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10 Reasons Why Visit Cape Verde, Africa

Cape Verde is an archipelago of multiple beautiful islands in the Atlantic Ocean located off the coast of Africa. Offering a diversity of natural beauty, Cape Verde is an amazing blend of hills, beaches, plains, and volcanoes. Since its discovery in the late 15th century, it has been a great getaway for Europeans and Africans. But in recent years, its popularity has increased by leaps and bounds. And what are the reasons for it? Well, a lot to be mentioned in a single line. Here are the top 10 reasons why you must visit Cape Verde this season.

10 Reasons to Visit Cape Verde, Africa

1. For Islands Filled With Diverse Beauty

reasons to visit Cape Verde: diverse hills

Showing a great deal of variety, the islands of Cape Verde deserve to be on your bucket list. It is because these islands have their own peculiarities. They have their own enigma, their own environment. On one hand, you come across the volcanic landscapes of Fogo Island and on the other hand, you savor the centuries-old culture in the streets of Praia. You experience loneliness at Maio Island and witness aisles characterized by zeal and zest. Every single island is different and hence, provides a great time.

2. For Beaches And The Sea

Reasons to visit Cape Verde: for its beautiful beach

Had it not been a winter retreat for Europeans and Africans back in the day, it would be a lost heaven today. But fortunately, it was noticed by world travelers and explorers for its serene unpolluted beaches and eventually, became a popular tourist destination. Come here to explore the white sands of Sal and Santiago Beaches, to make mud castles with your kids on Praia Island and to acknowledge that Cape Verde is god’s residence. Hold the hands of your partner and watch the sun playing around in the sky.

3. For Satisfying Adventures

sailing in the sea near sal

If there is anything apart from beaches for which Cape Verde is worshipped amongst travelers across continents, it is adventures. The country offers a number of adrenaline-pumping activities, ranging from surfing to scuba diving. However, the most famous one is kitesurfing. Sailing, whale watching, snorkeling, diving, and boating are the other adventures you can opt for while in this island country. The best place to go in Cape Verde for such activities is Sal Island.

4. For Volcanoes And Its Hiking Trails

fogo volcanic island

Hiking up the mouth of a volcano and enjoying panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and nearby settlements is certainly something you wouldn’t experience everywhere. Hence, Cape Verde comes straight on your travel list. The country is home to three volcanoes, namely Brava, Fogo and Sao Vicente. You can plan a visit to any of these and explore the unseen wonders of Africa. You will also find several black beaches on these islands.

5. For Amazingly Painted Colourful Streets

cape verde beautiful painted streets

It is rightly said that if you want to get acquainted with the local culture of a place, plan a tour of its streets. And the saying comes true when you walk through the colorful aisles of Cape Verde. We would be lying if we say these awe-inspiring streets aren’t part of Cape Verde sightseeing. They are and will always be. For what they harbor and for what they nurture, you cannot just walk past them without scrutinizing their beauty. Walls painted with contemporary artworks make these streets lively forever.

6. For The Sweet Sounding Local Music

local sweet sounding music

The music of Cape Verde is a symphony composed of elements from the African and Portuguese music styles. That’s why it is loved across countries and continents. It has those rhythms and tunes that are capable of sending you to a euphoric world. Sitting by the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and listening to the sweetest melodies of Morna could your best moment in Cape Verde. So, how about seizing this moment? You can also find locals playing it in several cafes, restaurants and bars.

7. For Cachupa And Grogue

cachupa local dish

If you are a foodie and always look forward to satisfying your taste buds, then this reason is enough for you to pack your bags and be on the way to Cape Verde. The country has a cuisine that comprises corns, beans, and fish. Cachupa, claimed to be the national dish of the country, has these three as major ingredients. You must also relish a glass of Grogue, a local drink fermented from sugarcane. It is immensely popular and is often used in cocktails. You will find the best of both in Sal Cape Verde.

8. For Not-so-old Yet Intriguing Culture

sao vincente carnival

Cape Verde was just an expanse dotted with volcanoes covered with forests and surrounded by the ocean before the 15th century. It all developed when the Portuguese and other European sailors discovered it and brought enslaved Africans as their servants. Hence, the Cape Verdean culture is a mix of cultures from different territories. And it is evident in its dance, literature, music, cuisine, and artworks. Stay with a local to understand how their culture flourished over the years.

9. For Its Friendly Environment

friendly environment on islands

Cape Verdeans are friendly. They are welcoming and don’t look down upon anything. They don’t judge you and always come forward to help. You go to any house in Cape Verde and you will be treated as a welcomed guest. If you are thinking – Is Cape Verde Safe? Then the answer is a definite ‘Yes!’. So, when you are getting such an amazing environment along with natural splendors, why stay behind? It is time to visit this wondrous land and add a memorable chapter to your life.

10. For Being a Year-round Destination

year round destination cape verde islands

It’s hard to find a place that you can visit anytime for a year. Somewhere, the summers too hot and at other places, the winters are unbearable. But when Cape Verde is the destination, you can go without thinking about its climate. It is because here you will come across bearable summers and sunny winters. Probably, that’s the reason it is a retreat for tourists every season. However, the best time to visit Cape Verde is between November and June.

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