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How To Celebrate Christmas Eve In Dubai?

Celebrating Christmas amid a desert city where the sun shines brilliantly overhead might not be a good idea for most people. However, those who are well-acquainted with the beauty and the attractions of the Emirates would certainly love to spend Christmas Eve in Dubai. You need not compromise on your festive traditions for the city offers everything to make your celebrations a series of unforgettable moments. Let’s take a look at what to expect and how to celebrate Christmas Eve in Dubai.

Here’s How to Celebrate Christmas Eve in Dubai

1. Christmas on the Beach

Christmas beach party

The white sandy beaches of Dubai are all there to add extra fun to your Christmas celebrations. You wouldn’t find any dearth of festive cheer at these ever-sparkling shores. Several private beachside resorts and hotels organize day and night parties here.

You can either be a part of this seaside merrymaking or savor the luxuries of Dubai solo while gazing upon the sea, the sand, and the sun. Christmas on a beach in the city is all about lazing under the sun, enjoying traditional shisha, devouring festive snacks, dancing, and of course, relishing seaside vistas. So, all up for the carnival?

2. Savor A Wide Range of Christmas Delicacies

Christmas dishes

Dubai might be an Arabic settlement. But, it is one of those global cities where you can celebrate every major festival without missing out on the traditions. That’s why the restaurants and cafes in Dubai get adorned with Christmas colors. Festive vibes linger in every street and fun and excitement are woven across the city.

You have got a lot more than just the flavors of turkey and apple pie. A majority of five-star and lavish hotels organize food festivals during the season. Dining in Dubai on a Christmas Eve becomes an experience in itself. You get to feast upon delicacies from around the world by a beach or on a rooftop or in the middle of the shining Dubai desert.

3. Christmas Special Festive Events and Fairs

Dubai christmas festive season

Another thing that makes Christmas in Dubai a whole lot joyous is attending wonderful events and fairs. The Christmas atmosphere in the city is in full glory with the presence of beautifully-decorated party venues and fulfilling fairs.

Savor carol singing sessions, traditional feasts, and more. The Global Village gets drenched in the hues of the festival. Christmas trees are installed with all the love at every corner. The festival commences with the arrival of December and concludes with dazzling fireworks in the sky above the towering Burj Khalifa.

4. Visit the Church

Candle lighting at church

Dubai might be a Muslim city, but it is the land of expatriates as about 80% of the total population here makes up the immigrant community. Every festival in the city is celebrated with equal passion and enthusiasm. Religious tolerance is something that defines the cultural beauty of Dubai.

That’s the reason you would find churches in the city glittering with all the exhilaration. You can either visit St. Mary’s Catholic Church for Christmas carols or stop by Emirates Baptist Church International to light candles. Bow down in front of the god and ask for your wishes. Sing the songs of happiness and sacrifice or just admire their peaceful atmosphere.

5. Soul-Satisfying Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping dubai

Christmas can never be complete without shopping and shopping comes with hell a lot of fun while in Dubai. All the hypermarkets, malls, and other shopping complexes get lively and colorful with an extra rush attracting shopaholics from around the world. Go on a soul-satisfying shopping spree and buy all your interests.

Shop for home décor items at Dubai Mall or purchase Christmas gifts at the Mall of the Emirates. Visit food markets and buy the best of plum cakes, chocolates, and more. Bring all the glitter into your house and make your Christmas day a moment worth remembering.

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6. Snowboarding, Skiing, and more

Dubai ski resort

If you are keen on enjoying winter sports during the Christmas season in Dubai, then hitting the ski slopes would be the best idea. Ski Dubai located in the Mall of the Emirates is an indoor resort where you can indulge in snowboarding, skiing, and more.

Enjoy this winter-themed wonderland to the fullest as you create a snowman with utmost indulgence. Feel the winters while sliding down white slopes and enjoy the essence of Christmas. Have bucket loads of fun with your family on the festive eve and build memories that last forever. Ski Dubai is all there to bring the ultimate Christmas ambiance around you.

7. Underwater Dining

Underwater dining

Christmas in Dubai isn’t just about relishing traditions; it is more of a season to spread love and romance. And if you are with your partner in this desert city on the festive occasion, then celebrating love, warmth, and attachment becomes a significant part of the festival.

And where to toast better than the underwater restaurant? Dine with your love at this wondrous location and make the most of your evening. Get lost in deep affection and complement each other’s presence. Underwater dining on Christmas Eve is surely one of the most unique things to do in Dubai.

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