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How To Check UAE Travel Ban Status With Passport Number?

Overnight travel bans and entry restrictions can hijack even the most awaited tour experiences. There are ample reasons for a travel ban that can cancel the freedom of movement of an individual. So, steer clear of all unforeseen and unfavourable circumstances, and save yourself from the uncalled discomfort. Read on to know how to check UAE Travel Ban Status with a passport number?

Common Reasons For A Travel Ban In The UAE

Underway Criminal Investigations

How To Check UAE Travel Ban Status With Passport Number?

Crime investigation is a sensitive matter in any nation, and during an ongoing case in the UAE, an immediate travel ban can be imposed.

Violating Immigration Laws

Many points fall under immigration laws. If a visitor violates any of it, he/she is restricted from traveling to the UAE.

Financial Liabilities

In case, a person has monetary debts, he/she can be stopped from travelling or entering overseas, including the UAE.

Work Visa Complications

A travel ban can also be imposed in the UAE when a worker or professional tries to enter without a valid work permit or leave the country without informing their employer.

Emergency Health Bans

Another reason for a travel ban in UAE can be an immediate disease outbreak (current example: COVID-19). In this case, an emergency ban is imposed to avoid severe health complications.

How To Attain Information Regarding the UAE Travel Ban Status?

1. Make a Call

Check UAE Travel Ban Status With Passport Number - Attain Information

Make a hassle-free call on +971-4-313-9999 (overseas number) and know your travel ban status. If you are a resident of Dubai, make a call at 800-5111, the toll-free line of AMER service. You can also collect basic details about your passport validity for further convenience. 

2. Hire a Lawyer

In case you are busy, then the best way to know your travel ban status is to hire an attorney or a lawyer. They know about the law and can help you with a lot of things regarding visa complications.

3. Visit the Online Portal

How To Check UAE Travel Ban Status With Passport Number - Visit Online Portal

Another method is to go through the government website of the Dubai Police. They contact the passport authorities and get all the information about the travel ban on your behalf. 

4. In-person Visit

If you live in Dubai, you can also visit a police station and ask for details on the UAE travel ban status. Just provide your passport number or basic details, such as name, address, and a linked phone number.

Online Guide To UAE Travel Ban Status for Dubai Residents

1. Emirates ID Card

All Dubai residents are required to have a valid Emirates ID card. It is the primary obligation to be followed.

2. Visit the Website

Next, browse the official Dubai Police website or you can also install the Dubai Police smart app to commence the UAE travel ban check.

3. Run a Self-Check

Click on the ‘individual service section’ and select ‘Criminal Status of Financial Cases’. If any error occurs, retry after some time.  

4. Enter Required Details

How To Check UAE Travel Ban Status With Passport Number - Enter Required Details

After accessing the required block, enter your registered name and correct Emirates ID card number to check your official collected records.

5. Process All The Information

Gather all the details on the screen, if there is a travel ban, you will receive an alert to go to a Dubai Police Station nearby. Make sure to carry the official authentication cards (Emirates ID, a passport copy, and an Authority letter), it’s really important.

Check the UAE Travel Ban Status With Your Passport Number

How To Check UAE Travel Ban Status With Passport Number?

Checking the travel ban status is not a hectic procedure and neither takes much time. All you need to do is use the passport number and immediately you will be updated with every single detail. This way, you can avoid all travel difficulties at one go. 

Additional Information 

  • Service Fee for Travel Ban Online Check: Free!
  • For Further Details, Please Contact: 901 (Dubai Police direct line for Criminal Investigation Department) 
  • Email ID:

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