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30+ Top Travel Hacks for You

Travelling gives you an exposure out of your comfort zone, calms your expedition cravings and majorly makes you ‘handy’. Yes, handy! You heard it right. Confused? Stick along the list of some pivotal travel hacks this year. Make your journey smooth, comfortable and stress-free. We know, packing is a ‘huge’ task. Worry not!

Here are some smart travel hacks for you to polish your skills and make the next expedition a joy ride in every sense.

travel hacks - make a list

1. First and foremost make a tick-list. The hack helps in syncronized packing.

Small bag.

2. Pack your tickets, gadgets, accessories and other essentials in a casket for a neat and tidy gathering.

Roll clothes.

3. Packing extra clothes for the “sudden change in plan” moments. Try the 5-minute crafts folding clothes for travel. Simply roll up the clothes, keep them side by side. It makes a lot more room for extra clothes. Handy, it is!

4. Pack your toiletries in a separate hand-bag along with the sanitary products.

5. Must carry the power bank for the emergency charging of your gadgets to avoid communication errors.

6. You must charge all the gadgets (laptops, cameras, mobiles, tabs, etc.) beforehand.

7. Make sure to carry an emergency or extra cash at the time of travel. A helpful hack for emergencies!

Online booking.

8. The best travel hack 2020 onward is to book your travel tickets (flights, hotels, etc.) online. You get amazing offers and it’s hassle-free too!

9. Keep yourself hydrated. Carry a water bottle. It saves you money as you don’t have to buy water from outside in addition to staying energetic.

10. All the book lovers out there! Pack your novels and books without taking any extra space. Place the books above your clothes.

11. Carry extra sheets for the dirty laundry, it helps in segregating the dirty and fresh clothes.

12. Carry small zip-lock bags. Collect the garbage in it, throw it all together in the dustbin.

13. Pack a mini first aid box. It is really helpful.

14. One of the coolest DIY travel hacks is managing all your stuff in one place to avoid bulk.

15. One of the best 5-minute craft packing hacks is pack cotton balls, packets of safety pins and quick fix glue or clips in an old box of a tic-tac.

16. Keep the wet clothes, towels separately in a plastic bag to keep the unused clothes fresh.

17. The amazing 5-minute craft packing is to keep loose wires of chargers or earphones in your sunglass case. It is definitely handy!

18. Keep your glass perfumes, mirrors and small breakables in socks. Seriously, it is the best packing hack 5-minute crafts. It saves your stuff from damage.

Credit cards.

19. Carry your cash cards in the books and small pouches if you wish to avoid pick-pocketing.

20. Pack a couple of wear in the carry-on bag as the luggage can sometimes get delayed.

21. Keep a printout of the confirmation receipts of the online reservations.

22. One of the best International travel hacks is to always keep your passport in the easy access plastic sling bags. It saves time at the airport.

23. Do not want to hire travel guides? Get the online travel brochures for your perfect itinerary and save money.

24. The brilliant 5-minute crafts cloth packing. Collect your handkerchiefs, small hand towels, socks, lingerie, and roll them up like balls. Place them in the empty space of the bag.

25. Carry the light-weight trolley bags for easy portability.

26. Have any medical conditions? Carry your medicines in a sling bag for easy access.

27. Carry hats, caps or stalls in your sling bags.

28. Carrying any liquid with you? It is best to place a plastic wrapper in between the bottle lid,  as it avoids the spills.

29. Wear cargo bottoms. You can use the bulk of pockets for carrying personal stuff.

30. Pack your huge glass bottles and glass containers inside a bubble wrap.

Airplane mode.

31. Switch to airplane mode or power saver mode. It saves battery for emergencies.

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