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How To Visit The UAE Without Leaving Home?

Life has come to a standstill when our travels are limited to specific destinations and availability. However, that does not mean we can not experience it from far away. Let us find a new route to travel and inspire your wanderlust amidst the travel restrictions. ‘Quaran-cation’ with family from the comforts of your home is the answer. So, come along and travel with us to visit the dazzling UAE without leaving the comforts of your home.

Here is How To Visit The UAE Without Leaving Home?

What To Read?

travel to UAE from home - what to read?

Keepers of the Golden Shore: A History of the United Arab Emirates by Michael Quentin Morton

The author showcases what lies behind the enigma of the fancy facade and modern malls, to discover a country rich in traditions and history. The book takes you through the mystique of the people who settled in the desert to make what the Emirates is today.

Arabian Sands by Wilfred Thesiger

The book is a beautiful read about the explorations of the travel writer in the Arabian Peninsula. The story is set in a period of travel between 1945 to 1950 and describes the lives of the Bedu people and their inhabitants. The author was a British military officer who tells his story of travels.

Dubai: Gilded Cage by Syed Ali

The author reveals a fascinating case study of the transformation of Dubai from a concealed Gulf Emirate to becoming the center of global travel and business opportunity. A good read especially for expatriates in Dubai and all the challenges one can face due to hyper-consumerism and rapid urbanization.

Understanding Arabs: A Contemporary Guide to Arab Society by Margaret K. Nydell

This book is an excellent guide to understanding the culture, values, society, and behaviors of an Arab. The author takes you through a practical guide with many insights into the Arab world exploring decades of Arab culture.

Fodor’s Dubai 25 Best Travel Guide

Explore the fascinating sights of Dubai with colorful pictures, street maps, travel information, and practical advice. The book covers top attractions in Dubai such as Dubai Museum, Dubai Creek, Al Fahidi Historical District, Heritage House among others. The book also informs us about Old Dubai’s souks, local eateries, Dubai shopping malls, the Dhow cruise tour, and more.

What to Eat, Drink, and Cook?

Shish Taouk Sandwich: A lip-smacking Arabian snack

travel to UAE from home - what to eat?

A delicious snack that everyone loves, this middle eastern favorite is a non-vegetarian dish. Bite into tasty flatbread filled with juicy sliced chicken pieces, herbs, spices, vegetables, and pickles. You get a fabulous combo of a savory sandwich that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Al Machboos: A wholesome meal flavored with spices 

A highly recommended dish with meat cooked in a pot along with rice, onions, spices and loomy (dried lemon). Enjoy the tenderness of the tasty meat along with rice, some raita and salad to get a wonderful meal.

Manakish: A vegetarian flatbread delight

Try making a favorite Lebanese snack, popular with the locals in the UAE. Cook the flatbread in a large oven stuffed with vegetables, spices and oils. Not to forget, add aromatic spices and a lot of cheese. A definite hit with the kids!

Fattoush: Surprise yourself with a tasty salad

This is a healthy vegetarian delight to try. Made with a mix of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, lemon, olive oil and mint leaves. Paired well with Levantine bread enjoy the salad dish as you sit back and relish Fattoush with family.

Kousa Mahshi: Enjoy a Classic UAE Cuisine

Prepared with zucchini or courgettes and stuffed with rice, this delicious dish is a food-lovers special. Pairs well with Lebanese wine as well. Indulge your taste buds in the classic dish served with mint and garlic. You could even add yogurt to add to the flavor and you get a truly wonderful Arabic meal.

What to Listen to?

travel to UAE from home - Music

Lulu by Kamal Musallam

Listen to the music from the mastermind Musallam in the album Lulu that pays tribute to his adopted homeland, the UAE. Lulu reinvents Arab culture via music with enchanting poems that describe the Arab traditions and dances. This is a wonderful musical project that showcases the Arabian Gulf through rhythms and beats.

Bull Funk Zoo

The self-titled album pairs the amazing talents of guitarist Assaad Lakkis and vocal artist Hamdan Al Abri. Enjoy the funky music of the UAE supergroup as the band lets loose its magic of music with thick grooves and metal genre.

Empires by Juliana Down

Listen to the UAE rock group Juliana Down playing with a 5-man line up in the region’s biggest rock festival. The album Empire starts with Control, a song that begins with a 20-second string arrangement before the band sets in to play cascading thumping music.

Sandstar by Malika

Sandstar is by the prodigy Malika whose instrumental piano talent is well known. Her second album takes inspiration from the lifestyle in Dubai. The music is distinctive and has a classical fusion style. Enjoy the set of originals by the talented music artist.

Theory of Mind by Svengali

The debut album from Dubai is a 2015 UAE hit worth a listen. The Dubai metaller Svengali creates majestic music with the dual-vocal approach. Tap away to the melody that you can check out on Amazon Music.

What to Watch?

travel to UAE from home - What to watch?

Rashid and Rajab

The Emirati family comedy film was shot in Dubai and directed by the Emirati director Mohammed Saeed Harib. The comedy feature film is about a happy go lucky Egyptian fast-food delivery man, Rajab and a wealthy Emirati executive, Rashid. The fun begins when their bodies switch in a freak accident on their way to work. Enjoy the slap-stick humor from the comforts of your couch.

City of Life

The film is set in the UAE and is directed by Ali F. Mostafa. The movie revolves around three lives, of a spoiled young Arab, an Indian cab driver, and a beautiful Romanian flight attendant. This multilingual film stars Sonu Sood, Saoud Al Kaabi, and Alexandra Maria Lara. It is surely a must-watch drama genre with a thrilling climax. 

From A to B

Omar, Ramy, and Jay are three childhood friends who travel on a road trip from Abu Dhabi to Beirut. The movie is a 108-minute comedy with drama and adventure. See how the friends get closer through the journey as they face challenges en route. The movie stars Fahad Albutairi, Shadi Alfons, and Fadi Rifai.

The Letter Writer

The movie is about a young boy who works in the summer as a professional letter writer for local illiterate travelers. The film is set in Old Dubai, in the 1960s and portrays a romantic story that happens amid a cultural clash. It is an interesting watch directed by Layla Kaylif. You can find the film with English subtitles as well.

On Borrowed Time

The movie tells the story of four friends who spend their senior years in an assisted facility home. Each day was a difficult experience as they lost the reason to live. Until one of them discovers that he has inherited a huge fortune. Watch how the men plot to escape the home with the help of a nurse to follow their dreams of fun and adventure throughout the streets of Dubai.

Virtual Tours: Travel to Popular UAE Attractions with a Click

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

View Formula Rossa in a 360-degree view and be amazed at the world’s fastest cars. Explore the theme park with adventure rides, tour the Galleria Ferrari, go on magical journeys such as the Scuderia challenge, or enjoy the fast-paced Benno’s great race. Be at the world’s first Ferrari-inspired theme park during your travel to the UAE from home.

Burj Al Arab

This exotic hotel shows you around via Dubai 360 as you witness the grand lobby, extravagant interiors, fountains, galleries, and rooms. Climb up to the helipad virtually and take a helicopter ride of Dubai from the sky. The beautiful virtual tour also takes you to a birds-eye view of the famous Burj Khalifa.

Al Fahidi tour

Explore the Al Fahidi historical neighborhood and trek through the rustic alleys to witness the architecture of the mid 19th century. Take a tour virtually of the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and be amazed at the charming cafes and art galleries.

Etihad Museum

The virtual reality show takes you to Dubai’s fascinating Etihad Museum as you tour the hallways. The 360-degree perspectives will let you click, rotate, and zoom as you explore the various exhibits. You can even access information on the history of the nation that dates back to 1970.

Mangrove National Park

Take a 360-degree virtual education tour of the mangrove forests in a unique experience of the famous park in Abu Dhabi. The park covers 19 sq km of protected coastal mangrove forest and is one of Abu Dhabi’s natural wonders.

Travel like an Emirati with Popular Arabic Phrases

Sabah el Khair – Good Morning

Asef – Sorry

TaHiat – Greetings

Marhaba – Hello

MaAzera – Excuse me

Kaif Halak – How are you?

Massa al Khair – Good Evening

MaAsalama – Goodbye

Click to take a tour of Dubai’s Secrets Places and Hidden Attractions.

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