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Spreading Blessings: Sharing The Spirit Of Ramadan

“We rise by lifting others” – Anonymous. In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is a sacred month of fasting and prayer for Muslims. It is also a time dedicated to giving to those in need. Travelwings Ghana’s CSR activity for sharing the spirit of Ramadan embodies the #SpiritOf Sharing that gives back to the underprivileged. The company helps spread festive joy in the local communities and fetes less privileged Muslims and children. Here is a heartwarming experience occurring on the streets of Accra, Ghana.

Sharing The Spirit Of Ramadan – CSR Ghana

A Meal, A Message

Spreading Blessings:  Sharing The Spirit Of Ramadan

Travelwings Ghana team led by Neeraj Bathija, Station Manager, in the essence of the spirit of Ramadan, presented assorted food items to the Muslim community in Madina, Accra, and the surrounding suburbs. The efforts included providing nourishing meals, drinking water, and essential supplies for 7 days (700 beneficiaries) from March 22, 2024, at the time of fast-breaking, spreading smiles during the festive season. In its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility, Travelwings Ghana collaborated with local vendors to facilitate the provision of Iftar meals to needy individuals and less privileged street children. 

The Significance of Iftar

The Significance of Iftar

Central to the observance of the spirit of Ramadan, entails breaking of the fast at sunset, known as Iftar at the time of adhan (call of prayer). However, many less fortunate Muslims, including children, find it difficult to access a nutritious meal during Ramadan. Travelwings Ghana’s CSR activity distributed Iftar meals to the most vulnerable to demonstrate compassion and solidarity. At Travelwings, we strongly believe in the power of relationships and connections towards the local community.

Community Outreach and Engagement

Community Outreach and Engagement

For Travelwings, a community outreach program is more than just feeding meals on the streets; it fosters a sense of engagement that crosses cultural and religious boundaries. Going further, Neeraj Bathija, Travelwings Ghana Station Manager, also emphasized the importance of harmonious relationships between Muslims and other religious groups, particularly Christians, promoting unity, truth, and peace in Ghana. By investing in the well-being of the underprivileged Muslim community, the CSR initiative contributes to long-term community upliftment efforts.

Spreading Hope and Kindness

Spreading Hope and Kindness, Spirit of Ramadan

Travelwings Ghana’s CSR endeavour shares hope and kindness, enhancing the spiritual Ramadan moments. The appreciation towards the volunteers and their efforts will go a long way in promoting togetherness between Travelwings and the community. Team members will always cherish the prayers and messages from the community. As Travelwings celebrates its ninth anniversary in March, the month was dedicated to the #SpiritOfGiving. #TravelwingsCares #SpreadingSmiles

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