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Top 12+ Alluring and Magical Places To Visit In Tabuk

Tabuk Province is among the most beautiful places in the world popular for its ancient rock formations, glorious stories of prophets and more. If you want to indulge in historical adventures, pilgrimage roads and epic battles of the past, then do visit the city of Tabuk, the capital of Tabuk Province. The region is a favourite for tourists with plenty of historical places to visit and tourist attractions. We put together 12+ captivating places to visit in Tabuk, the northern gateway to the Arabian Peninsula. Take a holiday now to discover these lush lands and ancient treasures!

Top 12+ Places To Visit In Tabuk

Tabuk Ottoman Castle – Companions of the Wood

Top 11+ Alluring and Magical Places To Visit In Tabuk

The fascinating building dates back to the Roman era and is a top tourist attraction in Tabuk. The city is popular as the summer resort of the Roman Empire and Tabuk Castle stands as a testimony of time. The ancient castle dates back to 1559 and nowadays serves as a museum with artefacts from the Ottoman era. Tabuk Castle’s historical role as a centre for pilgrims on route to Medina is very popular and a must-see tourist place.

Location: Al Awayshah, 3060 Al Amir Fahd Ibn Sultan Rd, Al Awayshah, Tabuk 47914, Saudi Arabia

Tabuk Mountains – A Series of Unspoiled Beauty

Tabuk Mountains

This most beautiful tourist place is a great location for camping and hiking, featuring sandstone cliffs and ancient rock art forms. Jabal Al lawz is the highest mountain in Saudi Arabia and is the top tourist attraction.  Another Tabuk towering mountain is the astounding Jabal Maqla, at a height of 2326 meters. Jabal al Qalom, Jabal Ferwa and Jabal Shar are some of the many beautiful mountain ranges in Tabuk which are unmissable.

Location: Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Al Tawba Mosque – For Serene Vibes

Al Tawba Mosque
Source: Welcome Saudi

The mosque is one of the top tourist attractions and is also popular as The Prophet’s Mosque.  It is made from mud, bricks and palm tree trunks and was restored in the early 20th century. It is among the world’s oldest mosques and is a significant religious site in Tabuk. Prophet Muhammad prayed here in 630 AD when he visited for the Battle of Tabuk which makes the tourist attraction popular. 

Location: 9HM5+J33, Al’awayshah, Tabuk 47914, Saudi Arabia

Wadi Al Disah – Striking Natural Wonder

Wadi Al Disah
Source: On the way around

This is a beautiful place to visit that lies in the Mohammed bin Salman Natural Reserve. The sandstone columns, palm trees and tall grass make the landscape stunning and ideal for photography. Wander the oases of pools in the Valley of the Palms and witness beautiful sunsets. Sight-see ancient buildings that date back to the Nabatean era at a top place to visit in Tabuk.

Location: South-west province of Tabuk

Souq Twaheen – Steeped in Local Flavours

Souq Twaheen

This bustling tourist attraction is a traditional Saudi market and a striking example of Saudis’ heritage. Saunter the many quaint shops in the bustling market which once popular amongst the local Bedouins. You get everything that ranges from groceries, vegetables,  clothes, gas stoves and more. Pick a souvenir or two from patterned rugs, camel saddles and cushions. It is among the best places to visit in Tabuk that lies in the old quarter.

Location: Al Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab Rd. Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Tabuk Rose Farm – A Spring Season Wonder

Tabuk Rose Farm

Head out to the most beautiful place in the world during spring when over 18 million pink and red roses in Tabuk blossom every year. The rose farms in the region are a top place to visit in Tabuk with an aura of rose scent and wonderment. It is a popular tourist place in spring where you can take a special rose farm tour. Rose products from perfume, cosmetics, rose water and more are some of the goods that are exported from this region the world over.

Location: Astra Farms Headquarters, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Hijaz Railway Station – A Preserved Tourist Attraction

Hijaz Railway Station

Yet another top place to visit in Tabuk, especially for history buffs is the Hijaz Railway. It dates back to the Ottoman period and lay in ruins for over two decades. The station since then went under restoration and was important to pilgrims for speeding up their journey from Damascus to Makkah and Medina. It was later destroyed by Lawrence and his Arab allies, today it is an abandoned sand-dusted ruin with unused locomotives and rails.

Location: 2792 King Abdul Aziz Rd, Alaziziyah Alqadimah, Tabuk 47912, Saudi Arabia

Haddaj Well – A Historical Site

Haddaj well

This historical tourist attraction is one of the oldest wells in Saudi Arabia dating back to 1000 BCE by the Babylonian King Nabonidus. The Haddaj well of Tayma is one of the most important wells in the Kingdom and a top place to see in Tabuk. The spring-fed well is 12 meters deep, and its stone mouth is 13 meters in diameter, a popular tourist attraction. It lies in the centre of Tayma town and is made of yellow stone bricks. This engineering marvel was the only water source of the ancient city. 

Location: Tayma, Saudi Arabia

Raes Lake – Unwind in a Picnic Spot

Raes Lake

Among the top places to visit in Tabuk is the beautiful Raes Lake. It is a picture-perfect picnic location to relax and recharge. Spend time with your loved ones amid lush greenery to create enjoyable memories. Situated at just a 20-minute drive from Tabuk, this is among the most beautiful places to visit. The serene lake lies in the southwest of Tabuk city and offers stunning views. Raes Lake Tabuk is among the top places to visit especially as a couple.

Location: Tabuk 47925, Saudi Arabia

GreenLand – A Perfect Family Retreat

GreenLand Park

GreenLand Park is among the top tourist attractions in Tabuk and a perfect place for family outings. The amusement park also offers a zoo with plenty of animals to see and feed. The tourist place is where you can blend with nature in its vast green areas and have a picnic. The garden and large areas are excellent for walking and hiking in a wide expanse of natural beauty. This kid-friendly park is one of the most famous places in Tabuk where you can watch birds and spend quality time in the greens. Relish local food in the restaurants or pick up a souvenir or two at the gift shop.

Location: 3262 King Saud Rd, Al Mahrajan, Tabuk 47912, Saudi Arabia

Madyan – An Archeological Attraction

Madyan, places to visit in Tabuk
Source: Welcome Saudi

This beautiful place is said to have been inhabited some 200 years BC and is a top place to visit in Tabuk. Historians believe that Prophet Musa spent around 10 years at Madyan after he fled from Pharaoh. The amazing historical site is good to visit to embrace the beauty of the tourist place. The place also finds a reference in the Quran and the Bible for its religious importance. The splendid city consists of houses cut out from huge rocks and dates back to 2000 BC. 

Location: 127 km from Tabuk Airport

Haql Beaches – Water Adventures

Haql Beaches
Source: The National News

200 km from Tabuk city lies this tourist attraction popular for its water sports adventures. There are plenty of activities in Haql, a city northwest of Saudi Arabia, at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba. From rafting, and swimming, to diving there are plenty of marine activities you can indulge in. The turquoise waters of Sultaniyah Beach is a top tourist place to visit for some fun in the sun. Pick from Haql Beach resorts that you can stay in for a holiday and enjoy the golden beaches and laid-back vibes. This is a perfect beach getaway in your travel to Saudi Arabia.

Location: Haql Shipwreck Beach, 55km south of Haql city, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

12 Springs of Prophet Moses – A Historical Landmark

12 Springs of Prophet Moses
Source: Saudi Gazette

This top tourist attraction in Tabuk is in the valley of Maqna in Saudi Arabia. Visit the historical landmark where crystal clear spring waters emerge from the surface of the earth in the middle of a desert. The magical spiritual tourist place to visit is where Prophet Moses came to drink water from one of these wells. Be amidst palm trees that surround the springs including the ‘ Spring of Moses’ and blend in the serene experience. You can also visit a date farm located near the springs and experience the historical site in its complete glory.

Location: Valley of Maqna, Tabuk Province, Saudi Arabia

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