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No More Saving For Your Trips, Tabby To The Rescue!

Listen up folks! We’re going on vacation!

*endless scrolling on Insta, finds a mesmerising place to visit*

*eyes sparkle, immediately wanderlusts to head there*

*looks at the bank balance and ‘Hello sadness my old friend’*

Does this look like your usual evening? Well, not anymore! I am sure none of us have a compulsive travelling disorder (except we do!). But as avid wanderlust-ers, despite our desire to be a responsible, money-saving, pre-planning a-trip kinda person, we really just want to live life to the fullest! And, that includes living in the moment, spontaneous trips, indulgent stays, unique experiences, etc. Those of you who agree with our way of life, we’ve got a way to satiate that ever burning wanderlust without burning a hole in our pockets! 

Sounds intriguing? 

Here are four words that will further pique your interest – ‘Travel Now, Pay Later’. Enter: Tabby, a leading Buy Now, Pay Later service provider. (Mind = Blown). Travelwings, in partnership with Tabby, has introduced a new payment feature that allows customers to book a vacation and split the total expense into four ZERO-interest instalments.

So, with Tabby’s no-cost, easy instalment payment method, you can have your dream vacation whenever, wherever by splitting your payment into four no-interest instalments and paying them over the next few months. By launching this new payment option, we offer customers greater flexibility, affordability and convenience.

Take The Stress Out Of Unplanned Travel

Remember those times when you couldn’t plan or budget for that unexpected trip? Fortunately, we don’t have to relive those days! With our Buy Now, Pay Later payment option, you can book unplanned travel without worrying about paying the full price upfront. Instead, you can split the booking cost into four easy-to-pay instalments.

Plan Your Travel Anytime, Anywhere

Now, for those of the trips that you do plan, our Book Now, Pay Later payment option takes away the need to wait for your next payday or save up in advance.

Enjoy No-Cost EMI

Dreaming about ZERO interest rates? Our Book Now, Pay Later service comes with a promise of easy and affordable, no-cost EMIs. All you have to do is pick the Book Now, Pay Later payment option and make your booking. Experience travel at its best without fretting over finances or hefty interest rates!

Booking a holiday has never been this easy! So, whip out your bucket list, choose from our wide range of holiday packages, and start ticking off the list one vacation at a time! At the time of booking, just fill out the enquiry form and our sales representative will get in touch with you and share the payment link.

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