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Retire In Bali: Requirements & Information

Bali with its unique culture, famous art forms, and beautiful tropical greens is definitely a good choice of place to retire. After all, it is an island paradise and the land of spirituality. A majority of the locals here are friendly and can communicate in English. That makes it easier to settle here. Finding affordable accommodation is easy too. Let’s outline the requirements and tips to retire in Bali the right way.

Requirements & Other Information for Retiring in Bali

Required Age, Financials, & Terms

retire in bali - requirements and facts
  • The required age to retire in Bali is 55 years of age.
  • You must have at least USD 1,520 a month or USD 18,270 a year as living expenses in Bali.
  • A valid proof of health and life insurance.
  • Rental accommodation proof with a cost of USD 380 per month is needed.
  • A letter stating that you agree to employ at least one local while dwelling in Bali.
  • And, a Passport with a validity of at least 12 months is a must.

Retirement Visa in Bali – ITAS Lansia, Visa Pensiun

You can enter the country on a 60-day tourist visa first. Obtain a tourist visa from your nearest Indonesian Consulate. Once you arrive, employ an agent to assist you in getting a KITA. A retirement KITA (temporary stay permit card) is renewable every 5 years. The cost of the agent is normally between USD 375 – USD 530 each year. The requirements for the retirement visa in Bali are listed on the website. Here are some quick facts:

  • Minimum age – 55 years, Eligibility limited to 30 nationalities
  • Valid for 1 year, extendable up to 5 years
  • Takes 3 months to obtain
  • And, the Passport needs to be valid for at least 12 months

Affordable Property – The Lease

Although you are not allowed to own a property, it is common to go for a long term lease for 10, 15, 30 years or even more. Renting also is an option with an affordable rent of USD 500 per month for a one-room plus an en-suite bath. A bungalow stay in Ubud is about USD 500-800 per month. You can live well in a small budget in the lap of luxury in one of the popular beach towns. Isn’t it a good idea to retire in Bali?

Food – Well within your reach

Food is inexpensive with a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits in offer in the local markets. A vegetarian can eat well for USD 80-100 per month. A non-vegetarian Western diet will cost a bit more as meat is expensive. Eat-Outs is also very reasonable on a spend of USD 100++ for a gourmet meal with imported wine and excellent service. Balinese food is wonderful with many tasty options. The locals here are mostly vegetarian and live in a rice-based culture. Alcohol, however, is highly taxed.

Lifestyle in Bali – Peaceful & Enriching

It is easy to adapt to the loyalty and kindness of Balinese people. With a good hobby to keep you occupied like painting, weaving or cooking, days can pass with ease and tranquility. Outdoor entertainment of cultural dances at cost-effective ticket prices or maybe beachfront walks keep your day fun-filled and happy. You can spend time at night clubs and bars with world-class performers. Usually, the bars don’t even have an entrance fee. Try local Balinese beer and wine. Then there is arak made from rice that contains 50% alcohol. For a subdued lifestyle, you have a choice of towns – Ubud, Seminyak, Sanur, Legian, and Canggu. Beautiful beaches, night bars, and a colorful life await you in your sunset years.

Delightful Weather for Body & Fuel for your Soul

Bali with its tropical weather has rains between November to March with downpours and high humidity. At 32 degrees and regular rainfall, you can enjoy the beautiful tropical scenes of the island. The dry season is from April to October with cooler temperatures, rays of sunshine and feel-good weather. Bali is popular as the land of spirituality with yoga, meditation, and soul-enriching qualities in its very ambiance. Enjoy your retired days in the lap of physical and spiritual love and let Bali be your new home.

So what’s holding you back? Retire in Bali and realize any unfinished adventures, exploration on this paradise island.

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