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Most Crucial Things Not To Do In Bali

Bali, the Land of Gods, is known for its lush tropical vegetation and pleasant people. Balinese believe that Heaven is Bali and Bali is Heaven. Get to know about rich Balinese tradition and culture for an enriching experience. A good idea is to learn some phrases like Selamat Pagi (Good Morning) and Terima Kasih (Thank You). Here are some things not to do in Bali for an intriguing journey.

Things Not To Do in Bali, Indonesia

Must-Follow the Temple Etiquette

things not to do in Bali - disrespecting temple etiquette

When entering any Hindu temple you will need to wear a sarong and a sash at the entrance. Kindly do so. Do not wear revealing clothes as it is a mark of disrespect while visiting holy places. Do not point your feet to the altar of the temple either. Balinese believe that the head of the body is a sacred part. So keep in mind not to touch the head of a Balinese person, not even a child. Do take your shoes out before entering the temple. Don’t forget to earn your good Karma by leaving a donation behind.

Avoid the Bali Belly

Enjoy the fresh tropical fruits and vegetables of Bali. However, you need to be careful with the water you drink. A safe thing not to do in Bali is drinking tap water. Instead, take a mineral bottle with you. A good tip is to enjoy the Bintang beer when thirsty. Anything different may be watered down and could make you ill. Always wash your hands before eating. Wash the vegetables and fruits before eating them and make sure you consume good clean and well-cooked food only.

 Wear Modest Clothing

Bali is unusually hot and humid and it tempts taking off the T-shirts. However, it is advisable that you keep your shirts on when walking on the streets as the Balinese culture is quite modest. So, let’s avoid making a dreadful scene of ourselves here. Do wear helmets when riding two-wheelers. Make sure you decide on a rate before you commute in taxis or hire a driver. 

Do Not Be Rude to Animals

Bali roads and tourist spots have plenty of dogs around. Be respectful and careful not to harm them. Watch out for the cunning monkeys in spots like Ubud and Uluwatu Temples. They are naughty thieves and can steal sunglasses from your head or anything that is unzipped and not safely kept away. If you don’t like monkeys then you need to be extra cautious in Bali.

Dangerous Adventures On the Beach

Beaches here can be filthy from tidal conditions. Avoid islands like Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak in January and February. Beware of strong waves and currents while surfing. Talk to other surfers before entering the waters and watch out for exposed rocks and unpredictable sea conditions. Please carry your travel insurance.

 Do Not Avoid Getting Vaccinated

Most common health hazard in Bali is from tropical diseases like Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Hence, another thing not to do in Bali is venturing out for a longer period to areas with fewer hygiene standards without being vaccinated. Plan your vaccinations 4 – 6 weeks before your travel to Bali. Vaccination strongly recommended is for Tetanus, Diphtheria, Typhoid and Hepatitis A. Prevent bug bites with repellants.

Do Not Carry Any Drugs without Prescription

Do not take drugs to Bali without a proper prescription. Don’t offend the Indonesian law and ignore restrictions as punitive action is very severe. This goes without saying that carrying illegal drugs is a serious offense here and could land you in prison.

These are just pointers for things you should not do in Bali. In no way, let it discourage you from traveling to this extremely beautiful island to have a good time.

Bali, ‘The land of Gods’ calls every wanderer for the most enlightening journeys.

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