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15+ Most Gorgeous Things to do in Lebanon

Lebanon, ‘the pearl of the Middle East’ is an epicentre of greenery, inspiring art, and phenomenal architecture. From a tourist’s eye, this country has a lot to offer, grand history, fascinating culture, and rich heritage. You can walk along its Mediterranean coast or hike up its cedar trails, and more. So, read on to decipher the most gorgeous things to do in Lebanon. 

Things to do in Lebanon for Adventurers

1. Venture the Ski-zone at Mzaar Ski Resort

Things to do in Lebanon - Ski-zone at Mzaar Ski Resort kfardebian Jonction slop

Slide down the serene snowy slopes and feel the refreshing cool breeze at Mzaar Ski Resort. Located one hour away from Beirut, this ski resort is an absolute entertainment zone. So, escape into its snowscape and experience utterly amazing ski and snowboarding adventures. 

Operating hours: 8 am to 4 pm, Daily 

Entry Price:

Weekdays (Full Day): USD 34 (adults) and USD 27 (Children less than 16 yrs)

Weekends (Full Day): USD 67 (adults) and USD 54 (Children less than 16 yrs)

Pro Tip: Go for steep slopes only if you are confident and experienced enough. 

2. Seek Thrill at the Waves Aqua Park

Waves Aqua Park is your summer destination in Lebanon. So, kill-the-heat and enjoy the cool water rides. Splash some water in Lebanon’s biggest fun aqua park and tour its sizable area of 60,000 square meters. Explore its best features like the WAVE POOL, 7 intertwining SLIDES, ISLAND POOL, a four-lane RACER, and much more with your family.

Operating Hours: 10 am to 6 pm, Daily 

Entry Price: Starting from USD 20 approximately.

Pro Tip: Carry an extra pair of dry clothes. Also, if you do not know swimming, then do not enter the deep pools. 

3. A Scenic Boat Ride at the Bnachii Lake

Things to do in Lebanon - Bnachii lake

Romancing in the stunning set up of Bnachii lake is the next best thing to do in Lebanon. The crystal clear lake reflects dense contrasts of its circumambient. So, listen to the melodic sounds of nature and boat with your partner in the tranquil setups.

Operating Hours: 24 hours 

Price: Free

Pro Tip: Do wear a life jacket before entering the waters. Do not take young kids along.

4. Shop at the Fun Verdun Street

Feed your shopping cravings at Verdun Street and explore the best retail options here. The trail of urban shopping centres offers branded clothes, high-end products and authentic home decors. After the one-day shopping fiesta, sit in a cosy cafe and watch the street come alive for its night sessions.

Operating Hours: Not fixed

Entry Price: Free

Pro Tip: This is a posh locale. So, bargaining is not entertained here. 

5. Surf like the Ocean King at Colonel Reef Batroun

Things to do in Lebanon - Colonel Reef Batroun

Colonel Reef Batroun, the public beach is a supreme surfing spot in Lebanon. Dive in the wild waters and conquer the waves. Stroll on its beautiful beach and get the perfect tan. Savour a healthy sea-platter like codfish fillets, Sayadieh, and much more. 

Operating hours:

Sunday to Thursday 9 am to 12:30 am

Friday and Saturday 9 am to 2 am

Price: Free

Pro Tip: Do not go surfing during a high tide. The waves can be wild and unfavourable.

Things to do in Lebanon for Nature Lovers

6. Explore the Divine Kadisha Valley

Add the mesmerizing views of Kadisha valley to your Lebanon tour diaries. This hypnotic holy valley is tucked amid the Bcharre and Zgharta Districts in the North of the Mount Lebanon chain. It was carved centuries ago by monasteries and hermitages. But, now it boasts deep green spreads and golden brown hills along with all the antiquity and heritage. 

Tour hours: 4 to 5 hours approximately

Pro Tip: It is recommended to wear sports wear for proper grip on the rocks. 

7. Get Mesmerized by the Cedars Of God Bsharri

Things to do in Lebanon - Cedars Of God Bsharri

Cedars are the most iconic features Lebanon has to offer. And, Cedars Of God Bsharri is a rare forest that thrived over mount Lebanon. This UNESCO site reveals the majestic views of the dense green contrast all year round. Winters attract masses due to its ski-fiesta on the snowy land.

Operating Hours: 10 am to 6 pm Daily

Pro Tip: Enjoy the ski adventures during winters. It is the perfect time to frolic in the snow. 

8. Dive in the Clear Waters of Chouwan Lake

Ready to do something insane? Well, Chouwan lake is the right Lebanon attraction to discover. Hidden in the depths of the historical Adonis Valley, this charming spot is perfect for a cool and refreshing dive. So, follow the quiet trails and enter the magnificent world of heavenly views. 

Operating hours: 8 am to 5 pm Daily

Price:  Free

Pro Tip: Take a free fall dive in the tranquil lake and swim to total relaxation. 

9. Camp and Hike at Mount Sannine

Things to do in Lebanon - Mount Sannine

Mount Sannine redefines nature’s beauty and displays stimulating variations in contrast to its encircling towns and valleys. Venturing this site is like passing through a diverse-coloured land. So, walk along with brown lands, pass by the green forest trails and reach its snow-capped peaks for a dramatic hiking adventure. 

Operating Hours: 24 hours 

Pro Tip: It is important to wear snow boots otherwise it will be difficult to walk here.

Things to do in Lebanon for Art & Culture

10. Admire the Modern Crafts at Sursock Museum

Sursock Museum is a major tourist spot of Lebanon for the art-enthusiasts. The ultra-terrific contemporary art collection is truly appreciable. So, visit the museum cradled under the 19th-century villa and spot the fine exhibitions of modern art. 

Operating Hours: 10 am to 1 pm (except Sundays)

Price: Free

Pro Tip: Each painting is distinct from one another. So it is recommended to explore each section of the art house. 

11. Sight Super-Splendid Structures at Atelier Assaf

Things to do in Lebanon - Atelier Assaf

The amalgamation of art and nature thrives life. And, Atelier Assaf is the apt Lebanese attraction to believe this. Overlooking the mesmerizing frames, this contemporary art house features innate sculptors flaunting a heritage of carving stones. The fine details of the life-like statues are incredibly intriguing, so, explore it all. 

Operating Hours: 9 am to 6 pm Daily

Price: Less than USD 5

Pro Tip: It is the perfect spot for a photoshoot session with magnificent hills in the background. 

12. Click Selfies with Wax Statues of Celebs

It’s picture time at Byblos Wax Museum. The renowned Lebanese figures stand here in wax form and offer great selfie-sessions. So, meet the history-making great minds and foreign VIPs under one roof and know more about the personalities. 

Operating Hours: 9 am to 6 pm, Daily 

Price: USD 6.62 per person

Pro Tip: Touching any of the wax statues is prohibited. Do not leave your children alone, always move along with them. 

Things to do in Lebanon for Architecture

13. Witness History at National Museum of Beirut

The Lebanese archaeological artefacts are a sure wonder displayed in the National Museum of Beirut. The significant collections were launched post-WWI and the rest is history. Ancient mosaics, preserved sarcophagi, and ruined statues are the chronological exhibitions at this impressive tourist attraction of Beirut. 

Operating Hours: 9 am to 5 pm daily (except Monday)

Entry Price: USD 3.31 per adult and USD 0.66 per child

Pro Tip: As you finish your tour here, explore its nearby markets and enjoy a light evening. 

14. Visit the Iconic Temple of Bacchus

The Temple of Bacchus is an iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site celebrated for its Imperial Roman archaeological details. This huge temple complex and a conventional artistic site mark classic antiquity. So, visit this photogenic site and capture centuries-old history. 

Operating Hours: 8 am to 6 pm Daily 

Price: Around USD 10

Pro Tip: Near this site, there are many other temples like the Temple of Jupiter and Baalbek Roman ruins. You may visit these to explore Lebanese heritage further.  

15. Explore Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque

Culture, history, art and architecture, notice all at Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, the religious Beirut attraction. This striking amber-coloured blue-domed mosque has stood still since the 19th century adjacent to Martyrs’ Square. So, visit its downtown side of the capital and spend some moments of peace in its calm spaces. 

Visiting hours: Day time

Price: Free

Pro Tip: Dress modestly, cover your head before entering, and do not make noise inside the premises. 

16. Tour the Ancient Site of Byblos Citadel

Byblos Castle is a phenomenal 19th-century archaeological creation. And, it houses bygone ruins of the temple of Baalat Gebal and Obelisks. The centuries-old history makes it a prominent site and takes you through its journey as you proceed. 

Operating Hours: 8 am to 6 pm, Daily 

Price: 8 am to 6 pm Daily

Pro Tip: Reach the top of the Citadel and enjoy the 360-degree views of the surrounding magnificence. 

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