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Best 15 Mind-Blowing Places To Visit In Taif For A Great Escape

Taif is a city in Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia at an elevation of 1879m on the slopes of the Sarawat Mountains. The ‘City of Roses’ promises pleasant weather and the freshness of aromatic flowers in the air. The wadis and mountains near Taif are home to some of the most fragrant flowers. The city also includes history, culture and entertainment to welcome you on a great escape. We list the 15 best places to visit in Taif to keep you inspired.

Places To Visit In Taif – Top 15

Al Rudaf Park – A Million Colorful Blooms

Best 15 Mind-Blowing Places To Visit In Taif For A Great Escape

Visit the Al Rudaf Park in spring, one of the top tourist places in Taif that turns into a rose village. The ‘City of Roses’ attracts you with 900 acres of rose farms with the park being an exceptional attraction in itself. In the evening you can see the musical fountain as the garden lights up. Hire camels, ponies or even horses outside the park to wander the open spaces. Enter the green oasis and escape amidst the beauty of the park that also features children’s playgrounds and food outlets.

Location: 6CHG+M4C, ابو طالب, Al Ruddaf, Taif 26514, Saudi Arabia

Shubra Palace – Ancient Treasures

Shubra Palace

The ancient museum was built in 1905 as a palace for Sherif Ali Pasha. The City Museum, which is a popular visiting place in Taif, is housed in this beautiful building. The top tourist attraction in Taif has lattice windows and a marble interior from Carrara, Italy. The palace later became the residence of King Faisal that offers royal vibes to visitors now visiting this palace turned museum. The two wings contain rooms, columns, arches, two huge entrances and Islamic-style architecture which makes the palace a top tourist spot in Taif.

Location: Shubra Street, Shubra، Shubra, At Taif 26522, Saudi Arabia 

Jouri Mall Taif – Indulge in Fashionista Moments

Jouri Mall, Places to visit in Taif
Source: SafarWay

The high-end world class mall is one of the most popular places to visit in Taif. The mall lies on Khalid bin Walid Road and offers upscale fashion stores, a supermarket, dining venues and more. There are outdoor play areas for kids, luxury brands on sale and different types of restaurants serving local and international cuisine. The chic shopping center has an oval shape and is a great tourist attraction in Taif for retail therapy.

Location: Khalid bin Walid Road، Aljal, At Taif 26523, Saudi Arabia

Taif Zoo – A Delightful Kids` Treat

Taif Zoo, Places to visit in Taif

Taif Zoo is a must-see in your Saudi Arabia travel especially with kids in tow. Catch sights of flora and fauna  in a zoo which is home to lions, zebras, elephants and more. Have fun in the amusement park within the zoo and enjoy exciting rides. There is a dolphin show where visitors can feed and interact with the mammal. Catch a bite at the cafes in the zoo to unwind or watch documentaries on dinosaurs and more.

Location: As Sadad, Taif 26514, Saudi Arabia

Taif Central Market – Local Shopping Aura

Taif Central Market, Places to visit in Taif

Wander the prime shopping tourist place in Taif for local wares, as you head to the Taif Central Market. Pick from the many local wares such as swords, jewelry, mint tea, ghee milk, rose oil, healing herbs and more. This trendy hot spot of Taif in Saudi Arabia has independent shops that sell souvenirs worth the price. The arrow winding alleys set in a historic and renovated center are totally worth the visit.

Location: 8434, Al Nuzhah, At Taif 26514, Saudi Arabia

Masjid Al Kou – A Spiritual Retreat

Masjid Al Kou
Source: WafyApp

The grandeur of Islamic architecture makes the mosque one of the best tourist places in Taif.  This ancient mosque dates back to the Ottoman era with splendid minarets that lend to its spiritual grace. Orchards and farms surround the historic site. There is an arched entrance in the southern section of the small mosque that is famous as a spiritual tourist spot in Taif. It is located near Al-Muthanna village, within a splendid botanical garden on the western mountain route. 

Location: Al Mathnah, Taif 26511, Saudi Arabia

Al Faisaliah Garden – Unwind In Beauty

Al Faisaliah Garden, Places to visit in Taif
Source: Trfihi Parks

Al Faisaliah Garden is among the best parks in the city with verdant greenways and beauty. This top tourist place in Taif offers walkways for jogging, hiking, walking and running. There are dancing fountains and sections where you can have a family picnic. Check out the children’s games area, a sports center and a small cafe for local eateries.  Have a relaxing day at an attraction that makes tourism Saudi Arabia famous.

Location:  الحوي، near 7473, 26571 3670، At Taif 26571, Saudi Arabia

Muawiyah Dam – Unique Engineering Site

Muawiyah Dam

Taif in Saudi Arabia has many ancient dams, one of which is the Muawiyah Dam on the Arabian Peninsula. Its amazing architectural and engineering design makes this a unique tourist attraction in Taif. The rectangular structure is made up of granite stones and is 58m long. Relax and rejuvenate in its beauty, a dam that was built by Abdullah Bin Sakhr, is among the most popular places to visit in Taif.

Location: Unnamed Road, At Taif, Saudi Arabia

Taif Water Amusement Park – A Hidden Gem

Taif Water Amusement Park
Source: Life in Saudi Arabia

One of the famous places in Taif with kids is the water park where endless fun awaits you and your loved ones. Spend quality time in the many swimming pools and entertainment rides in a park on a family outing day. The amusement park in the mountains links the Ramada Hotel via a cable car ride, where an open buffet dinner is a must try experience. Capture the beauty of nature and tick off a fun tourism Saudi Arabia adventure.

Location: Hadda Taif Road, Saudi Arabia

Saiysad National Park – Nature’s Bounty

Saiysad National Park, Places to visit in Taif
Source: Inspirock

Enter through the main gate into one of the best places to visit in Taif with large green spaces and natural beauty. Rejuvenate your senses as you form an intimate bond with the outdoors. Located in the northeast of Taif, the national park is ideal for picnics, family outings, get-togethers, camping and more. The dense trees, serene springs, natural landscapes and nature reserves make this a popular Saudi Arabia travel attraction. Enjoy time by the waterfall inside the park and take advantage of the playing grounds for playing an exciting match of football/soccer.

Location: 7FVV+8J5, At Taif Saudi Arabia

Qantara Mosque – History & Tranquility

Qantara Mosque
Source: Welcome Saudi

Qantara Mosque, also known as the Al-Madhoun Mosque lies in the Al-Mathnah neighbourhood of Taif. It dates a rough 162 years back to the Ottoman era and stands out for its ancient Abbasid architectural inspiration. Visit this serene and ancient place in Taif that to this day retains its old charm. The distinctive minaret looks cylindrical but ends with a sphere peak. Check out the cyclic ladder that leads to the roof of the mosque. You can climb to the top for views of the hilly slopes, mountains and gorgeous green fields.

Location: Al-Mathnah, Taif, Saudi Arabia

Strawberry Farm – Charming Scenes

Strawberry Farm, Places to visit in Taif

The farm displays a rustic design thanks to its owner Bandar bin Turki Al-Ahmadi and focuses on planting and harvesting strawberries. Enjoy the farm facilities while the children have a fun time amid ducks, geese, parrots and more. Farm officials guide you through to experience the soothing sounds of a waterfall which is houses many colourful fishes. The strawberry picking season is from April to June when you get to taste and buy the finest quality strawberries in Saudi Arabia. The farm sells strawberry-made products such as ice cream, soap, shampoo and more.

Location: Al Hada area of Taif, Saudi Arabia

Telefric Al Hasan – Spectacle of Views

Telefric Al Hasan

One of the top tourist attractions in Taif are the cable cars that lie on the first ring road. Begin the cable car ride from the top of Jabal al Hada and head down through the old pedestrian road towards al Kar, a tourist village. The ride offers terrific views of the village and mountain. There are facilities such as restaurants, shops and gaming activities like paintball, car racing circuits, laser tag, water games and more at the station at the base of the decent. Stay in one of the hotels in the vicinity for a good time and let tourism Saudi Arabia entice you.

Location: Al Hada Cable Car Resort, First Ring Road, Taif, Saudi Arabia

Green Mountain Park – Fun & Frolic Times

Green Mountain Park
Source: DestiMap

Catch the thrill and adventure at a classic theme park in Saudi Arabia. This is among the most famous places in Taif for kids. From giant Ferris wheels, gravity-defying rides and epic coasters to a carnival atmosphere, the theme park is full of excitement. This expansive green theme park is among the best recreational spots in the city. Visit the beautiful park amidst desert mountain views to unwind with family and friends.

Location: Alhada Rd, C44, At Taif 26715, Saudi Arabia

Al-Sharif Museum – Heritage & History

Al Sharif Museum, Places to visit in Taif
Source: DestiMap

This is among the top places to visit in Taif which is home to many ancient artifacts. As a popular tourist attraction for history buffs it is special because Al-Sharif Ali Bin Malbas, its owner for 30 years, use to make travels to the countryside in search for historical artefacts that were put on display here. Indulge in the history and heritage of Taif and also partake in the periodic auctions that take place. Among the best tourist places in Taif for historical value, the Al-Sharif Museum is an unmissable one.

Location:  السداد، Taif 26517, Saudi Arabia

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