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5+ Most Awesome Locations For Nigeria Staycations

Nigeria, Africa offers fascinating staycation spots from amazing primate sanctuaries, rainforests, worshipping houses, beautiful sightseeing to Atlantic beaches and ports. Here are some of the top Nigeria staycations spots in a country of various colors known for its natural structures and wildlife preserves.

5+ Most Awesome Nigeria Staycations Spots

Calabar ~ To the hilly city, museums, and baboon ranches

Nigeria staycations - Calabar

Calabar is one of the top places for Nigeria staycations. The place amazes you with plenty of sightseeing spots that are just a few miles from the capital city, the gateway to the Cross River.

Top Calabar Activities and Attractions

  • Drive to Afi Mountain Drill Ranch near the Cross River National Park for close encounters with primates and rainforest canopy walks. Stay in excellent accommodations to enjoy the weekend.
  • Go on an education tour to discover the possibilities of the Drill Ranch, Africa’s primate conservation body.
  • Enjoy a sit-out experience in Calabar Marina Resort, Tortuga Island with plantation-style bars, landscaped gardens, sunset views, and delightful barbecue meals.
  • Take a day tour to Calabar Museum (Slave History Museum) situated on the site of a 15th-century slave trading warehouse.

Lagos ~ For the Beach Resorts and African Safaris

Nigeria staycations - Lagos

Indulge in the great spirit of Lagos, the economic capital, and a hot Nigeria staycations spot with plenty of options to choose from.

Top Lagos Activities and Attractions

  • Drive about 560 km from Lagos to Kainji Lake National Park. The national park is home to unique wildlife and plenty of activities such as boat cruises, wilderness treks, etc.
  • Pamper your taste buds with Terra Kulture traditional gastronomical delights such as ofada rice, boiled yam, catfish among others. Sit in the food courts with amazing hand-crafted wooden furniture.
  • Visit the Yankari National Park for an unforgettable wildlife safari.
  • Experience exciting beach time at Kamp Ikare near the serene Ikare village with tropical ambiance.

Abuja ~ In the charming capital of Nigeria

Nigeria staycations - Abuja

Abuja promises a skyline with fascinating landmarks, mosques, and striking skyscrapers. 

Top Abuja Activities and Attractions

  • Sunbathe in the newest hotspot, Mpape Crushed Rock which overlooks a shimmering lake.
  • Drive on a day tour to visit the famous landmarks such as the National Museum, site of the Millennium Tower, National Christian Center, and more.
  • Spend quality time at one of the top wellness resorts that offer impeccable hospitality.
  • Explore budget-friendly activities such as a visit to the Zuma Rock, Jabi Lake Mall, Millennium Park among others.

Owerri ~ Demystify in the heart of Igbo Land

Navigate the fascinating city of Owerri. The place has plenty of staycations ideas, so you do not have a dull moment here.

Top Owerri Activities and Attractions

  • Head out to Oguta Lake, the largest natural lake in Imo State. Here, witness a mysterious confluence of the two angry rivers.
  • Imbibe the cultures of the city with a sightseeing tour of the Mbari Cultural and Arts Center, Maria Assumpta Cathedral, The National Museum, to name a few.
  • Take a trip to Nekede Zoo in the sprawling 10 hectares of reserved forest. Spot the ostriches, lions, monkeys, chimpanzees, pythons, and more.
  • Give the kids a fun-filled day at the Owerri Amusement Park for a family excursion and staycation.

Kano ~ For the varied picnicking and tourist spots

Feel spellbound at the various places of interest in the city of Kano. Visit historical monuments and other tourist spots here.

Top Kano Activities and Attractions

  • Visit the Rock Castle that overlooks the Tiga Dam for a sense of serenity and peace.
  • Drive up to Dala Hill for panoramic views and spectacular nature.
  • Witness the largest procession of colorful horses in the Durbar and enjoy a horse ride.
  • Take a few hours city tour and visit Rurum, Tiga, and Falgore Reserve among others.

Bonny Island ~ The Rainforest Vegetation by the banks of the Bonny River

Bonny Island in the Niger Delta region is a beautiful buzzing island town noted for its efforts at conserving nature. It is also a major export point for oil.

Top Bonny Island Activities and Attractions

  • Take an excursion to the Finima Nature Park with astonishing biodiversity in the area of approximately 1000 ha.
  • Experience a beach carnival in the spectacular Finima Beach that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Relax on the fascinating 9-hole golf course that hosts the NLNG MDs Golf Classic Tournament as well.
  • Relish seafood at one of the numerous hotels, restaurants, or supermarkets.
  • Also, try your hand at fishing.
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