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How To Travel to the UK Without Leaving Home?

In a matter of weeks, the whole world has turned upside down by the Novel Coronavirus disease. However, nobody can take away the joy of traveling from us. Put together here is a travel journey to the UK that perhaps was in your bucket list and still can be. While a walk down the picturesque towns of England or a visit to the National Gallery of London might be a distant dream, here is how to travel to the UK without leaving home. Get ready to bring the UK right in your living room.

How To Go On UK Tour Without Leaving Home?

Your UK-Special Reading List

Travel to UK without leaving home: What to Read?

The Hand That First Held Mine by Maggie O` Farrell

The story is about a character that runs away to start a life in London that interweaves between seemingly unconnected stories. An extremely moving novel of a couple Lexie and Innes connected by art, love, emotions, betrayal and motherhood.

The Kingdom by the Sea: A Journey Around the Coast of Great Britain by Paul Theroux

The novel is about the author’s journey in the summer of the Falkland Islands War of 1982, the year when Prince William was born. It accounts for the three months of travel around the United Kingdom from Margate on The English Coast, round the British coastline by train that ends in Southend. 

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Travel to the 18th Century UK without leaving home with this famous novel by Jane Austen. This fascinating novel is the story of Elizabeth Bennet as she weaves her way in the tricky world of manners, education, money, love, and marriage. A classic novel during the Regency Era in Great Britain is one of the most loved books among literary scholars.

Food & Drinks – Time For An English Meal

Sunday Roast

Travel to UK without leaving home: What to Cook?

Experience the best of the UK travel without leaving home with some of the signature delicacies in your kitchen. Let’s bring home a staple English meal of roasted beef with potatoes and a host of your favorite vegetables cooked in Yorkshire pudding. Enjoy it with a glass of  Bitters or Lagers English beer, wine, or cider. 

Fresh Fish and Chips

The typical British dish is a simple North Sea Cod or commonly called haddock that you can batter and fry with a dash of salt and vinegar. Best eaten with a handful of chips and a tall glass of Scottish whisky. Share your experiments in the kitchen with family as you enjoy the taste of a good English meal. If you fancy an Asian twist, make a simple spicy wasabi tartare sauce.

Roast Salmon with Pesto Sauce and Beetroot Slaw

Cook up a healthy bake of salmon topped with pesto sauce and sauteed with root vegetables. The meal includes healthy ingredients like beetroot, celery, carrots, mixed seeds, pesto, olive oil, and salmon fillets. Pairs well with a cup of well made English Earl Grey tea to make your afternoon luncheon experience perfect.

Broccoli Pesto Penne

This healthy and easy to cook favorite dish takes no time to cook. Enjoy a delicious mix of broccoli, hazelnuts, herbs, chilly and garlic as ingredients for the sauce. Add a whole lot of cheese as you mix with the cooked pasta and stir fry until soft and brown. Serve with a few cheese gratings, garlic, and chilly sizzle. The dish pairs well with a fruity Cider juice, white wine, or chilled British beer.

Music – Sway to the Beat of Popular English Numbers

Travel to UK without leaving home: What to Listen to?

Its The End of The World As We Know It ( And I Feel Fine) by REM

This 1987 acclaimed album re-enters the Billboard charts with the lead singer of the band Michael Stipe adding an important element to the song,  ‘As we know it’. The song brings the positive side to the quarantine mood to encourage you to feel spirited and sheltered. Sing to the lyrics ‘And I Feel Fine’ to liven up the family mood.

I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

This song is a global success as it empowers and strengthens you to face the challenging times of uncertainty with courage. The 1978 disco anthem is definitely a must-listen track with your family to feel supported and loved. The lyric addresses a timeless concern and is a popular beat you can enjoy. 

You’`ll Never Walk Alone by Gerry and the Pacemakers

This 1963 classic has topped the chart with renewed popularity and is a feel-good melody. This uplifting football anthem streams on a number of radio stations across the UK including BBC Radio1, Radio 2, and more. Enjoy this spirit-lifting song that encourages you not to feel afraid and that there is an end to the storm. 

Movies – Let the show begin

Notting Hill

Travel to UK without leaving home: What to Watch?

The popular rom-com is set primarily in London in the neighborhood of Notting Hill.  The movie stars the British actor Hugh Grant who falls in love with a visiting Hollywood star Julia Roberts. The action revolves around colorful houses of Portobello Road and a book shop that specializes in travel writing. 

This is England

A tale of a boy’s struggles as he grows up in the working-class Industrial Town in 1983. Get to see references made to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the royal wedding of Charles and Diana, the fall out of the Falkland War and other contexts of historical significance. The popular British film series is streaming live at no cost. 

The Queen

Download this 2006 British biographical drama with strong acting and memorable characters.  An interesting movie about the inner conflict of Queen Elizabeth II and how she led the world in the mourning of Diana in private versus public. Watch this acclaimed and award-winning movie, a highly recommended historical drama.

Virtual Tours – London’s Top Attractions Right On Your Screen

London City 360 Degrees Tour

Travel to UK without leaving home: Where to go?

Capture the best of travel to UK without leaving home with virtual tours. Explore this wonderful tour from your couch as you journey to London Big Ben, Westminister Abbey, Buckingham Palace, River Thames, The Tower Bridge and more. Enjoy this inspirational and unforgettable experience and be ready to travel to London soon after the epidemic ends. 

Buckingham Palace

An amazing experience as the tour takes you to the world of virtual reality inside an iconic building up the Grand Staircase, the White Drawing Room, the Throne Room and the Blue Drawing Room. Home to the Queen, Buckingham Palace is an iconic landmark to visit.

National Gallery

Immerse yourself in a virtual tour of the 18 Gallery rooms with 300 paintings and browse a 360 tour from your desktop or tablet. Catch some stunning views of Early Renaissance paintings and enter the virtual world of the National Gallery, London.

Oxford Road, Manchester

Take an appealing virtual tour of the popular Oxford Road that is home to the Royal Northern College of Music, The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Museum, Whitworth Park, Grosvenor Square and more. Walk down the long Oxford Road Corridor also famous for pubs, bars, takeaways, and friendly boulevards.

Learn Popular English Phrases

  • So far so good – things are going well so far
  • Speak of the devil– the person you were talking about showed up
  • That’s the last straw-my patience ran out
  • The best of both Worlds– an ideal situation
  • Bite the bullet– to get something over with
  • Break a leg– good luck
  • Call it a day– stop working
  • Cut somebody some slack– don’t be so critical
  • Give someone the benefit of doubt– trust what someone says
  • Hang in there– don’t give up
  • Hit the sack– go to sleep
  • Miss the boat– it’s too late 
  • Your guess is as good as mine– I have no idea
  • You can say that again– that’s true, I agree 

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