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10 Expert-Recommended Things To Do In Ukraine

Discover bewitching landscapes, fairytale castles, mouth-watering recipes and more in Ukraine. The breadbasket of Europe offers a myriad of attractions and amazing travel experiences. The hospitality of the locals adds to the pleasure of exploring the tourist spots and best places to visit in Ukraine. Without much ado, we reveal the most delightful things to do in Ukraine for an exciting journey. Visit Ukraine and discover a whole new world.

10 Expert-Recommended Things to do in Ukraine

1. Visit Castles That Whisper Legends

10 Expert-Recommended Things to do in Ukraine

Exploring the amazing fortresses and castles is a top thing to do in Ukraine. Explore the country for the legendary castles where each stone breathes history and people’s destinies. Visit the magnificent Kamianets-Podilskyi listed as one of the seven miracles of Ukraine. Wander the surrounds of the spectacular Shenborn Palace, the Olesko Castle, Palanok Castle, Pidhirtsi Castle and more. Stay awestruck at the magnificent architecture that takes you back in time. Travel to see the Seven Wonders of Ukraine for the seven historical castles and palaces, an unmissable thing to do in Ukraine.

Pro Tip: You will be snapping non-stop in Ukraine, so bring along a sophisticated camera that is compact and robust.

2. Admire the Local Cathedrals

Things to do in Ukraine - Cathedral Visit

Ukraine places to visit include the ancient religious monuments that are beautiful cathedrals. Each comes with its unique history and majestic architecture. From Kiev Pechersk Lavra, one of must-see Kyiv tourist attractions, St. Sophia’s Cathedral to St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery and more. These monumental tourist places in Kyiv come with rich interiors and valuable cultural heritage. Go back in time to stay historically connected to the Old Rus` polity as you witness the best tourist places in Kiev. 

Pro Tip: There is a lot of walking to do in Ukraine, so make your feet comfortable with good walking shoes.

3. Observe Great Scenery and Sunflower Gardens in Slovenia

Experiencing the golden sunflower fields in Slovenia is another extraordinary thing to do in Ukraine. Lose your way in the dazzling yellow of a rapeseed field near a village of Unise with large acreage of happy sunflowers. Feel the flower power mesmerize you in the fields of gold as you wander the many gardens in Slovenia. Visit the best Ukraine tourist attractions from Tropical Garden Slovenia, Cacti Pavillion, Ferrari Garden, Grajski Park Otocec among others. Feel bewitched by the gorgeous natural wonder in Slovenia with beautiful lakes, scenic valleys, and Alpine views.

Pro Tip: Visit Slovenia between June and September, when the flowers are in full bloom.

4. Walk Through the Tunnel Of Love In Kevlan

Things to do in Ukraine - Tunnel of Love

Stroll through the romantic natural tunnel, Ukraine tourist places, a nearly two-mile stretch in Klevan. The tree tunnel is a stretch of railway track on which a train transporting wood runs three times a week. This lovely Green Mile Tunnel is beautiful with bright branches that arch over the track. It makes a lovely tunnel of love for love birds and singles alike. The trees are at their leafiest in spring and summer, a great time to go. The captivating five km tunnel is a popular Ukraine tourist attraction that will keep you spellbound.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to make a sincere wish, as local legends believe that wishes made here always come true.

5. Create Breathtaking Memories at the Carpathian Mountains

Things to do in Ukraine - Carpathian Mountains

Pack your rucksack and wave urban life goodbye as you head off to the mineral-rich valleys of the Carpathian Mountains, one of the best tourist places in Ukraine. The riverbanks with forest coverage where marmots, deers and beavers wander are your home for the day. Hike Mount Hoverla covered with beech and spruce forests to admire the sub-alpine meadows. Stare at the beauty of Maniava Waterfall for amazing cascading sights, Guk Waterfall in the Carpathian National Nature Park and more. Hiking the dramatic landscapes is the best thing to do in Ukraine.

Pro Tip: Carry a good backpack for your camera, winter coats and other essentials.

6. A Day at Askania-Nova, The Oldest Steppe Reserve in the World

Journey to the country’s seventh wonder, Askania-Nova, a top Ukraine thing to see. The famous Ukraine tourist spot is a true wonder and is one of the oldest biosphere reserves in Europe. Askania has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1985, an unmissable Ukraine place to visit. State nature preserves in the steppe, it has an experimental station, breeding farm, zootechnical station and a botanical garden. The objective of the reserve is to preserve the flora and fauna and to study the virgin steppe.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss out on a safari in the open steppe to be among animals roaming freely.

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7. Relish Authentic Borscht and Salo

Things to do in Ukraine - BORSCHT AND SALO

Be prepared for a delicious meal of the Ukrainian borscht, a soup made with grated beetroot. The amazing red colours of beet, meat broth, cabbage, carrots, parsley and potatoes make this a delicious recipe. Add in tomatoes and some beans that are served with sour cream. Another must-try cuisine is salo, a slab of pork belly with or without skin. Love this delicacy that is cooked in different ways. Bake it, fry it or cook on firewood under hot smoke. Pairs the best with Ukraine traditional beverage, vodka.

Pro Tip: Try dining at the Salo Art Museum, a popular restaurant for the best salo and borscht experience as a Lviv tourist.

8. Spend Time at The Beautiful National Parks

Wander the splendid national parks in Ukraine that protect the biodiversity of the country. They conserve varied ecosystems and unique natural riches. The parks have thousands of acres of fantastic landscapes with a variety of flora and fauna. Among the best places to visit in Ukraine are the Carpathian National Natural Park, Bugski Guard National Park, Shatsky Lakes National Park, Skole Beskids National Park, and more. Look for parks that have comprehensive historical, cultural, and natural attractions in Ukraine for a magical Ukraine sightseeing experience. 

Pro Tip: Carry a good guidebook and save money by not continually paying for a guide.

9. Set Foot on the Historic Site of Chernobyl

Things to do in Ukraine - Chernobyl

Witness the never opened Ferris Wheel in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, a famous place to visit in Ukraine. You get a sense of the tragic occurrences that took place in 1986 at the number 4 reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. Take a tour to see the horrendous sight in the town of Pripyat in northern Ukraine. You must visit with the guidance of an authorised tour company. An easy full-day trip from Keiv, this sight is a 65 miles distance away. Know about the nuclear disaster and see an informative video showing the actual footage. Chernobyl still burns due to wildfires that spark from the heat and dry weather as an aftereffect.

Pro Tip: Carrying travel insurance is a must. You could also take along a radiation meter.

10. Ski and Snowboard at The Drahobrat Ski Resort

Enjoy a skiing adventure at Dragobrat, the most beautiful place in Ukraine, at 1300 m with spectacular views of Hoverla. The ski extends above the treeline to Stig summit at 1703 in the most gorgeous part of the Carpathians.  Snowboard with lots of adventurous touring and off-piste options for an amazing time in the snow-covered mountain. Explore an interactive Drahobrat trail and piste map to understand the surrounding terrain and mountain contours. There are many nearby resorts as well with March being the snowiest month to visit Drahobrat. Check out Snow History graphs to travel to the ski resort during the best time.

Pro Tip: Take the help of ski resort guides to understand the resorts and prices close to Drahobrat.

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