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21 Top Tips When Going On A Cruise For The First Time

Going on a cruise for the first time?  Wondering what to do, what not to do, then this is just the perfect place for you. We are here to lend you a helping hand with the best first time on cruise tips. Get to know about all the tips and tricks that will make your first cruise a smooth sailing.

Top Tips & Tricks for First-Timers on a Cruise

Pre-book activities.

1.  The tip of the iceberg is to pre-book activities before you leave home. This pro tip comes really handy for making the best of the cruise package.

Reach before time.

2. Plan to arrive at the cruise port ahead of time as it is better to avoid any delay in your first-cruise experience.

Carry small hand bag.

3.  Pack a carry-on bag, your luggage might take some time to reach your booked cabin. So, it is better to keep some important medications and sanitary requirements in a mini carry-on.

Keep emergency cash.

4. Take extra emergency-cash with you. That way you can avoid any moments of embarrassment due to lack of cash, as certain activities might not be all-inclusive on the cruise.

make a list.

5.  Do not be in a hurry to do everything on the list. From the list of daily activities and schedules, pick the most suitable ones. Enjoy your trip in a calm and relaxed mode.

6. Understand Gratuities! When the visitors are served then tips are expected from them for the service.

7. Keep an eye on the clock. Ports are in different time zones than the ship’s clock. Therefore, make sure the times match. If you are late, the ship won’t wait!

8.  Do not double-tip on alcohol. Most big-ship lines such as Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and others charge 15 per cent service tax on bar bills. These are some of the best cruises for first-timers.

9. Pack your luggage smartly. Go through the climate and bulk clothes accordingly. Otherwise getting sick on your the first-cruise trip could be more than unflattering.

10. Limit yourself from eating excessively in the buffet as it may upset your stomach  

Take selfies.

11. Do tour the ship, check out the best spot to click a perfect selfie and dig out the eateries you want to go to with your family.

Relax and spa.

12. Arrange your spa and salon appointments on time, if you have it on your list.  They tend to get fully loaded on the embarkation day.

13. Do check out your cabin before settling in. Check all the bathroom accessories, wardrobes, linens and blankets to your satisfaction. 

14. Do not miss to watch the sunset over the ocean. The view is worth-watching and capturing.

15. Do not settle for any sort of negligence on the part of the cruise staff. Make sure to set up a compliant and resolve the issue accordingly.

16. Do not forget to be a part of the events scheduled on the cruise during evening and night time. They are mostly full of fun and joyous interactions.

17. Of the top of the first-cruise tips is ~ must-lounge in your balcony and try not to keep too many activities during the day.

18. Before travelling on the cruise, read the reviews. Get to know about the ambience, rules, regulation and all other information in prior.

19. If you somehow miss the dining hall buffet, do not worry at all. You can easily dine out at the restaurants and outlets. They offer excellent quality food and drinks.

20. Shopping is a great activity on the cruises. Make sure to grab a few souvenirs from your first-cruise trip.

21. Smoking is not allowed in public on the cruise. There are specific smoking zones where you can go and puff away. Children are not allowed. So, be aware of such places or spots and keep your children in reach.

Bon Voyage!

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