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10 Incredible Places To Visit During Eid Breaks From The UAE (Travel Time Under 5 Hours)

Eid is the most celebrated festival in the UAE and its holidays are certainly the most-awaited ones. So, pack your bags and get ready to jump into a pool of family fun with the most stupendous getaways from the UAE. Worry not! We have the perfect destinations to make your holidays remarkably memorable. And guess what? These are all under five hours of flight time from the UAE.

10 Incredible Places to Visit From UAE During Eid Holidays (In Less Than Five Hours)

1. Explore the Fresh and Fabulous Oman

places to visit in 5 hours from UAE during Eid Al Adha - Oman.

Calming! The perfect synonym for Oman, one of the top places to visit in 5 hours from UAE during Eid Al Adha holidays. Even a walk feels amazing here. Wander around the streets, explore the wadis, go on a dhow cruise, the list has just begun. Try the freshest seafood with rich use of herbs and spices. Do not miss out on the amazing sweet (Omani halwa). It is yummy!

Flights: Air Arabia, flydubai, Emirates

Distance: 704.8 Km

2. Sip the Aromatic Tea in Sri Lanka

places to visit in 5 hours from UAE during Eid Al Adha -  Sri Lanka

The island nation is filled with many amazing places to roam. Home to incredible natural beaches, extraordinary biodiversity, and precious gemstones. Enjoy the scenic views by sipping the famous Ceylon tea. Taste amazing delicacies. Dive in the mesmerizing sky blue colored ocean and explore the marine life.

Flights: Air Arabia, Emirates, flydubai

Distance: 3,348 km.

 3. Witness the Rich Diversity of India

places to visit in 5 hours from UAE during Eid Al Adha - India.

Explore the vivid history and heritage of this vivacious country. Observe the tradition and rich culture in the 7th largest country in the world. India is within a 5-hour reach from Dubai. The place is famous for the most ancient natural sciences, huge cultural, climatic and bio-diversity, mesmerizing nature, amazing thrill, delicious food, historical monuments, and whatnot.

Flights: Spicejet, Air India, Air Arabia

Distance: 2,603 km.

4. Explore Mesmerizing Landscapes In Georgia

Georgia is the jewel of the famed Caucasus. The place is abundant with flavoursome wine, local delicacies, mountains and old cathedrals. The hills are covered with a shimmering blanket of snow. No wonder! The sight is eye-catching as you witness the sun rays kissing the snow. Experience a getaway filled with enthusiasm and fun.

Flights: Air Arabia, flydubai, Gulf Air

Distance: 3,240.2 km.

5. Trek the Himalayas in Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country, packed with great things. Explore the art, architecture, handmade goods, culture, jewelry markets and a lot more. Loads of excitement awaits here for all the trek lovers as the stunning Himalayan peaks are the trekking junctions here.

Flights: flydubai, Emirates, Royal Nepal Airlines and Air Arabia

Distance: 3,068 km.

6. Behold Preserved Traditions in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is called the ‘land of fire’. Interestingly! The natural blazing is amazing to sight. The place is home to the top things like structured museums, artistic, cultural buildings, national parks, lakes, preserved traditions, and much more. Take part in the traditional carpet weaving while you are here.

Flights: Azerbaijan Hava Yollary, Emirates, flydubai

Distance: 2,811.9 km.

7. Experience Nature’s Miracles and Love in Maldives

places to visit in 5 hours from UAE during Eid Al Adha - Maldives

The Maldives is by far one of the most beautiful tropical places to visit in 5 hours from UAE during Eid Al Adha holidays. No kidding! The place is surrounded by blue ocean, white beaches, and fresh air. This is a one-stop destination for beach lovers and romantic souls. Enjoy scuba diving, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and water skiing. Catch the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset with your partner.

Flight: Emirates

Distance: 3,108 Km.

8. Explore the Historical Structures in Armenia

places to visit in 5 hours from UAE during Eid Al Adha - Armenia

Armenia is home to the first Christian cathedral in the world and awe-inspiring Mount Ararat. Take part in fun activities and get enthralled! Climb the longest cable ropeway in the world. Must try your hands at carpet weaving. Take part in trekking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and a lot more.

Flights: Air Arabia, flydubai, Aeroflot

Distance: 2,026 km.

9. Enjoy Hospitability and Traditions in Istanbul

Istanbul is no ordinary place. It’s filled with rich culture, ancient history, unique architecture, mesmerizing sights, mouth-watering food, and whatnot. That being said, you’ll not feel isolated at any moment. The locals are hospitable and friendly in Istanbul. The place is also known for its traditional food and spices.

Flights: Pegasus Airlines and flydubai

Distance: 3,913.7 km.

10. Taste the Quintessential Kebabs of Pakistan

Pakistan is home to the famous “Aansu Lak”, shaped like a teardrop, tallest vertical mountain and Biafo Glacier. It is an Asian country and renowned for its rich, traditional and authentic delicacies like kebab and biryani. The kebabs are a must-have while you are here.

Flight: flydubai and Emirates

Distance: 1,497 km.

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