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21 Coolest & Unusual Things to do in Nigeria

Nigeria is the face of exclusive tour experiences! Its recognizable features like intriguing history, perpetual legacies, and bona fide natural luster crown it as the wonderland of Africa. There’s more to explore though. Nigeria is a sprawling world for adventure seekers, art and culture enthusiasts, and crazy food junkies. Withal, it reminds you of the beauty of life in its fun and lively setups. So, enhance your travel fancies and go through our list of the coolest and some unusual things to do in Nigeria. 

21 Coolest & Unusual Things to Do in Nigeria

1. Explore the Amazing Rock with a Face

21 Coolest Things to Do in Nigeria

Zuma Rock is a rock like no other! In the embrace of Niger State, this astounding feature stands out vividly and attracts huge masses round the year. The reason being, its atypical highlight, an inverted face on the rock. So, explore this offbeat attraction in Nigeria and click amazing images.  

Operating hours: 24 hours

Entry Price: *Not Specified

Pro Tip: The best time to visit Zuma Rock is the evening time when a cool breeze surrounds the locale. 

2. Adore the Beauty of Idanre

Idanre Hills is one of the most pleasant tourist attractions in Nigeria. It houses several cultural sites like “Owa’s Palace, Shrines, Old Court, and much more for an eventful day out. Also, the view from the top of the hill is truly a treat for the eyes. So, trek to the top and admire the treasures of nature. 

Operating hours: Mainly all time of the day except night.

Entry Price: USD 2.61 per person approximately 

Pro Tip: It is highly recommended to avoid trekking during the rainy season. 

3. The Beach of Ibeno at Your Service

Things to Do in Nigeria - Ibeno beach

Ibeno beach is the longest beach in West Africa and a famous beach in Nigeria. It’s white sand stretch and the tropical setups offer the most relaxing time of your life. Due to its pleasant surrounding, the spot is packed with locals and tourists at all times. So, enjoy a beach day out and immerse yourself in the melody of the seashore. 

Operating hours: 24 hours

Entry Price: No Entry Fee 

Pro Tip: At the time of high tides, watersports are prohibited, so visit accordingly.

4. Witness Antique Artifacts of the Bygone Kingdom

Benin City National Museum, located in the heart of the city is a popular tourist center in Nigeria. The significant collection of antique artifacts and figures reveal a lot about the art interests of the old people. So, appreciate the artistic sense and learn about its history altogether. 

Operating hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6:30 pm | Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm | Sunday for 24 hours 

Entry Price: USD 0.78 per person approximately 

Pro Tip: It is highly advised to maintain silence while exploring. 

5. Trek into the World of Atypical Features

Things to Do in Nigeria - Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock, Nigeria is a place like no other. It is known to enhance your trekking adventures with many surprises on the way. Surrounded by serenity, this Nigerian attraction offers a great amount of joy with marvelous views once you reach the top. So, bring out the travel blogger in you and document your memories.  

Tour hours: 2 hours 

Entry Price: USD 1.83 per adult approximately

Pro Tip: Gear up well and must carry an emergency aid kit while trekking. 

6. Fall for the Beauty of the Ravishing Waterfalls

Gurara Waterfalls is a photogenic Nigerian waterfall that attracts tourists due to its natural beauty. The fast flowing milky cascades that cut through the rocks, look ravishing. So, add the mesmerizing scenes of the waterfall to your background and click pictures like a pro. 

Operating hours: 8 am to 6 pm every day 

Entry Price: USD 1.31 per person approximately 

Pro Tip: It is recommended to wear good quality sports shoes as the rocky surface is slippery due to algae. 

7. It’s time for ‘Beauty and the Beach’ 

Things to Do in Nigeria - Oniru Beach

Oniru Private Beach, Lagos is counted amongst the best private beaches in Lagos, Nigeria. The happening environment plus culinary adventures under the sky add zest to your tour. It is popular amongst the free-spirited minds and the nightlife is perfect for all the party animals. So, flaunt your beachwear with those quirky sunglasses on and be the lively bird you are. 

Operating hours: 24 hours

Entry Price: USD 2.61 per person approximately 

Pro Tip: Security is great here. But, it is suggested to keep a track of your belongings for safety. 

8. Admire the Versatile Exhibition of Nigerian Art

National Museum Lagos is a hub of Nigerian art exhibitions. It holds a vast collection of paintings, sculptures, statues, archaeological belongings, and rescued pieces of carvings. Every work in this Museum of Lagos has a story behind it that proves the richness of Nigerian history. 

Operating hours: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm every day | Sunday closed 

Entry Price: USD 1.31 per adult (approximately)

Pro Tip: Do not touch anything as the sculptures are delicate and maintain decorum. 

9. Meet the Exotic ‘Ani-pals’

Things to Do in Nigeria - Ibadan

Say hello! to your jungle friends and witness their natural demeanor. This tourist attraction in Ibadan is home to many endangered species and conserves them to save them from extinction. No doubt, you will witness several unseen species along with many well-known creatures of the jungle. So, get ready to pose with the raunchy zoo family. 

Operating hours: Sunday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm | Saturday 8:15 am to 6 pm 

Entry Price: USD 1.31 per person approximately 

Pro Tip: Never get too close to any animal, especially the carnivores as a precaution is always better than cure. 

10. Enjoy the Tropical Features in Nigeria

Calabar River as the name suggests is a very popular tourist attraction in Calabar, known to offer canoeing delights. Its surrounding beauty is pleasing and reveals many secrets of its past existence. So, spend a day in the embrace of nature and update your brains with the knowledge of its rich history. 

Operating hours: NA

Tour Price: Boat ride fee differs 

Pro Tip: Make sure to secure your life jacket tight once you are in the canoe. 

11. Ride and Slide at the Fun Park

Dream World Africana is an amusement park in Nigeria known to offer fun with no limits. The rides and water zones rank it as the most amusing vacation spot in Nigeria. Kids love it and so do the adults. So plan the perfect adventure tour with your family and live the day of your life. 

Operating hours: 9 am to 7 pm every day 

Entry Price: USD 9.15 approximately

Pro Tip: Do not go for rides on an empty stomach as that might affect your health and ruin your fun day. 

12. Immerse in the Beauty of Nature

Things to Do in Nigeria - Cross River National Park

Cross River National Park is the image of mother nature’s extravagance and an important biotic reserve. It holds one of the oldest rainforests of Nigeria and a wildlife sanctuary that is home to rare herbs and birds. Visiting this tourist attraction in Cross river state is like experiencing so much that your heart loads with pleasure. 

Operating hours: Differs from time to time 

Entry Price: NA 

Pro Tip: Make sure to wear hiking shoes and carry a bag of first aid. 

13. Walk down the Coconut Aisle!

Welcome to Coconut Beach Nigeria, the coconut paradise that is the pride of the coastal town of Badagry. This idyllic beach is renowned to offer cozy moments for couples in its pleasant setups that arouse the romance in you. So, walk barefooted and hand-in-hand on the white sand beach and admire the exotic views of surreal sunset. 

Operating hours: 24 hours 

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: Do try the refreshing coconut water and other dishes made with it at the nearby coastal restaurants.  

14. Sand, Sea, and Sun

Things to Do in Nigeria - Lagos

The Landmark Beach Lagos is a beautiful place in Nigeria and its private beachfront area is perfect to visit on a sunny day. It is definitely the spot for fun water activities like swimming, snorkeling, and leisure evening dates. So, dive deep in the water, plan a secret romantic dinner and propose to your love under the bright moonlight. 

Operating hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm | Monday 11 am to 8 pm 

Entry Price: USD 5.23 per person approximately.

Pro Tip: For a complete romantic dinner experience, book your table beforehand as the place is always crowded. 

15. Unravel the Secrets of a Cave

Ogbunike Cave is hidden in a valley under the shade of tropical rainforest. Its wide-mouth directs you towards its offbeat paths and lets you explore the unexplored. So, walk down the stairs and see the sparkling eyes of the bats and other cave creatures. The cave is mysterious and interesting altogether. 

Operating hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm | Saturday and Sunday closed 

Entry Price: USD 7.84 per person approximately 

Pro Tip: Wear night vision goggles for better visibility in the dark. 

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16. Showcase your Golfing Skills

IBB International Golf & Country Club is one of the fun places to visit in Nigeria for golf-lovers. In the lavish site of 250-acres, the recreation sport is played with the aim to win. The details, beautiful setup, and exclusive arrangements make your day even more memorable.

Operating hours: 6 am to 8 pm every day 

Entry Price: USD 3.92 per person approximately 

Pro Tip: Avoid visiting on the weekends, it is busier then. 

17. Praise the Artistic Architecture

Things to Do in Nigeria - Cathedral Visit

The Cathedral Church of Christ is the most serene place to visit in Lagos, Nigeria. Its architectural excellence makes it more prominent amongst the tourists. The inside is calm, peaceful and offers the much-needed serenity you crave for. So, sit in silence, pray, light up the candle, and let go of all the chaos from your mind. 

Operating hours: 24 hours 

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: We advise you to dress modestly here. 

18. Traverse the Atypical Island of Nigeria

Banana Island, Nigeria, an atypical island with an atypical name is at your service. It is known for its architectural shape and the best experiences offered here. Go shopping, eat in a gourmet outlet, visit the upscale areas, or simply take a boat ride in the encompassing waters. 

Operating hours: 24 hours 

Entry Price: Not Certain

Pro Tip: It is highly recommended to take a cruise ride at night to watch the island sparkle under the nightlight. 

19. Seek Peace in a Temple

Things to Do in Nigeria - Hindu Temple Visit

The diversity of Nigeria is not unknown to anyone and the VI Hindu Temple in Lagos is evidence that humanity is the backbone of Nigeria. People visit here to offer prayer and chant the mantra of peace and wellbeing. So, get to explore Indian essence in the Nigerian land. 

Operating hours: Every day from 8 am to 6 pm (Time may change)

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: Dress modestly, maintain silence, and respect everyone as a basic human etiquette.

20. Fascinating Art for an Artistic Mind

Thought Pyramid Art Centre, Abuja is the villa of modern and contemporary Nigerian art. The exhibition portrays the psychology and philosophy of the Nigerian artist of today’s day. So, visit the art center and learn about the thought behind each craft. It is undoubtedly the apt tourist spot in Nigeria for art enthusiasts.  

Operating hours: Monday to Saturday from 9 am 7 pm | Sunday from 1 pm to 7 pm

Entry Price: Below USD 3 (may differ)

Pro Tip: Do not make noise inside the center and go shopping at the nearby shopping complex. 

21. Visit the Most Famous Church of Nigeria

Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity Cathedral is a historical site in Nigeria. It was discovered in the year 1960 and since then has been a major point of interest for locals and tourists. It is the highlight of Onitsha city and its amazing setup and royal interior make it a grand locale to visit. So, explore it and let the light of Jesus fall in your life and brighten it more than ever. 

Operating hours: 24 hours 

Entry Price: Free!

Pro Tip: Immerse in the tranquility of this place and observe silence for the ultimate experience.  

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