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Travel 101: 20+ Ultimate Things to Do In Dubai

Dubai has come a long way from being just a small settlement in a desert on the Persian Gulf Coast. Today, it is the abode of luxury and glamor and houses incredible manmade wonders. From the Palm Jumeirah Island to the hypnotizing Dubai skyline, there is a surprise in everything here. If you are also planning to visit this fascinating world and wondering what to do, then read on. Here is a guide to the ultimate things to do in Dubai.

20+ Ultimate Things To Do In Dubai, UAE

1. Witness Dubai’s Sparkling Skyline from The Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa dubai things to do

With a height of about 2722 feet, Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world and that’s what makes it a must-visit site in Dubai. People come from different countries and continents to witness its magnificence. Undoubtedly, it is an unparalleled engineering marvel. You can capture the beautiful panoramas of the city from its observation decks at the 124th, 125th, and 148th floors.

Recommended For: Photographers, Families

Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Blvd

Average Price: $40

Timings: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm

Pro Tip: Save your time by booking tickets online.

2. Enjoy the Shores of Dubai

Dubai beaches

If on one side, Dubai hosts luxury and glamor, then on the other, it harbors a great shoreline. That’s why tourists of all kinds love exploring the city. The beaches in Dubai are quite fascinating. Apart from lazing by the shores, you can also spend some time enjoying their pubs, restaurants, cafes, and more. The major beaches here are Sunset Beach, La Mer Beach, Kite Beach, and the Beach by JBR.

Recommended For: Beach Lovers, Families, Couples, Photographers

Location(s): Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Road, Al Mamzar

Average Price: No Entrance Fee

Timings: Anytime

Pro Tip: Black Palace Beach is one of the least explored shores in Dubai, ideal for those who do not enjoy crowded places.

3. Book A Desert Safari Tour

dubai desert camel ride

Your trip to Dubai is incomplete if you forget to explore the vastness of the Al Qudra Desert. Riding down the shining sand dunes and covering the limitless expanse is surely an experience worth remembering. Capture the sweeping views of the desert, stop for a barbeque dinner at night, and enjoy watching belly dancing shows. It is one of the best ways to savor the beauty of this city.

Recommended For: Offbeat Travelers, Adventure Lovers

Location: Al Qudra Desert

Average Price: $20 per person

Timings: 08:30 am to 09:30 pm

Pro Tip: Do not plan for an afternoon desert safari in between the months of April and July as the summers are extremely hot here.

4. Slide Down the Slopes at the Ski Dubai

ski resort dubai

Skiing has nothing to do with Dubai. If you think so, then you must not have visited the indoor ski resort here. Yes! There is an entire resort dedicated to skiing in Dubai. Immensely popular amongst families and kids, Ski Dubai witnesses visitors in thousands every month. If you are up for an adventure in a controlled environment, then this should be on your bucket list. Bring your kids along and let them enjoy in the snow park.

Recommended For: Families, Kids

Location: Mall of the Emirates

Average Price: $55 per person

Timings: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm on Weekdays (09:00 am to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays)

Pro Tip: You can also learn this adventure of gliding on snow by taking ski lessons here.

5. Take A Break At Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Underwater aquarium and zoo dubai

Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo is located inside the Dubai Mall and is a great place for a day outing with kids. Watch the colourful marine life of Dubai and learn about its underwater beauty. From sharks to starfishes and crocodiles to snakes, everything would grab your attention.

Recommended For: Families, Kids

Location: The Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road

Average Price: $36

Timings: 10:00 am to 12:00 am

Pro Tip: If you do not want to pay and still enjoy sea creatures, then you can watch through the viewing area of the aquarium.

6. Visit The Gold Souk Dubai

Gold souk market

A traditional market away from the elegant world of Dubai, the Gold Souk is a must-visit place in the city if you love exploring offbeat places. The market houses more than 350 retail shops that sell gold, diamond, silver, and platinum. Avail the best deals on jewelry items. As the market is also one of the oldest places in Dubai, it makes for an amazing site for street photography.

Recommended For: Shoppers, Photographers, Collectors

Location: 54 Al Khor Street, Deira

Average Price: No Entrance Fee

Timings: 09:30 am to 09:30 pm

Pro Tip: If you are extremely good at haggling, then you would surely get items at a reasonable cost.

7. Take Selfies At Burj Al Arab

Burj al arab seven start hotel

A luxury hotel standing on an artificial island, Burj Al Arab is the jewel of Dubai. It is one of the most recognized buildings in the country and hence, a must-visit destination for tourists. Come here with your family, friends, or partner and relish its sumptuousness. The beach around the hotel is quite peaceful and harbors welcoming vibes. You can spend an entire day soothing your body and mind here.

Recommended For: Photographers, Families, Couples

Location: 3 Jumeirah Street

Average Price: Free of cost

Timings: Anytime

Pro Tip: You can book a meal at the hotel if you want to enjoy its 5-star lavishness.

8. Capture Aerial Moments with a Helicopter Ride

Helicopter ride dubai

Nothing feels better than droning on a city and exploring its majesty from a bird’s-eye perspective. Flying above the likes of Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab is surely unforgettable. So, book a helicopter ride and enjoy the wonderful setting of Dubai. Stop for breaks and relish complementary drinks and dishes. From bustling streets to charming waters, witness everything while soaring high in the air.

Recommended For: Adventure Enthusiasts, Explorers

Location: Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab

Average Price: $150

Timings: Anytime        

9. Go For An Overnight Desert Camping

desert camping dubai al qudra desert

Spend a night under the open sky and in the midst of a desert while watching the stars twinkle and the sky shine. Overnight desert camping has become a rage in recent times and hence, is preferred by most of the travelers here. After all, sleeping in a traditional Arabic tent, savoring luscious meals, and enjoying belly dance shows is quite an experience in itself.

Recommended For: Campers, Adventure Enthusiasts

Location: Al Qudra Desert

Price Range: $50 – $200

Timings: Anytime

Pro Tip: Book online to avail up to 40% discount on standard prices.

10. Go Extreme with Skydiving in Dubai

skydiving dubai

Forget the lavish lifestyle and the marvelous skyscrapers of Dubai and unleash the adventurer in you. Dive through the sky over the beautiful islands of Palm Jumeirah or the glittering expanse of Al Qudra Desert. It is one of the daring and exclusive things to do in Dubai. Get an instant adrenaline rush as you transit from the sky to the ground.

Recommended For: Adventure Enthusiasts

Location: Dubai Desert, Palm Jumeirah

Average Price: $400

Pro Tip: Neither overeat nor have an empty stomach before skydiving. Go for a medium-sized healthy meal.

11. Smell Heaven At the Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle garden

Spread over an area of about 72,000 metre square, Dubai Miracle Garden is another wonder that is set to enthral you. With flowers and plants in millions, it holds the world record of being the largest natural flower garden. Here, you would find sculptures made out of flowers. There are places to eat, sit and relax. The magical Butterfly Garden is also a great sight to savor.

Recommended For: Families, Couples, Photographers

Location: Al Barsha South 3

Average Price: $10

Timings: 09:00 am to 09:00 pm on Weekdays | 09:00 am to 11:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays

Pro Tip: Do not forget to bring a hat or an umbrella if you are visiting on a sunny day.

12. Shop Happiness At the Dubai Mall

Dubai mall

One of the largest shopping malls in the world, the Dubai Mall has about 1000 retail shops, and hence, it is a one-stop destination for every shopaholic. From restaurants to clothing stores, you would find everything here. Have an incredible experience dining at the Rainforest Cafe. Enjoy virtual reality at the VR Park and take photos of the fossil of a long-necked dinosaur. The mall is a small world within itself.

Recommended For: Shoppers, Families

Location: Financial Centre Road

Average Price: No Entrance Fee

Timings:  10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Pro Tip: You can download the Dubai Mall app to locate your store easily.

13. Spend a Day At Legoland Dubai

Legoland Dubai

A gorgeous theme park, Legoland Dubai is a popular destination amongst kids and families in Dubai. So, if you are looking for a place where you can just chill and hang out with your offsprings, then this beauty should be your calling. Waterslides, light shows, thrilling rides and Lego building activities – there is a lot one can involve in at the park. Take your kids on a fun tour and build sweet memories.

Recommended For: Families, Kids

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road

Average Price: $75


Pro Tip: If you want to get special offers, book your tickets from the official website of the water park.

14. Savor The Traditional Emirati Cuisine And Smoke Shisha

Emirati shisha pipe

Emirati Cuisine has derived its elements from a number of cultures. And that’s what makes it a must-try cuisine. An Emirati meal generally consists of meat, rice, salad, and juice. You would find numerous restaurants in Dubai where you can savor traditional food and smoke the popular Shisha (a water pipe used to smoke tobacco). If you are a foodie, then a culinary exploration in Dubai is a must for you.

Recommended For: Foodies, Explorers

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Rigga Road, Baniyas Road

Price Range: $25 – $50

Timings: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

Pro Tip: Do not forget to relish the traditional rice dish of Al Machboos. It is popular across the country.

15. Take A Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour

Hop on hop off bus dubai

This is a great way to explore the city in style. Get on a double-decker tour bus, talk to strangers, make friends, and witness the city’s magnificence in groups. The tour bus covers all the major landmarks of the city, ranging from Dubai parks to Dubai Canal and Palm Jumeirah to Dubai Marina. If you are traveling with your family, then it is a lot more convenient and fun.

Recommended For: Offbeat Travelers, Photographers, Families

Price Range: $50 – $70

Timings: 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

16. Explore the Brilliant Nightlife

Dubai nightlife

The sizzling nightlife of Dubai is another reason the city serves as a great destination to travel. Admire the lights, music, and the party culture of Dubai as you dance to lively beats in your comfort zone. The city houses beautiful resorts and clubs where you would come across unending nights and a high-spirited crowd. Dubai nightlife is all about savoring extravagance and fun.

Recommended For: Party Lovers, Night Owls

Average Price Range: $100 – $300

Timings: 09:00 pm to 03:00 am

Pro Tip: Dubai Marina is the best place to witness the best of this city’s nightlife.

17. Dip into the Water Adventure Sports

surfing and adventure sports at dubai beach

Dubai has everything as a tourist destination. The city caters to the desires of every kind of thrillseeker and water sports lover. Enjoy deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, wakeboarding, surfing, jet-skiing, snorkeling, and more. Visit it and satisfy the adventurer in you as you conquer the waves of the sea and witness the vibrant underwater life.

Recommended For: Adventure Lovers, Water Sports Enthusiasts

Location: Kite Beach, Palm Jumeirah Beach and Sunset Beach

Price Range: $80 – $500

Usual Timings: 06:00 am to 10:00 am and 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm

Pro Tip: Book your adventure in advance to get it at a cheaper cost.

18. Indulge In Dhow Cruise Dining

dhow cruise dining

A dhow is a traditional boat used primarily in the Arab world for transportation. However, over a period of time, they have become a significant part of Dubai tourism. A dhow dinner cruise is quite popular amongst tourists and it would surely make your evenings memorable. Hop into one and enjoy the dazzling view of Dubai as you relish your favorite meal and sail down shimmering seawaters.

Recommended For: Couples, Families, and Explorers

Location: Dubai Creek

Average Price: $15 – $30 per person

Ideal Timings: 05:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Pro Tip: Avoid wearing shorts and slippers.

19. Walk The Sheikh Zayed Road

sheikh zayed road

The Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai is one of the best places to explore for it houses the tallest skyscrapers, beautiful restaurants, and clubs, and a number of wonderful shopping complexes. It is here you fulfill the desire of contemplating the enigmatic beauty of Dubai. Shop for your interests, stroll down energetic lanes, or simply marvel at finely-built skyscrapers.

Recommended For: Shopaholics, Photographers, Party Lovers, Couples

Average Price: Free of Cost

Timings: Anytime (Ideally between 07:00 am to 02:00 pm)

Pro Tip: Do stop here for capturing a panorama as the place is remarkably full of expressions and spiritedness.

20. Explore The Palm Jumeirah Island

Palm jumeirah Island

Make your trip to Dubai more fascinating and interesting by visiting the world-popular Palm Jumeirah Island, a beautiful man-made archipelago. Savor its serene beaches and relish the natural charm it beholds. You can also indulge in numerous water adventures by the beach here. The place is extremely picturesque and hence, makes for a great family destination in Dubai.

Recommended For: Families, Beach Lovers, Couples, and Photographers

Location: Logo Islands

Average Price: No Entrance Fee

Timings: Anytime

Pro Tip: If you are visiting the Palm Jumeirah Island with your kids and family, then do visit the Aquaventure Waterpark to add extra fun to your excursion.

21. Explore The Beauty Of Dubai Creek

Dubai creek

Divided into Deira and Bur Dubai, Dubai Creek is one of the most magnificent regions of the city. From shopping to boating, there is a lot one can enjoy here. You can cruise the waters, savor wonderful cuisines from all over the world, shop your interests, capture sunrise and sunset views, or enjoy a soothing night walk.

Recommended For: Families, Couples, Photographers

Location: Dubai Creek

Average Price: No Entrance Fee

Timings: Anytime

Pro Tip: Located along the Dubai Creek is the historic Saeed Al Maktoum House around which the entire city developed. Do not forget to visit this ancient beauty.

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