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How To Reach Sharjah : Everything You Need To Know

‘Smile you`re in Sharjah’, a friendly city in the United Arab Emirates that is situated east of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Tour to get the local essence of Arabia in a city known for its Arabic and Islamic heritage. The Abbasid-styled and Umayyad buildings, Islamic museums, libraries and cultural centres lure you to a family-friendly environment and a cultural hub. If you are planning a trip to the city, we tell you the best and the cheapest options available on how to reach Sharjah. Take a look!

How to Reach Sharjah?

By Flight

By Flight

Sharjah International Airport is located just 1 km from the city centre and is very well connected to other major cities of the Middle East. There are daily flights from different parts of Europe and West Asia as well. 23 major international air carriers and 13 air cargo carriers ply the route and operate out of Sharjah. The low-cost Air Arabia also has its hub here. Other main international airlines include Air India, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airlines and more. You could also reach Sharjah via Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports that are located at a distance of 30 km and 164 km respectively. The two cities offer the biggest international hubs in the UAE.

You could take the shuttle bus that connects the airport with Sharjah Centre that runs every 30 minutes. A public bus 111 runs hourly from the airport via Al Qusais Bus Station to the Metro`s Rashidiya Station in Dubai.

Pro Tip: Be aware of weather conditions as thunderstorms may cause delays or cancellations of flights.

By Bus

By Bus

The UAE has extensive road networks between Sharjah to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There are bus services connecting the three major cities with good public transportation as these are major cities in the Middle East. The famous bus operators are Mowasalat that has services out of Sharjah while Dubai Bus operates out of Dubai and the Department of Transportation or DoT in Abu Dhabi. You can use the bus services that connect the region well between suburban cities and internal regions.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind the unmarked speed bumps and the weather conditions. Dust storms are windy and can make visibility poor while driving. It is good to avoid road travel during a windy day.

By Train

By Train

The Etihad Rail Project is a subsidiary of the China Railway Construction Corporation. The project provides for a rail line that runs across 1.8 km through the Hajar Mountains and is set to be completed. The Etihad Train project was launched in 2019 at a cost of AED 4.6 billion. You get a 145 long track that passes through 15 tunnels, 35 bridges, and 32 underpasses. The network connects Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah. The completed track will connect Ghuwaifat on the border with Saudi Arabia to Fujairah. The network will also connect Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa and Mussafah ports with Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port and the Port of Fujairah. The railway track is progressing at a rapid speed and we are keenly awaiting an official announcement. So, brace yourself for great train journeys.

How To Reach Sharjah from Dubai:

How to reach Sharjah from Dubai

Sharjah is approximately 30 km from Dubai by road and the quickest way to connect is by car or taxi. The cheapest however is by metro and bus combination. Tickets are available at bus and train stations. You can buy and recharge the NoI card for easy travel. Line 102 bus plies from Global Village 1 to reach Rashidiya Metro Station Gate 5. From Rashidiya Metro Station Gate 10 to Sharjah via Maliha Road is a good option. Dubai to Sharjah by taxi or drive is a one hour route and is a convenient mode of transport.

Best Time To Visit Sharjah:

Best time to visit Sharjah

Travel to Sharjah in the winter months between October to April when the day temperature is at a pleasant 20°C. The weather is dry with low humidity and night temperatures are even more pleasant. The summer months are not a good time to visit the city with soaring temperatures to about 40°C in the day. Travelling at this time is uncomfortable and not advisable. So, plan your visit with some of the best Sharjah packages available via reputed Middle East travel agencies.

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