. This is an incredible spring place to visit in Greece. Witness the chapel of St. John in Kastri around sunset for incredible views. With sparkling white and blue cobalt mainlands, azure seas and incredible islands, Greece is a spring vacation destination waiting to happen. 

Timings: 7 days tour

Average Price: $1518 (7 day trip to Skopelos for a solo traveller)

Pro tip: More than 67% of the island is covered with pine trees making it a top spring destination.



As winter thaws Bonn is one of the best spring places in Germany with the springtime cherry blossom spectacle. The west German city is where thousands of ornamental cherry trees are in a spring floral display. It unfolds every year as carpets of pink petals fill the cobblestone pathways. Typically seen in the first two weeks of April, Cherry Blossom Avenue becomes one of the most beautiful spring places in the world. The boughs of trees become laden with flowers and is a splendid Instagrammable adventure.

Timings: Day tour

Pro tip: Bonn is the birthplace of the famous composer Beethoven, excited to take a spring tour here!

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Holiday in the picture-perfect European city, Switzerland this spring. Experience a blissful journey and enjoy the nature’s beauty of the Swiss Alps. This picturesque destination with turquoise blue lakes, meadows and cowbells will leave you spellbound and excited. Relive your childhood fantasies from Federer cheez, chocolates, swiss knives and colourful cowbells. Be in the embrace of the magnificent Alps, numerous lakes, and brilliant spring vibes in Interlaken, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Timings: Day tour

Pro tip: Take the thrilling cogwheel ride up to Jungfrau and enjoy one of the best spring vacations.



This best beach place in spring is a favourite for both tourists and spring breakers. The city in Mexico is known for its white sandy beaches, incredible water sports and warm spring weather. Take a Cancun spring break and revel in an international destination to enjoy a spring holiday. The fascinating turquoise blue seas, incredible nightlife and beach-front strips in Cancun make this one of the best spring places for beach vibes. Enjoy first-class hotel infrastructure and fabulous resorts in a coastal city called ‘The Mexican Caribbean’.

Timings: 24-hours (beach access)

Average Price: approximately $ 1116 (7-day trip for a solo traveller)

Pro tip: Try tamales, a Mesoamerican cuisine for an enjoyable meal, and pick a local market to avoid expenses.

US Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands

One of the best USA spring destinations, the US Virgin Islands is a perfect Caribbean spring break. The three major islands – St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas are known for their best beach places in spring, charming buildings, rich culture and crystal-clear harbours. There are plenty of attractions from the Coral World Aquarium to the 18th-century sugar mills ruins. Don’t miss booking a private yacht charter for an awesome adventure at sea. Pick a favourite beach resort for a spring escape in 2022 in one of the top spring destinations.

Timings: 24-hours (beach access)

Average Price: starting from $2789 ( for 2 people for a 7 days tour)

Pro tip: This is not one of the cheap places to visit for spring break and prices are high on accommodation and transportation.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden

Take advantage of the springtime to experience the wonders of the Dubai Miracle Garden in a 72,000 square metre garden space. The patterns, arches and myriad shapes of the garden make it a magnificent UAE point of interest. The Citylands signature creations, floral display of Disney characters and floral sculpture of an Airbus A380 are some of the splendid garden landscapes. The fascinating concepts with almost 100,000 flowers in different colours and perfumes make this a fabulous spring place to visit.

Timings: 9.00 am to 9.00 pm

Average Price: $10.89

Pro tip: Every year from mid-November to mid-May, the garden is in full bloom with over 150 million flowers arranged, the best time to travel to Dubai.

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Golden Isles of Georgia

Golden Isles of Georgia

This is one of the top family destinations in the world with scenic beaches and adventurous water sports. The coastal charms and unspoilt natural beauty include the best beach places in spring. The Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island is a photographers’ paradise. The East Beach on St. Simons Island offers biking, shelling and surfing activities. Or head to the Little St. Simon Island, seven miles of a private shore for solitude. There is a beach for everyone here, so find yours to have a perfect spring holiday.

Timings: 24-hours (beach access)

Average Price: Based on the summer and spring tour

Pro tip: Before venturing out, check the events in the various locations and the dates. Request for a free travel guide on

Samana Bay

Samana Bay

This is one of the world`s most beautiful places and hidden gems on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. The clear waters in the peninsula are ideal from January to March as around 2000 humpback whales birth and nurse their calves in the bay. The spring break destination offers fascinating whale-watching expeditions led by the conservationist Kim Beddall. Catch a boat excursion or observe the whales from the Punta Balandra observatory. The Samana Peninsula is one of the best spring places to visit in the world.

Timings: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm (observatory)

Average Price: Free (observatory entry)

Pro tip:  Look for an airline ticket that includes a 30-day tourist card cost included. 

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

This city in Mexico is among the perfect family destinations in the world for a spring holiday. Looking for a cheap and budget-friendly spring tour then Playa del Carmen is your choice. There are incredible sites to see like the Tulum and some amazing beaches to visit. The downtown area is quaint with everything you may need in this coastal city. Soak up the sun rays in one of the most beautiful places in the world with colourful, energetic and vibrant vibes. This Mexico city offers among the best spring vacations with a lot of entertainment and things to do.

Pro tip:  Keep in mind that weekends and the peak season can get very crowded. 



Take a spring holiday to Freeport in the Bahamas and be prepared to enliven your body, soul and mind. Land in the Bahamas which is one of the best spring destinations in the world to find a beautiful island with amazing sandy beaches, clear waters and warm spring weather. The Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach located in Freeport Bahamas is one of the best spring places to visit in the Caribbean. Take the best spring break ever and book into budget-friendly beachfront hotels that offer all-inclusive packages.

Timings: 10.30 am to 3.15 pm (snorkelling excursion)

Average Price: $49.71 ( Sea Safari snorkelling excursion)

Pro tip:  Nightlife has plenty of fun activities at the famous Port Lucaya Square with over 30 bars and restaurants.



Sorrento in Italy is a top spring destination where the crowds and the heat of the summer are yet to arrive. With hotel rates lower and plenty of attractions, this is a cheap place to visit for spring break. Savour the coastline views, sip on limoncello or relish seafood. The charming streets in Sorrento, the beautiful blossoming gardens across the coastline and more welcome you. Spring also is a season for asparagus and artichokes in Italy. Sorrento also has nearby Capri, the Amalfi Coast and other best spring vacation hotspots.

Pro tip:  Sorrento is a bit touristy and can get crowded. So, plan your vacation accordingly.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a resort town located at the southern tip of Baja California Sur in Mexico. This is the best place to visit in spring that inspires images of poolside fun, blue skies, endless ocean views and a picture-perfect spring holiday. The beaches of Cabo are not safe for swimming, so the local resorts are equipped with large pools such as the unique saltwater lagoon. This is big enough for paddle boarding or kayaking to splash and cool off. Choose from among the best beach resorts in Cabo San Lucas, one of the top spring destinations.

Timings: 24-hours (beach access)

Pro tip:  Take a sandy walk on Lovers Beach to see the rock formations. Don’t miss bringing your camera along.



Springtime in Vancouver, Canada is delightful, especially in April. You can admire the cherry blossoms at the Dr Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden, or wander through the Stanley Park Rose Garden and the VanDusen Botanical Garden. Catch live music and great food at the Shipyards Night Market on Friday evenings. Begin to see orca or grey whales migrate from April or go kayaking to see otters, seals and more. Spring weather is warmer in Canada making it a top spring tour to take.

Pro tip:  With 22 gardens to visit in spring book your tickets in advance.

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