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9 One-Of-A-Kind Sustainable Travel Experiences In The World

Do you want to be an eco-friendly traveller by contributing to the upliftment of communities, conservation of the environment and wildlife preservation of the destination? Listed below are 9 unique sustainable travel experiences in the world that don’t compromise on the fun. So, be an ultimate green traveller and make your experience count. But first, let us understand sustainable tourism and its importance.

What is Sustainable Travel?

9 One-Of-A-Kind Sustainable Travel Experiences In The World

Sustainable tourism involves considering the effects of tourism on an area’s social, economic, and environmental systems. In addition, it aids in providing measures towards the conservation of its biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Sustainable Travel Experiences In The World – Top 9

Help Raise Income For The Sämi People, Norway 


Sämi people are indigenous to Nordic Lapland and live off the land. Touring Norway, one of the most eco-friendly travel destinations on Earth, is a great way to immerse in the Sämi culture.  Choose from among the top sustainable travel experiences in the world such as skiing under the Northern Lights or visiting a Sämi reindeer herder while staying at a Sämi camp. This way you are contributing to the immersion programme that helps the local people raise a source of income while learning about their culture. Listen to the traditional stories of knowledgeable guides from the local communities who navigate every stage of the tour. Take a brilliant decision to embrace sustainable travel by embarking on this exotic adventure today.

Book An Eco-Friendly Tour To Porini Safari Camps, Kenya

Kenya, sustainable travel experiences

Kenya is among the top eco-friendly destinations in the world. Here, the local community offers eco-friendly safaris and lodges. Consider booking a tour at the Porini Safari Camps which have been working with local communities in Kenya for over three decades. Eco-tourism income from the Porini Safari Camps and the “Adopt An Acre” program pays for wildlife conservation. As a result, your travel supports the community that manages nature reserves. As we know, the Masai tribe considers protecting the land and animals a priority. Experience Kenya, a country that strictly regulates the use of landscapes designated for wildlife conservation. 

Volunteer At Kualoa Ranch, Hawaii


Yet another incredible sustainable travel experience in the world is with the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau which fiercely advocates eco-tourism. It offers the Mālama Hawaii Program, which is a voluntourism experience. You can get a special discount or even a free night’s stay as you volunteer your services at Kualoa Ranch. Founded in 1850, this reserve and sanctuary cover 4000 acres. Contribute to a sustainable travel trend by being a hands-on volunteer learning how to protect and preserve the land’s natural beauty. The ranch’s eco-adventure volunteer tour also teaches you about its cultural importance. Additionally, you can enjoy a jeep safari, zipline tours, horseback rides, UTV Raptor tours and more. 

Check Out The Elephant Nature Park, Thailand 

Thailand, sustainable travel experiences

Sustainable travelling sees elephant riding as cruel and a misunderstood activity. Elephants can become permanently injured if they are constantly carrying people on their backs. Instead, book a day trip to the Elephant Nature Park which is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre in northern Thailand. Here, you can interact with the pachyderm by bathing or feeding them, a great wildlife experience. Your tour fees contribute to their betterment while you volunteer towards the elephant’s healing process. You can also contribute towards the Save Elephant Foundation which is a charitable trust that accepts donations. Let Thailand welcome you to an eco-friendly adventure with your family.

Stay In Self-Sustaining Accommodation, Maldives 


The Maldives is a large archipelago of over 1000 islands whose people are committed to environmental conservation, sea life rehabilitation and ocean protection. Stay in a self-sufficient and eco-friendly resort that has achieved carbon neutrality with facilities that run on solar energy, bans single-use plastics, operates an on-site water recycling program etc. Make your island holiday one of the most sustainable travel experiences in the world. Book a stay at these forward-thinking sustainable resorts and take a major step towards protecting the world’s unique ecosystems. Look for Green Global, Green Fins or Green Key certifications that are rewarded to these resorts at the forefront of sustainability efforts in the Maldives.

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Close Encounters With Rarest Wildlife, Galapagos 

Galapagos, sustainable travel experiences

Galapagos in Ecuador is one of the most eco-friendly travel destinations in the world. Almost 100 per cent of the stunning archipelago is protected as a national park. Delight in close encounters with wildlife on an island home to the rarest species in the world such as the giant Galapagos Tortoise. You will also encounter varied marine animals and birds, such as penguins, iguanas, and sea lions, at the Galapagos National Park.  Experience first-hand how locals co-exist with species of the island and take delight in embracing a truly incredible sustainable travel experience.

Care For Rescued Wildlife, Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Another choice for a one-of-a-kind sustainable travel experience in the world is the Proyecto Asis Rescue Center. The sanctuary is just outside Arenal Volcano National Park, where you can care for rescued wildlife. It works towards the conservation of wildlife and the environment in the Arenal Volcano area. A trained naturalist tour guide will help you explore the reserve and inform you about animal conservation. Learn about the animals’ eating habits, get your hands dirty maintaining the grounds and help to rehabilitate Costa Rican sloths. This sustainable travelling choice is especially ideal for Costa Rican wildlife lovers. 

Join An Expedition In Teno-Rasca Protected Area, Tenerife

Tenerife, sustainable travel experiences

Among the eco-friendly travel destinations in the world is Tenerife, Canary Island. Join biologists on a two-hour thrilling eco-adventure to observe whales and dolphins in the Teno-Rasca Protected Area. The team protects pilot whales and dolphins, promotes conservation, and supports scientific research. Learn about the majestic animal aboard a boat with cushioned bench seats for just 10 guests.  Partake in the most exciting eco-friendly ways to travel as you listen to whales and dolphins via a hydrophone.  It costs about $60 per person to participate in the tour, contributing to conservation efforts.

Rehabilitate Chacma Baboons, South Africa 

South Africa

Yet another sustainable travel trend is to volunteer in a Big Five Nature Reserve such as The Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. Book a safari tour and meet like-minded volunteers at C.A.R.E. (Centre for Animal Rehabilitation and Education). Here, you will be a part of the rehabilitation program towards healing the orphaned Chacma Baboons. Volunteer to make a difference in the lives of abandoned animals until they are well enough to be set free in the wild. Help surrogate mothers bond with baby orphaned baboons by giving supplement feeds to the infants and help in raising them.  This is among the best sustainable travel experiences in the world that care for African wildlife.

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